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Rev. Johnson Flogs the Flaccid Goyim

Outstanding program from Keith Johnson on the successful enslavement of America by Talmudic Jewry.  Hilarious.  Weep.  Laugh. Keith appears Tuesday's on The Ugly Truth.

Not sure what happened, the address for the file is:


From my perspective, America has not been enslaved by Talmudic Jewry.

Instead, Americans have enslaved themselves by having an essentialy Talmudic culture that attracted Jews, who found a sewer than stinks as bad as Jews do. ("By Yahweh, this is HOME!")

Americans blame Jews for everything so that Americans may conceal their own Jewish nature from themselves and others.

To fight the Jew, we must stop being like the Jew. That means giving up hypocrisy, the holo-hoax, supremacism*, hyper-materialism, the worship of money, and the reveling in glitter and perversity.

(*Supremacism does not mean pride and self-respect. It means camouflaging one's own wretchedness by claiming to be better than others. Supremacism is the Jewish way, and the American way.)

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