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Oslo bomber ABB Anders Breivik sent email to Jewish anti-Muslim Sweden Democrats a hour before the bombings!

Jewish anti-Muslim Sweden Democrats Isaac Nygren received an email from ABB one hour before the bomb detonated in Oslo, they were apparently good friends. Guess where Isaac Nygren is at the present moment? In an Israeli kibbutz!

What do you think about how you have links to Anders Behring Breivik?

- I do not want any links to terrorism whatsoever. It was fortuitous that I got the email.

Do you sympathize with Anders Behring Breivik opinions?

- Now I do not know what he thinks but I do not share the use of violent methods, it takes me firmly away from.

Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) shares Norway killer's views "Massacre result of Multiculturism"

Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) Erik Hellsborn has written on his blog that the twin attacks in Norway are the fault of "mass immigration" and "Islamisation", denying that he feels any shame for sharing the same views as the perpetrator.


and so the circumstantial evidence continues to mount.

but so far, we have not seen anything concrete that directly confirms that zionists helped him do it with the aim of punishing and/or influencing Norwegian foreign policy.

That is not to say that a defendant cannot be convicted based on overwhelming circumstantial evidence. It has happened, though not preferrable because as you can see from his reply, these circumstantial connections are easily dismissed and denied.


"Money" has no value - people do.

   This is very sad in that a better perception of a fair world was seen by these victims. A place where personal endeavor and interest leaves no time for greed and treachery. Remember that the Thule society's objective is to destroy all Semitic people. Semites are jewish and muslim, alike. Nazi Germany was heavy on this Thule philosophy, and the media always skirts the fact that Israel obeys the central bank Rothschilds and allies itself with the head patron of freemasonry, the queen of England, accept when doing things like the Lavon Affair and other false flag operations.  The queen of England gave Hitler over 10$ million in 1930. The Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster, wrote up the paper. Confused yet?

  What stands to reason is England's indebtedness, and what a boon to European royalty to gain Norway's resources by way of free mason treachery and setting up for the transfer of control to fascists sympathetic to freemasonry. The British royals wallow in treachery and still practice fratricide. The Euro will be gone soon, but not free masonry. The Mossad would have tried to evade capture. This guy allowed his own capture like Mark  David Chapman or David Hinckley.

Saturday, 12 February 2011
Swedish politicians form the far right party, the Sweden Democrats have started exposing their true colours. One of their member has advocated that it is wrong for White people not to have children with Asian or African – a process generally known as miscegenation. This is the view put forward by Isaac Nygren, a Sweden Democrat politician in Katrineholm.

Isaac Nygren, deputy of the municipal council for the Sweden Democrats in Katrineholm, wrote under a pseudonym in a forum on the site , under the heading "Why is racial mixing bad?":

"I have nothing against the white people, that is, those of European origin having children between them, but I would have it difficult to stay positive if there is a child beating mixture between whites and the Negroes, Asians, etc."

A user on the forum asked Nygren if a white man can father a child with a black woman. Nygren replies:
"As long as you do not live in Sweden so I do not care. I'm not attracted to the Negroes."

Sweden televison, Svt which reported on the matter on saturday refered to the source being an news paper website  The channel called Isaac Nygren to confirm the report. He (Isaac Nygren) said that he wrote what he did to as a "provocative view" to provoke another user on the forum - but he still confirmed his view and he stood by it.
“If an African and a European have a child in a European country, the child may have difficulty seeing him or her self as part of mainstream society, "Isaac Nygren to Sweden television.

For him if a Swedish and a Finn have a child there is no problem in that according to Mr. Nygren.
"It is about culture and skin colour. Even if the child is half-European looking, he or her may not have a full European appearance, which may provide psychological disorders,” Mr. Nygren added.

Mr Nygren said earlier that he has no liking in the black race but tend to related his view on the problem on psychological position of the child. He also could not provide any study or data that support his view.
He rejects the view hat his utterance could be construed as racist. But according to the Swedish Svt, the far right party’s press secretary Eric Myrin acknowledged that it is racist.
"It is a serious racist statement is not in line with our policy of assimilation," said Eric Myrin.

Isaac Nygren is now in danger of being excluded from the party. According to Eric Myrin this statement "definitely" a good grounds for exclusion. Party Secretary Björn Söder supports Eric Myrin that this statement is tantamount to exclusion for m the far right party
The question has been up for discussion in the Sweden Democrats and the party will take a decision next week, "said Eric Myrin.
According to MrNygren people such as Barack Obama, president of the USA, the most powerful country in the world of the like of F1 start Lewis Hamilton would not exist in Sweden. He shows exactly how Sweden treats such people and such the dream out of them.
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Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) Erik Hellsborn has written on his blog that the twin attacks in Norway are the fault of "mass immigration" and "Islamisation", denying that he feels any shame for sharing the same views as the perpetrator.

Anders Breivik’s embrace of Israel is the latest sign of a shift among reactionaries in Europe—with fascism and Zionism going hand in hand, fueled by Islamophobia. Christian nationalist terrorist obsessed with preserving the “Nordic/Germanic” people. He is also an ardent Zionist. Though he finds elements of Nazi ideology appealing, his 1,500-page manifesto condemns anti-Semitism. He argues that Hitler should have used his “military capabilities…to liberate Jerusalem and the nearby provinces from Islamic occupation” and give them to the Jews. Breivik calls on his imaginary comrades: “So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.”

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