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In addition to history_worm's history on the Khazars, a topic worth continual discussion is the NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES that the Ahskenazi Khazar "jews" cast on HUMANITY.

E.g. such as the drunk and stupid Irish, the Drug-dealing Columbians, the Molesting Catholic priests, etc.

But they don't mention, is that the "jews" (Ashkenazi Khazar, aka FAKE JEWS) are INVOLVED IN the SEX, DRUG, ARMS/WAR, PROPANDA, SLAVERY ----

---- Not just "involved" but PERPETRATE, ORCHESTRATE, BENEFIT FROM ALL LEVELS (a vertical 'integrated FAMILY business' if you will, e.g. the MAJORITY of the Sex Business in America are OWNED AND CONTROLLED by 'jews').


Hollywood: Casting the Enemy

Josh Rushing talking with Tony Shalhoub
Since movie-making began, the US film industry has often been accused of perpetuating negative stereotypes - the incompetent African-American and the savage Native American, the sinister Asian and Italian mafia mobster are all Hollywood staples.

But while American cinema has evolved to depict a more balanced view of many cultures, world events mean that Arabs remain the 'bad guys' of choice poised to threaten the Hollywood hero.

From Bedouin thieves to gun-wielding terrorists, Arabs and Muslims are struggling to be cast in a sympathetic light.

There are concerns from some that as these images permeate the audience's consciousness, so too does misperception and fear.

Ironically, it seems that since 9/11, the way in which Arabs are portrayed in Hollywood films has become more nuanced.

Josh Rushing (right) and actor Alexander Siddig

A number of Arab actors and filmmakers have made names for themselves within the industry and that fame offers the opportunity for Arabs and Muslims to transcend the on-screen stereotypes.

Join Al Jazeera's Josh Rushing in conversation with some of the most prominent Arab voices in Hollywood as he explores Hollywood's influence on how different cultures precieve one another.

From the star power of Tony Shalhoub, the legendary Omar Sharif and Star Trek regular Alexander Siddig, to a film about Arab-American frustrations in the aftermath of 9/11, conventions are being actively challenged, and new stories are starting to emerge.


Chirac takes back Iran remarks
Chirac said he thought he was speaking
off the record [AFP]
Jacques Chirac, the president of France, has retracted remarks he reportedly made to two US newspapers and a French magazine that "Tehran would be razed to the ground" if Iran ever attempted to use a nuclear weapon against Israel.

Chirac spoke to reporters from the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and Le Nouvel Observateur earlier this week in an interview published on Thursday.

On the subject of Iran one day having a nuclear weapon the reporters quoted Chirac as saying: "Where will it drop it, this bomb? On Israel? It would not have gone 200 metres into the atmosphere before Tehran would be razed to the ground."

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"Iran has not instigated any conflict with any other nation in recent history"

Farsoldier, Canada

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Chirac called the reporters back to his office a day after speaking to them and withdrew many of his remarks, saying he thought he was speaking off the record in the first interview.

Both the IHT and New York Times said Chirac, 74, appeared distracted at times and struggled to remember names and dates in the first interview, but appeared more alert the next day.

The French president was also quoted as saying it would not be very dangerous for Iran to have a nuclear bomb, but the main danger was that other countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, would follow suit.


"I would say that what is dangerous about this situation is not the fact of having a nuclear bomb - having one, maybe a second one a little later, well, that's not very dangerous," Chirac was quoted as saying in the first interview.

"But what is very dangerous is proliferation," he said.

His remarks went against the official position of France, and allies Britain, Germany, the United States, Russia and China, which are pressuring Tehran to abandon sensitive nuclear technology that could be used to make atom bombs.

The following day Chirac retracted, among other remarks, his prediction that a nuclear Iran could encourage Saudi Arabia and Egypt to build a bomb.

"I retract it, of course, since neither Saudi Arabia nor Egypt has made the slightest declaration on these subjects, so it is not up to me to make them," he said.

The paper said it was not clear if Chirac's initial remarks reflected what he truly thought about Iran or whether he had misspoken.

Verifiable data about the Jews being heavily involved in the Pornography trade.



Germany issues CIA arrest orders

Khaled al-Masri (file image)
Mr Masri is seeking damages from the CIA
Germany has ordered the arrest of 13 suspected CIA agents over the alleged kidnapping of one of its citizens.

Munich prosecutors confirmed that the warrants were linked to the case of Khaled al-Masri, a German national of Lebanese descent.

Mr Masri says he was seized in Macedonia, flown to a secret prison in Afghanistan and mistreated there.

He says he was released in Albania five months later when the Americans realised they had the wrong man.

Mr Masri says his case is an example of the US policy of "extraordinary rendition" - a practice whereby the US government flies foreign terror suspects to third countries without judicial process for interrogation or detention.

Code names

Prosecutors in Munich said in a statement that the city's court had issued the warrants on suspicion of abduction and grievous bodily harm.

The suspects listed in the arrest warrants are believed to be so-called code names of CIA agents
Munich prosecutors' statement

EU states knew of flights

The information on which the warrants were based came from Mr Masri's lawyers and a journalist and officials in Spain, where the flight carrying Mr Masri is thought to have originated.

The names and nationalities concerned were not released but prosecutors said the names identified were thought to be the code names of CIA agents.

"The investigation will now focus on learning the actual names of the suspects," they said.

Speaking at a news conference, Mr Masri's lawyer, Manfred Gnjidic, said the arrest warrants were "a very important step in the rehabilitation of Masri".

"It shows us that we were right in putting our trust in the German authorities and the German prosecutors," he said.

German arrest warrants are not valid in the US but if the suspects were to travel to the European Union they could be arrested.

Italian case

Mr Masri says he was abducted by US agents in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, on 31 December 2003.

He is seeking to sue the US government over his detention, but in May a judge dismissed a lawsuit he filed against the CIA, citing national security considerations.

The US government is not assisting the German authorities with the case.

Meanwhile in the Italian city of Milan, court hearings to decide whether to indict 25 alleged CIA agents and several Italians accused of kidnapping a Muslim cleric in 2003 are under way.

Osama Mustafa Hassan, or Abu Omar, says he was abducted from the streets of Milan and then tortured in Egypt.

If the case proceeds to trial, it would be the first criminal prosecution over America's rendition policy.

The practice has drawn widespread criticism from human rights groups, legal experts and the international community.

But last week a European Parliament committee approved a report saying EU states knew about secret CIA flights over Europe, the abduction of terror suspects by US agents and the existence of clandestine detention camps.

You're right, Revealer, the only people that are never shown in negative light in movies are the Jews. Marlon Brando, the great actor, once mentioned that in an interview - then the Khazars freaked out, and he couldn't find work for a long time, despite having excellent credentials including best actor Oscars.

In addition to the peoples you mentioned, they usually portray the English as evil or homosexual. Jews reserve a special portion of their hatred for Englishmen.

As you mentioned, the Roman Catholic Church has been under attack from Hollywood's Jews for over 50 years, as has all rest of Christianity.

... and the film industry are in the hands of the Ashkenazis: all forms of media entertainment, anything that can catch the imagination of the weak and defenseless goyim must be under their control. The comics industry is another example. Whilst Disney was Gentile, his empire was taken over by people carrying ashkenazic names. Nembo Kid (Superman), Batman, the Marvel Comics, ... all in the good hands of ashkenazic producers - what better instrument to get into the minds of goyim children? Presently, the video and video-game production industry. And so on: the entire 'services' sector of modern society, plus the management of industry and agriculture, not to speak of politics, government, finance, the judiciary, hospitals, academia, the military and - of course - organised crime, is in their hands. One wonders if there's only a mere 18 ml of such individuals or rather 180 mls of them in the world, then to realise that none of them tills the fields, digs the roads, drives buses or trucks, builds structures, dies in combat etc. etc. All the menial jobs are burden of the Gentile donkey, without whose toils the Ashkenazi masters would not be able to prosper. In Israel, the role of the donkeys is reserved for Sephardi and Oriental (thus, true) Jews, as well as for Arabs and guestworkers (like the slavic sex-slaves) of course. A true and complete Askenazi Yoke and - I must add - a new global version of the Tatar Yoke (which enslaved the Russians in the middle ages).
How did the Russians get rid (temporarily) of the Tatar Yoke? They entered in vassal alliance with the Turanians of the Golden Horde, intermarried with them at all levels, then spread division in their tribes and set them against one another. It was finally the development of artillery that enabled the russian czars and their european aristocracy to militarily repel the Tatars for good (at a high price). The judaised Turanians - already administrators of the Tatar Yoke - went on to rejoin their co-religionists in Poland, but the great mistake of partitioning Poland brought them back en masse into Russia's borders, eventually creating that new Tatar Yoke that went under the name of Soviet Union.
We must learn from history how to shake our own modern Zionist Yoke off our backs and make sure it won't be inflicted upon us again.


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