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The Melted Vehicles of 9/11

I've been investigating everything I can find on 911 from day one, but this is new to me. These vehicles, many of them half mile of urban canyon away show some very unusual damage. The controlled demolition of the three towers is established fact , but this shows evidence of something extraordinary.

I know we all look at pretty much the same sets of websites, give or take, but do any of you New Yorkers have ideas or further info on this matter?

Cars along FDR drive were randomly toasted. These cars are at least 1/2 mile away from the WTC. Note the waviness of the tire tracks. What happened?


I think the heavens hide a terrible secret. Who recalls the 3 sheep herders done in by a so called METEOR strike Well i think Particle cannons are now fully tested to a point 3 nomads in diameter. The Pentagon,WTC1&2 and a number of other targets possibly including flight 93 may have been involved. Anyone ever try to explain the Spire videos? Space based mega-energy weapons. this could get China to blow up that weather bird of theres. I sure noticed that they only hit there sat. Precision like this at the range is without a doubt showing that China is serious about SHITSTORM.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

As I see it, the charring is in line with the pyroclastic flows observed -- themselves some of the best evidence for controlled demolitions.

But this sort of thing made me start taking the idea of new generation nukes in the towers seriously.

People get upset when you suggest far out stuff like that - like it's your plan to discredit the truth movement - but it makes a bit of sense that they'd throw in some unknown and unbelievable technology if they at all could, just to make the people searching for answers look like loonies.

at this

It's an article by Steven Jones on the question whether mini-nukes might have been used. The evidence clearly says NO.

where did you get the image from? Why would anyone tow the twisted remains of a number of scorched cars to a parallel parking spot under the FDR?


"Money" has no value - people do.

Perhaps they were towed so rescue and evidence removal vehicles could move into the area more freely.

The Finnish military expert gives all credit for 9/11 to the Americans Bush-Cheney. Maybe it's a good thing the Finns avoid international conflict if they are all as astute as this net wizard.

to a different location altogether? Why tow them neatly over to the side of the FDR? There must be someone out there who can confirm where those cars were when they were destroyed like this. 


"Money" has no value - people do.

I would imagine in an emergency the first priority is access to the site. "Get these f*ckin' cars out of the way!" leading to towing some to the first handy spot before heading back and hauling out more. Wouldn'the FDR understructure show signs if a blast had been directed at it sufficient to roast those cars? The road surface and markings look ok. The wall behind the cars appears to be untorched. The painted area above looks a-ok. Just musing here.

If you get your hand on one of these cars and test it for Gama rays (looking for DU) The towers had Tuned mass dampers all very tall buildings need them i am betting that every odd flamed out wreck produced around thos controlled demo jobs had DU granules thrown on top from the Tuned mass dampers. The dampers could have been filled with U-238 powder or granules for the increased space savings over using lead filled dampers or other things like solid steel. U-238 is 1.7 more heavy for this purpose so the could use less space to achieve the goal of motion control of those VERY flexible towers. I am seeing this as a way to produce the wrecks. The amount of damage to them is indicative of there proximity to the towers when they were demolished. The FDR wrecks were by the photo placed there by picker hoisting from flat bet from wherever they were in the way. (lack of damage to FDR or streets under them.) I think the melting and other weird damage is caused by short but intense U-238 fires. (U-238 burns at 3500+ very intensely until total consumption. The exploding debris would spread this material throughout the area of the implosion's footprint. the U-238 fires could have caused the "Afterglow" that remains unexplained at both tower implosion's and the Pentagon collapse videos. The events are sort of getting more evident the further down the level of cash to cover them up sinks.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

If 3% of the damper was Thermate then you could get a widespread and SUPER intense Steel melter and cutter. this stuff just burns its way into the pile and in moments it's doing its job destroying the crucial and damning info under those piles of rubble. It probably did this for the WHOLE 8 or 9 weeks till the Whole amount of those dampers was burned up. Nobody says ANYTHING about the disposal of the STEEL POOLS. Zip Nada Zilch. Can the government cover the fact that the air is filled with radiation? You bet they can. They have a long and sortied record of minimizing U-238 "Accidents" Beware New York. Go ahead look at every photo you can get of the immediate aftermath of the site and there is plenty of seriously melted steel. Not to mention the 8 week and still pools of molten steel under the two footprints and WTC 7. I don't wounder about why so many Fire dogs expired from the work they did on those piles. I also am sick for the First responders left to eventually die for working that mess. I guess you could call this Masher1's U238Thermate hunch on the After glow. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I Think the mixture of Pyro chemicals was made sure to burn by possible NPB (neutral particle beam) from air or space to heat the scattered U-238 to flash temperature over the whole area of the implosion of both towers. This ignited and rapidly burning mixture quickly seeps into the lower parts of the towers debris piles where the Under street level evidence is totally and completely burned up. Why do i think this? Has anyone explained the odd Box like structure on the edges of both towers that morning? I think they are "targets" I bet they were placed to provide post collapse targeting for the "Heater" phase. The "Spire" video sure took some looking. It took months to postulate a explanation for the things captured on video that day. But then again i could be wrong too. But i somehow DOUBT that.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

look here, for example. As Fester pointed out, the surroundings in the FDR picture suggest the cars did not sustain their damage in that place, and were most likely towed there for reasons of GZ access/triage site establishment and so on.

Masher1, all that talk about DU and rays from space is bogus. There were no elevated levels of radiation (see Jones' paper linked above) and space rays are an absurd fantasy -- see the Jenkins/Wood interview for a good resume.

Has anyone done a Gamma ray survey of fresh kills with instruments that can detect DU? NO. i bet EVERY unit capable of detecting DU was removed from N.Y. city days or even months before then. I don't have to live there. N.Y. Folks do And contrary to some I CARE ABOUT EVERY New Yorker still in that wasteland. I think U-238 was far too useful for this days events. You can call me down till the tips of your fingers bleed but SOMEONE with some means will surly get to the bottom of of my hunch trust me. A reason for the After glow and the Pools is where i am at. You can say i am full of shit but the events will ALL be laid out. And my hunch is going to have to be investigated. Folks still live in and around the area. Not to mention the Millions of folks working in the Manhattan,Hoboken and New Jersey area. Just the facts on this issue that are of public record are all you need to come to this. Baseless shout downs are just more ways to see the Beastly types in our midsts. Look away i don't give a shit. I have been looking at Many ton after ton of DU used to kill without care. N.Y. city is just another reason to cull another few million heads over many years and with any number of reasons why they were not killed by the inhaled Uranium trioxide,Triuranium octoxide and the worst Uranium dioxide. Every single one is hard to detect without the proper instrument. This is a real problem WORLD WIDE no useful instruments to detect the stuff i just listed UO3, U3O8 and UO2 I am not some stupid noob dude you just look it up for your self. Or not i don;t care. You Americans have to pay for this GARBAGE use NOT ME! 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I don't know much about this, certainly not enough to propose anything but a wild theory. Here goes.

I know thermite was used in the controlled demolition - we see the dripping molten metal in the 911mysteries: Demolition video. Thermite (or thermate) requires extreme temps to ignite, usually done with a magnesium or aluminum ribbon, and does not extinguish, even if placed under water. When the explosions took down the towers, that thermite continued to burn - it was just dispersed into the neighborhood. Perhaps this is what burned these vehicles?

QRS: I got al those pics from the website that I linked to in the article:

The 8 weeks burn time. Anyone have any idea how bad the SULFUR emissions would get for this long of a burn. I think on Energy alone Thermate 3%-5% the rest in U-238 to achieve longer and more destructive burn. I am not sure on the deficit of steel but i think the site consumed over 40% of the WTC 1&2 steel less for WTC 7. but even at this the Thermate was used in the mix to show a plausible reason for Molten steel they knew was going to remain for a known amount of time. Thermate is an mix of powered aluminum and iron oxide. These two combine to cause chemical chain reaction and are known numbers as to sustain without fuel added. U-238 is alone a single element that is pyroforic and after reaching i think 185 degrees C it will spontaneously combust and burn at extreme temps that some say is as high as 6000+ degrees i have heard 3500+ but that could be wrong i don't know as to the actual temp of a contained U-238 fire of 6k degrees seems real enough. And if so then i think i found the reason for the 8 week 2 month duration for the molten steel under the rubble and a MAJOR reason for all the Responders health concerns.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Why not tell us just what caused the "Spire collapse" Video then if my particle beam idea is so shit???? Use examples please.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

All the post Demolition damage areas and a look or two at the Real TV mini cam tapes with an eye to seeing the source point for the effect captured on the various Spire videos along with mapping the angle and placement of the many unexplained wrecks in the area after 9/11. It would even give you a fairly accurate look at the beam angle and the point in the sky it came down from.

P.S. Bruce What is a 767-200 rudder counter weight made of? How about looking that up for us.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Thermites would never burn for weeks. They use DU in the rest of the world. Why not in NYC?

Reason #1 Greed:Using DU in the TMD units would reduce the engineering spaces required to make the towers work. Always assume greed. Reason #2 the rapid deaths of most fire dogs and the Nasty condition of most first responders. Because of this i will put up with folks like Bruce to spread my findings. Anyone that does the Fuel math of this event is going to sooner or later have to use many tons of U-238 to get the numbers even close. And i am by no means a mathematician of any rate BUT the fuel HAS to come from somewhere. I think we all know NG and other fossil fuels are just not going to sustain a fire of that type for over SIXTY DAYS!. I have held my tounge until i could not look away from this any longer. Any way you look at the Spire you will have to admit that this effect is the weirdest bit of video ever shot in the day time for sure. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I think if DU was present it would have been detected by now, and people would have had to publicly explain its presence by now. And DU has health consequences that haven't really been seen in New York (viscious cancers, birth defects). Asbestos doesn't explain the health problems either. High and quickly decreasing levels of alpha radiation does match what has occured.

I don't trust Jones, or the measurements that were taken at ground zero, enough to take Jones' word for it that a new generation nuke is ruled out.

But this is all idle speculation. Surely some further investigations can be done on the materials that remain. Or maybe it's possible to perform all of the ingenious forensic tests only on American TV crime shows - I don't now the answer to this question either.

I haven't seen any 100% convincing spire-to-dust footage yet, so some links would be appreciated. here is some of the Spire photos and video. And the other thing the testing of N.Y. was done by the EPA was it not. Did the EPA lie about the health risks. You bet they did. Seeing as the EPA is full of lies about this event do you want to trust them? I say get YOUR own samples then have them tested INDEPENDENTLY by a lab that CAN test for DU. There are not that many. The government will NOT do this because it will require the EVACUATION of the area PERMANENTLY. That means FOREVER abandon New York. I wish i was Wrong but i think i am absolutely right about this. Testing for DU is HARD. Finding DU means you have to LOOK for DU something your government refuses to do because of the consequences of this toxic mess. Now YOU are going to have to decide if your government is trying to kill off a large number of of N.Y. residents. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Sure thing
have a Good look.

Want to see ANOTHER intentional DU contamination area the US government is right now trying to cover up?

This base is host to THOUSANDS up thousands of troopers a year ALL getting a dose.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Erosoplier- Some more material you are seeking
may be found at a previous Truth Seeker link, notably,
a current Ed Ward piece that he uses for a springboard.

There you will find the full photo sequence of the "Spire",
and some more dope on radiation outcomes:
The US Government’s Domestic Use of Micro Nukes - WTC

A brief observation of my own from that thread,
with links to toasted cars, AND emergency vehicles:


Thanks for the links.

With the spire, I think it's possible that it threw off enough dust to obscure itself as it was collapsing.

Every nook and cranny would have been covered in concrete dust, and as it was collapsing it would have been colliding violently with the ground, and this could have sent vibrations right up to the tip of the spire, dislodging all of the concrete dust - providing just enough of a dense cloud around the beam to make it look like it had "vapourised."

Before the spire collapses the base of it is immersed in a cloud thick enough to completely obscure the spire - so that particular concrete dust is obviously capable of obscuring solid objects.

So, still not convinced.

If the tuned mass dampers did burn looking for DU would not find any at all. Why? Because the DU was burned up into the residues of DU namly Uranium trioxide (decays in hours to days ) U3O8 Truuranium Octoxide (decays in weeks to months) and finally the majority of the DU will render UO2 Uranium dioxide (decays in months to years) So to see if DU was the material used for these two weights you will have to search for UO2 levels from the smoke plumes not look for DU directly. As far as i know NO uranium testing was done even with 2 aircraft with Uranium weights crashing there. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Boy when you confirm something it sure is sweet. New York you are here by warned about the environment around you. Do as you will BUT you were warned. There are tests you can do to confirm Gamma emitters in samples. Look into it if you live in the Manhattan area. I would say again Fires burned in the basements HOT enough to melt and keep melted steel for OVER SIXTY DAYS. Thermate Eh! yea O.K. if you say so. I make it 3 floors PLUS the Whole basement As well as the core AND outer columns. Just not realistic without MAJOR sulfurs being detected in far higher numbers than they were. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I asked a question and got a lot of very interesting information. Masher, you have obviously done your homework here. Nothing can be dismissed because no facts will come from the authorities.

This site has a good chemistry. Thanks and any more info is greatly appreciated.

I will i think show that the Fuel issue has merit as do the health issues. But finding any info on the WTC blueprints regarding those dampers is not too likely. I reccomend anyone look if you can. I being surrounded by cows and horses makes this sort of investigation ultra hard but i am trying. I have many reasons to think this damper issue is a black issue EPA wise and i am certain by the response i all ways get to this that i am barking TOTALLY up the right tree. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

On the spire "After the outer structure of WTC 2 falls, a portion of the central core remains standing for almost 25 seconds then it appears to melt and vaporize. Two videos of the above scene can be found in "The Strange Collapse of the Spire." The second video with a clearer view of the spire’s demise can also be seen. The cores at the base of the WTCs are 16" thick steel rectangles - each side is 4" thick. (BTW, there is no conventional explosive or Thermate combination that can produce this effect. Nor can any Nanothermate, SuperThermate, Super-Duper Thermate and explosives combination produce this effect. However, this reporter is anxiously awaiting the "scientific" introduction of invisible, invisibly acting, super-duper, double top secret, stealth-micro-NanoThermate as the cause of what clearly is a thermonuclear post Flash effect.) I would add "Or a neutral particle beam" And i would spit out as i walked away "You know Like the Gipper Built" see: 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

That you asked about it looks like a street sweep machine has recently passed this spot. I have seen this many times after the horse part of the Calgary Stampede Parade. Since you asked. ;) 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Not available for anyone. Is it possible they had an emergency demo system built in?

And I now think the vehicles were hastily moved to the seafront drive.

The WTC blue print being hidden was a major reason i went to all the trouble to try to fathom the interior bits that they were hiding. I thought that was just smoke to hide the lame ass explanation they gave but after i saw a description of the TMD used there (TMD was of a revolutionary new design) All floated on oil and Fracking HUGE. But all done in the engineering spaces (2 floors i think) 2/3 of the way up the towers. I saw in younger days a video shot of this unit moving very slowly back and forth as part of a show on sway mitigation in very tall buildings. This was all i had to go in for the mass of this unit and the unit if it was pure lead seems to my lame recollections and math to be not heavy enough to supply the required counter forces/TMD size. Trying to confirm this has hit wall after wall chief among then the BLACK WTC blue prints. You bet those towers were pre set to go off the moment the Black ops crue could swarm over the brand new towers. This is the main reason to hide B.P. for a pair of towers that will never be built again so why the secrecy? Those tuned mass dampers thats why.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

If you managed to OUT those plans five minutes later a chimpanzee could tell you that the dampers were in fact DU and the whole N.Y. area is in need of some Ultra costly cleanup if not out right evacuation. So my days are spent looking and waiting 12 hours at a time on standing on this very spot looking for my own small miracle package to come and spill those plans and blow this wide open if needs be.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Type Masher1 at attach WTC plans push send. Your soul is ready to have it's ticket punched if you are.(you know who YOU are)

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

But I'm talking about blueprinted built in demo plans that were possibly in place from day one? A
built in failsafe to keep the buildings from falling out into Manhatten. Sounds wild, but is that possible?

Has anyone seen a set of WTC blueprints to your knowledge?

Have a good ponder of the photos at this URL then see if you can point out WHY i think this bunch of photos is so important.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

That i have been trying to make the bits fit the photos and video one thing is crystal clear The whole site (All WTC units 1thru7 WERE ALL PRE engineered to have a bad day on 9/11. Some more than others. But the power down issue was sure making the WIFI Demolition idea look REAL tasty. Want to now how? The asbestos was applied thick enough to hide DEMO shaped charges on steel from maintenance from the first days of finishing on them was completed. Want to bet the ASBESTOS crew had Total and SECURE access to Every space they worked on? Were any of those guys doing insulation actualy doing work for CDI???? Controlled demolition incorporated. Then fast forward to the weeks leading up to 9/11 they send in a blasting setup crew to expose the preset wires hidden in foam asbestos hidey holes attach the WIFI demo units to the installed wiring and wait for that nasty bunch of signals to come at just the right moment (just as the THERMATE up high is starting to show) Think it is plausible? I sure a heck do. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

The Question on the Five photos at the Ward and there importance. Hint:It has Nothing to do with the SCRAPPED wrecks. And has Everything to do with the working vehicle in the photos. Come on lets see some brain power. ;)

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Although I can't see both sides, they appear to be undamaged. That means they are being scrapped because they are comtaminated or irradiated.

Keep it coming Masher, I'm like a field of Iowa corn here - all ears!

Ok So once i was doing a summer job running a 20 ton manure spreader truck to buy a laptop and on this job i was working on soggy farm after soggy farm and the one thing you learn fast is don't drive the same track or you will eventually bogg down. The more trips to the hoe for poo the worse the ground gets as the weight of the truck presses out the water from the ground. Any way on to the important part. Even with the ground looking like the landfill was just subjected to a monsoon WHY o WHY would a water truck be there constantly laying down water??? If you look close you can see the constant passage of the truck over and over again watering down the site to almost crappy driving conditions. Why would this be? Well the site is being watered down to keep UO2 from becoming airborne from the Stache site here while they await transit on barge to get deep sixed into the Ocean because of there Radioactive nature after suffering the hit i described earlier. If you go and dig Right there and test that dirt i will be Fracking SHOCKED if you don't find gargantuan levels of Uranium dioxide in the soil. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

A URL to get a feel for the messes around U-238 use 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

See the Leak. Fill the leak with OUR info. You NSA boys are sure predictable. Thanks for posting the info for me. I knew it was just a insult session away. When will you spooks learn US BLOGGERS ARE PLAYING YOU! Ha Ha later you silly spies. I would not read too much into those So called WTC plans. I think there sudden appearance is at the very least suspect. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I think that's gettin to be quite the little disinfo release site.

Considering Riveros in Hawaii 6 hours ahead of NY, his stuff gets posted at around 3 AM Hawaii time- you think he's got a "staff" on the east coast? Naaawww.

I'm not saying he lies ALL the time. I've gotten some good info off WRH. But on Chemtrails, Pentagon, New Orleans levee, he's got a bell around his neck. And his daddy is NSA.

Know as to the man from the island. My drawer of Q:'s about Rivero is topping up nicely. But i will say the TIMING of the release of the not so blueprint Blueprints is sure NSA/CIA like on the heels of my recent claims is it not? The response time as i eluded is SCREAMING that the two towers in fact did have DU tuned mass dampers. This release is another distraction to draw your gaze away from that nutcase Masher1's Silly claims. You could not PAY me enough money to go ANYWHERE near Manhattan or Fresh Kills landfill. If you live there your gong to have to get testing. Very expensive testing. Don't consider money DO THE TESTS. Your family is depending on YOU!

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Ok Mash, so what's the timeline on health effects if Manhattan is the steaming radioactive heap you suggest?

I ain't technical, but commonsense tells me that a whole lot more people should be going down with health problems - too many to be ignored by our dauntless press. Yes, we've heard about the firemen and firepups, but if what you say is correct, then after 5 and 1/2 years we really ought to be seeing a whole lot of people starting to drop.

In Iraq, the figures were "Cancer has increased dramatically in southern Iraq. In 1988, 34 people died of cancer; in 1998, 450 died of cancer; in 2001 there were 603 cancer deaths." (

I assume that whatever was in the mix was blown uptown, crosstown, and to Jersey for a long time.

Finally, it seems unlikely to me that the criminals would lay such a terminal dose of radiation on one of their mmost important centers of operation.

Something burned far longer than can be accounted for even by thermites. I think Masher is onto something big.

Don't assume that anything that big wouldn't be supressed at all costs at the highest level. And it might have been a classic FUBAR DOD type operation - not necessarily intended to contaminate their financial playground - or maybe it was.

Something burned a long time.

New York is the poster child for a raped and looted economy. The plunge protection team now has it's own permanent diggs. The dollar is so beat up that it's in intensive care. And you think that the folk running the killing machine are going to have ANY Qualms about Polluting the shit out of the Ny area that is allready a mess of toxins? The looting of Gold silver and other precious materials is probably complete. I think that many times without fanfare Your life is being nuked to death. New York just has a much larger populace to kill.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Project toys will be unleashed in there own time. The EPA is a known contaminator of the facts and there info is the gospel in the Admin's eyes. You will not really see the dropping like files stuff untill a few days into SPLATTERFEST when all those emergency MRE disbursments really kick off the UO2 effect. The Uranium Dioxide is the magic in MK ULTRA plans for your death. A Two part plan for your death. They cannot have all the destruction you are going to cause so you will be done in on the sly. Don't Eat Government food PERIOD. If you live WITHIN the greater Ny area YOU are going to be subjected to this food after the next false flag. If you accept this mark YOU die that simple. The speed of this wave of death is going to relate DIRECTLY to your proximity of a UO2 event.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Mash, yes, sure, ok, no reason to doubt it to all the economic and toxic booga booga. Simple question: Have all them high level Zionist criminals deserted NYC? Did they all pull out prior to 9/11?

Or have they not been all over the diabolical toxic waste heap you describe the whole time soaking it up like the rest of us?

Or are you saying it's an MK-Ultra sleight of hand DU-exposure + second event booster shot for a 100% cull of the duped? I ain't saying that's not on the cards, I'm just wondering. Fess

If you do look you will surely see that if the MK program is to be used it should be covert. Part one: infect an area with UO2 catalyst. Part two: Use water or food chain to sow the other things in a not so traceable manner but wide enough scale to have a larger % effect than other means. The drugs and other chemicals that will be unleashed will be over time and over Areas that will have limited contact with the outside warnings. The development of Silent Guardian and other microwave systems will be used to keep you eating there food and living in there radiation. The survivors will bury the dead to a point and the city will remain and after a 20 or 50 year period you all will be removed. The scale of this CULL of humanity is not just a Baghdad and New York thing. Elite want you dead ALL 6 billion. They have means to midagate UO2 exposure effects.. and they are not likely to eat the toxic food that starvation will force the poor to eat. So Losers die the Elite bury your dead ass and live off your losses. But God has a BIG can of bitch slap for the Poisoners. Don't get any FIX on ya you goons. 

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)


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