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The Man Behind the Curtain - How the Media and the Banks Fool us all

Time to lift the curtain, once and for all - and strip the fraud behind it of its false power over us.

If you've ever seen The Wizard of Oz, then you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, then here's a brief overview:

The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 musical fantasy film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It stars Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Billie Burke and Margaret Hamilton. * * * The film is based on L. Frank Baum's turn-of-the-century children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, in which a resourceful American girl is snatched up by a Kansas tornado and deposited in a fantastic land of good and wicked witches, a talking scarecrow, a cowardly lion, [and] a tin man[.]

In order to get back home, Dorothy seeks the help of the so-called 'Wizard of Oz,' the magical ruler of Emerald City, after whom the movie is named. But, he refuses to help unless she and her friends bring back the Wicked Witch's broomstick, which they can only get by destroying her.

To make a long story short, Dorothy and her companions go to the trouble of getting the broomstick only to discover that the deep, penetrating and angry voice of the fearful 'Wizard of Oz' really belonged to a helpless little man behind a huge curtain. No magic, no powers - just a megaphone and a remarkable knack for 'making believe' - aka DECEPTION.

Despite his colossal impotence, the little man managed to manipulate Dorothy and her friends into doing for him that which he could not do for himself. How? By creating illusions.

Why did it work? Because in a world based on lies, PERCEPTION is EVERYTHING.

Dorothy and her friends had everything they needed to get where they wanted, but they didn't believe in themselves.

Instead, they were duped into doing the Wizard's bidding - all because they imagined that he was bigger and more powerful than he really was.

By getting them to BELIEVE that he had the power to give them what they wanted if only they got him what he wanted, he was able to turn HIS OBJECTIVES into their objectives.

His ENEMIES became THEIR enemies.

In a similar manner, the mainstream media and the federal reserve banks work in tandem to create OUR Wizard of Oz. The banks are 'the little man,' the media acts as 'their curtain and their megaphone,' and 'money' is the magical power that they wield to get us to do their bidding.

Despite the popular notion that a powerful elite rule the world through an intricate secret network, the vast bulk of power in this world lies squarely within the control of the vast majority of the world's populations.

However, just like the Wizard of Oz used a megaphone to trick Dorothy and her friends into employing their power in his service, Banksters use the media to create and support the illusion that the legal fiction they call 'money' has the power to give us what we want - when it can't - because it's all a lie.

What Americans (and everyone else) must realize is that the power that 'money' has over our world is just an illusion. Reject it and it becomes useless, powerless, and good for nothing.

As long as we continue to believe that it can 'solve our problems,' 'meet our needs,' and 'make us happy,' we will continue to be led by their LIES and continue to make their objectives our own, even when the 'yellow brick road' that we follow leads to our own destruction.

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I found a new video about the money supply last week (I forget where, hope it wasn't here!). Just judging by my own experience of having to fight against a fog of non-understanding when looking at presentations of how the money scam works in the modern world, I know that persistance (eg repeat viewings of a variety of sources) pays off.

This one - "Money as Debt" (2006) is very straight-forward, and I recommend it.

Find it here:

In 1837, Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote a wonderful fairy tale which he titled The Emperor's New Clothes. It may be the very first example of the power of political correctness. It is the story of the Ruler of a distant land who was so enamored of his appearance and his clothing that he had a different suit for every hour of the day.

One day two rogues arrived in town, claiming to be gifted weavers. They convinced the Emperor that they could weave the most wonderful cloth, which had a magical property. The clothes were only visible to those who were completely pure in heart and spirit.

The Emperor was impressed and ordered the weavers to begin work immediately. The rogues, who had a deep understanding of human nature, began to feign work on empty looms.

Minister after minister went to view the new clothes and all came back exhorting the beauty of the cloth on the looms even though none of them could see a thing.

Finally a grand procession was planned for the Emperor to display his new finery. The Emperor went to view his clothes and was shocked to see absolutely nothing, but he pretended to admire the fabulous cloth, inspect the clothes with awe, and, after disrobing, go through the motions of carefully putting on a suit of the new garments.

Under a royal canopy the Emperor appeared to the admiring throng of his people - - all of whom cheered and clapped because they all knew the rogue weavers' tale and did not want to be seen as less than pure of heart.

But, the bubble burst when an innocent child loudly exclaimed, for the whole kingdom to hear, that the Emperor had nothing on at all. He had no clothes. That tale seems to me very like the way this nation was led to war.



A fine recent example of the funny business behind the curtain is CNN's hit job on Christopher Bollyn.

You can hear 40 minutes of his two-hour interview by Deborah Feyerick and then watch Paul Zahn frantically work the levers (with help from the ever helpful ADL rep and a couple of screamers).

It's seems likely that the man behind the curtain is now operating from beneath Paula's skirt but that's speculation.

I, myself, was a victim of "their" illusion for most of my adult life. Why? Because I wasn't taught how to live within my own means in school or at home. It's obvious now that our handlers did not wish for ordinary people to acquire this knowledge, since Economics is an elective course in U.S. public high schools.

Not many teenagers are interested in learning about money at this stage of their lives. Lacking the knowledge to manage money is a financial death sentence for young people, therefore, the lessons should begin at home and further provide that Economics be a mandatory requirement to graduate from all public high schools.

Knowledge of the money "Wizards" in this "Oz" is the impenetrable armour that will protect our children well, thus fending off the vultures meant to devour them.

I have seen the film and read the novel of the 'Wizard of Oz' as a child. Later on in life I begun to wonder what this Oz of the 1939 film had to do with the israeli ashkenazi writer Amos Oz, with the great turkik khagan of the Oghuz Turks, Uzbek (or Uzbeg, or is it Uz-berg?), and the website of turkish nationalism: Turkish Turan History. Now, thanks to you qrswave, I know THERE IS A CONNECTION:
The film is based on L. Frank Baum's turn-of-the-century children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
So, I had forgotten the name of the book's author, L. Frank Baum. But of course! Frank and Baum (Bau-m, 'bau' is a cuman khazar word meaning 'stone' or 'place' and 'Baum' is its germanized rendering meaning of course 'tree') are typical ashkenazi names! So, it now all hangs together, but why did L. Frank Baum chose this name, Oz, for his wizard?
Ahhh, I do remember so vividly the wizard's castle looking like Moscow's Kremlin ...


That's very good qrswave.

I never looked at it from that angle. The way you explain it makes it all the more easy to understand.

Now that I have seen the video that ersoplier provided I have no time to look at the other links. But I did skim through Fester's link about Bollyn. Hey maybe I should do a "Paula Zahn" and marry me a nice fat rich "Richard Cohen". I could be a zionist's trophy wife and spew garbage like an "irshad manji". Just so I could own that fancy necklace wrapped around Zahn's wrinkley little neck. Not for long! Richie will shell out cash for botox!

Hopefully, I'll have time to come back again to take a look at other links provided. Indeed, I do feel like one of the slave sheeple. I work hard for not much money.

Ellendra Jane

The banks, as we have seen, have to get their money on the move in order for them to be able to make their own money and pay off their own debts. Governments have to do the same, for exactly the same reasons. Farmers, though, are not in a position to make money out of money. They have real wealth, i.e. land, which is finite and thus does not increase with regular increments of interest, and so for them to make money and meet their interest payments they have to increase production, whatever the cost to the environment and people.

It is a system without 'a driver', doomed to crash with most of the beneficiaries not concerned except with their own illusory trappings of power which they want to maintain and hold on to.



I thought everybody heard about this:
The Rise and Fall of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as a "Parable on Populism"

by David B. Parker

As published in the JOURNAL OF THE GEORGIA ASSOCIATION OF HISTORIANS, vol. 15 (1994), pp. 49-63.


"[W]e can read between L. Frank Baum's lines and see various images of the United States at the turn of the century. That has been true since 1964, when American Quarterly published Henry M. Littlefield's "The Wizard of Oz: Parable on Populism."

Littlefield described all sorts of hidden meanings and allusions to Gilded Age society in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: the wicked Witch of the East represented eastern industrialists and bankers who controlled the people (the Munchkins); the Scarecrow was the wise but naive western farmer; the Tin Woodman stood for the dehumanized industrial worker; the Cowardly Lion was William Jennings Bryan, Populist presidential candidate in 1896; the Yellow Brick Road, with all its dangers, was the gold standard; Dorothy's silver slippers (Judy Garland's were ruby red, but Baum originally made them silver) represented the Populists' solution to the nation's economic woes ("the free and unlimited coinage of silver"); Emerald City was Washington, D.C.; the Wizard, "a little bumbling old man, hiding behind a facade of paper mache and noise, . . . able to be everything to everybody," was any of the Gilded Age presidents.

...According to Littlefield, Baum, a reform-minded Democrat who supported William Jennings Bryan's pro-silver candidacy, wrote the book as a parable of the Populists, an allegory of their failed efforts to reform the nation in 1896. ..."[T]he relationships and analogies outlined above . . . are far too consistent to be coincidental."

... Richard Jensen, in a 1971 study of Midwestern politics and culture, devoted two pages to Baum's story. He implicitly qualified Littlefield by pointing out that not all pro-Bryan silverites were Populists. But Jensen then proceeded to add two new points to the standard Littlefield interpretation, finding analogies for Toto and Oz itself: Dorothy's faithful dog represented the teetotaling Prohibitionists, an important part of the silverite coalition, and anyone familiar with the silverites' slogan "16 to 1"--that is, the ratio of sixteen ounces of silver to one ounce of gold--would have instantly recognized "Oz" as the abbreviation for "ounce."

There's a lot more on the subject at the website I gave. The article talks about various interpretations of who the 'wizard' is.

I would agree that this story is an apt one for studying our current political situation, since this current era seems to resemble the "Gilded Age" of American history.

I also think it very apt that QRS happened onto this parable, since switching from the gold standard was so central to the Bryan campaign ("You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold." ); and QRS has zeroed in on the money trickery in the Fed that threatens to ensnare us all.


"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."

Christopher! Thanks, for sharing.

And thanks everyone else for reading and sharing your thoughts.

It's funny, because what triggered this analogy in my mind a few days ago was not the federal reserve, but the coalition between israel and Christian evangelicals.

But, when I started writing - this is what came out! I guess my mind always turns to the root of our problems - the Fed and the media.

But, getting back to Christian evangelicals and the media.

By amplifying the relationship through newspapers and television - they make it seem like they are more popular than they really are.

I wonder what would happen if I hit the road and started asking people in small towns exactly what they think of israel?


"Money" has no value - people do.

This is all very interesting, brings back memories of a childhood tale and exposes its hidden meanings. But let me re-iterate my question: why did L. Frank Baum (clearly an ashkenazi pre-communist) chose the name Oz for his wizard (se my previous comment)?


"...Dorothy's faithful dog represented the teetotaling Prohibitionists, an important part of the silverite coalition, and anyone familiar with the silverites' slogan "16 to 1"--that is, the ratio of sixteen ounces of silver to one ounce of gold--would have instantly recognized "Oz" as the abbreviation for 'ounce.'"

Fascinating interpretation - one I've never heard before. Makes sense, too.


"Money" has no value - people do.

I couldn't help but wonder if anybody would ever mention poor Toto !
Toto Pulls Back the Curtain

More specifically, from above, i.e - media manipulation :

[-- you'll realize the all powerful Wizard really made this one go poof ! BIG TIME ! Until we, as Americans, can finally SEE BEHIND THE CURTAIN of 9-11, and come to terms with it, we will continue to see the damage unfold exponentially ] - and -- [ this wretched assemblage is just another striking example of CNN's collaboration in massive Zionist MAINSTREAM MEDIA MANIPULATION, which has now only magnified the national cancer of 9-11 to exponentially more monstrous proportions. ]

Old Professor Marvel really did a number on us, didn't he ?


..., I mean the wizard, must have someting to with ashkenazi turkik lore.
Did you take a look at the site of turkish nationalism, Turkish Turan History? That Oz, mit Umlaut, must have something to do with our Oz wizard, Oz mit Umlaut is pronounced Uz and Uzbek was a famous but ephimeral khagan of the Oghuz Turks ...
I'll research on it when I can, don't buy Parker's explanation for the name Oz.


A college history professor explained that "The Wizard of Oz" in those terms. Namely that the book was about the gold/silver debate. William Jennings Bryant is an interesting study since he is a key person in various moments in history. The Scopes Monkey trail was a devastating attack on Christianity. In addition, Bryant was latter Wilson's Veep. He was essential to Wilson election since he provided the southern votes. Wilson positioned himself as a "no war and anti banker guy." Bryant gave Wilson credibility on both issues. Bryant resigned shortly after the Federal Reserve Act. America and the world have been trying to recover ever since. One might say that was the birth of American Zionism and the death of the republic!

The sad thing is that the money that powers this wizard comes from the sweat and blood of the very same people he is using for his ends. Without American tax money how far could the zionists, or Israel, for that matter go. As far as Oz is concerned the American tax dollar has first priority for zionist projects. Katrina, veteran, armour for the soldiers, healthcare and poverty in the US has no importance for these people.

Getting settler new villas with swimming pools and making a wall that does not benefit an average American the least is more important.

Excellent video. I have not seen it before. Thanks for posting it.

The truth is clear. We’ve seen it repeatedly throughout history. Private central banking always leads to poverty, depressions, and the gap between rich and poor. It causes speculative bubbles and financial fraud, and eventually leads to hyperinflation and imperial collapse.

(Nazi Germany’s Reichsbank was privately owned, but Hitler had ultimate authority, and made the Reichsbank work for the masses, rather than the masses working for the bankers. Hence Germany rose from Europe’s weakest nation to its strongest within a period of five years. Obviously the international private bankers had to destroy National Socialism before it spread.)

Canada and Australia both had a public central banks, which worked wonderfully until the private bankers retook control and plunged the masses once more into poverty. The private bankers have also defeated all recent proposals for state-owned banks (like North Dakota’s) in the USA.

What dismays me is how easily the private bankers brainwash the masses by calling a public bank “socialist,” or by claiming that a public bank will cause hyper-inflation. Both charges are false. The reason why private bankers (and Jews) have power is that the masses give it to them. The blame cannot be put entirely on corrupt politicians. Equally culpable are the stupid masses, who never learn. 

Iceland might be an exception. The private bankers nearly destroyed Iceland, and are now trying to force Iceland to join the EU monetary union. Whether they succeed remains to be seen.

I agree with the video that a “gold standard” is another scam. Many people think that gold has “real value,” whereas fiat money does not. Nonsense. The truth is that regardless of the currency we use (gold, paper, tally sticks, sea shells, digital computer numbers, whatever), the monetary system is based on a social contract. That is, money (including gold) only has value because society agrees that it does. Private bankers use the media to manipulate this agreement by manipulating the public mind.

The video also addresses the false claim that if Congress gets the power to control money, then Congress will spend us to oblivion. In reality Congress is now borrowing us to oblivion. “It can’t get any worse.”

The bottom line is that we absolutely must do away with private ownership of central banks. This is the key. As the video says, “It’s not what backs the money, but who controls the quantity of money…Creating our money is too important a function to be put in private hands, as it always leads to plutocracy and slavery.” 

There are millions of people who want to work, and plenty of work to be done (e.g. public infrastructure projects), but not enough money in circulation, and too much debt -- all caused by the private central bankers. Like the state of North Dakota, we can still have privately owned banks, but not a privately owned central bank. (The Fed itself is not a "bank," but a cartel of the big banks.)

The video says that private control is the central cause of most of the world’s problems such as poverty, famine, crippling debt, and even disease. Agreed. It says we should treat this as a civil rights issue, a human rights issue. This is the most important issue facing us today.

“Until this problem is addressed, no amount of national ‘austerity’ or further government borrowing can possibly stop this continuing cascade of negative economic events.”

Indeed, “austerity” will only make the problems worse and worse, since “cuts in government spending” only affect social programs, while military spending continues to explode.

“The power to create money is the most important power of a sovereign nation. In fact it is the very definition of national sovereignty.”

Nations do not have to borrow.

“Obama has stimulated the economy with about two trillion dollars, but Obama borrowed it from the banks, and then gave it bank to those same banks, supposedly to lend to us.”

Hence we are paying double interest in return for nothing, except more slavery.

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