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US lets ecstasy dealer serve time in israel

Ze'ev Rosenstein (a.k.a., "The Fat Man") was caught trafficking over a million ectasy pills through NY, yet he gets to serve his sentence in club med israel - unbelievable!

Zeev Rosenstein, who was until recently Israel Police's "number one target", will serve his time in Israel for drug-related offenses in the United States. Ynet reports that Rosenstein signed a deal with US authorities Thursday night, according to which he will be returned to Israel and serve a 12 year sentence here.

His wife, Yvonne, said she was "not unhappy" about the deal.

Why should she be??? By all accounts, serving time in israeli prison (as a Jew) is like vacationing in Club Med. "The Fat Man" is sure to get the royal treatment from his brethren in crime.

Rosenstein is notorious for executing his rivals and for being a target of numerous unsuccessful execution attempts that wound up killing innocent bystanders.

To be more specific . . .

There have been at least seven attempts by others to kill Rosenstein, including a December 2003 bomb attack in Tel Aviv that killed three people and injured 18 others but left him unscathed.

No doubt, it was blamed on a "suicide bomber" and used as a pretext to grab more land and kill more Arabs.

Only in israel - land of the insane.


How these criminals can get away with it.



Also I notice that "U.S. authorities would not be confiscating Rosenstein's assets..."


"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."

The "justice system" confiscates pirated CDs - even though the physical assets (CDs cases, etc.) are inseparable from the so-called "intellectual property" they convey and are therefore THE PROPERTY OF THE PEOPLE WHO MANUFACTURED IT.

Yet, these bastards let a mobster keep his assets after catching him with a MILLION ECSTASY PILLS???

Imagine how many millions of pills he pushed under the radar!


"Money" has no value - people do.

just in case they pull it -

Last update - 17:39 12/01/2007

U.S. set to announce plea deal with Israeli on drug charges

By Roni Singer and Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondents

The attorneys of reputed underworld boss Ze'ev Rosenstein and U.S. prosecutors are expected to announce on Friday that they will sign a plea bargain on drug trafficking charges Rosenstein faces.

Under the agreement between the parties, set to be signed Tuesday, Rosenstein will serve 12 years in an Israeli prison. The plea bargain will be brought before a Miami court to be ratified the same day it is signed.

According to Israeli sources familiar with the case, the reputed crime kingpin will plead guilty to the charge of trafficking 700,000 ecstasy pills to the United States instead of standing trial on charges of smuggling millions of pills. Rosenstein was extradited to the United States in March.

Israel has withdrawn related charges pending here, and the parties decided that U.S. authorities would not be confiscating Rosenstein's assets, as they had requested.

Legal sources in Israel confirmed that the parties have reached an agreement in principle, but said they could still withdraw from the signing.

Israeli sources involved in the case said the deal is quite likely to be carried out, and that, pending final approval, Rosenstein is expected to return to Israel within a month.

"There are very advanced negotiations on a plea bargain, but we cannot add any further details until the agreement is presented to the court," said a spokesperson for the Justice Ministry.

Keren Nahari, one of Rosenstein's attorneys, told Haaretz that the decision to secure a plea bargain was made Thursday, following intense negotiations over the past two weeks. The talks were initiated by Rosenstein's representatives. The trial had been scheduled to begin January 22.

Nahari said Rosenstein was relieved by the impending deal.

"He is much calmer now because the uncertainty in relation to the sentence he expected to receive was very tough on him," she said.

I'll bet.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Ken Ellingwood | Los Angeles Times, 12/12/03: Bomb Blast in Tel Aviv Kills Three;
A reputed crime boss, injured along with a bodyguard, was the apparent target of the attack, officials say. Over 30 people are hurt.
This time, police said, the attack was about crime, not politics, and the target was not the civic psyche but a reputed organized crime boss, Zeev Rosenstein.

...a bomb planted in the awning of a money-changing shop exploded, injuring Rosenstein and a bodyguard, police said. The dead included the shop owner's 19-year-old son, a messenger leaving the business when the bomb went off and a passerby.

Like terror bombings, the latest blast took place on a busy commercial avenue in downtown Tel Aviv.

Initial news of a fresh afternoon explosion came as a jolt to a nation that has endured a string of recent terror alerts but no bombings against civilians in more than two months.

The explosion was originally thought to be an act of terrorism. But even as emergency workers were still carrying victims from the gutted shop, police were declaring the incident the work of criminals, not terrorists.

"The first indicator was that Zeev Rosenstein was here and his bodyguard was injured," said Maj. Gen. Yossi Sedbon, the Tel Aviv district commander of the national police.


"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."

I stand corrected.

But, clearly many initially believed that it was "Palestinian" terrorism.

And this report alone does not prove that in other circles israelis didn't try to exploit, for political purposes, the public's ignorance about the crime (and their automatic assumptions that Palestinians were responsible).


"Money" has no value - people do.

While this murderous mobster gets to keep his assets and enjoy a brief prison term in israel for destroying countless young lives, US prisons are teaming with underprivileged Americans serving life sentences for shoplifting.

Life in Prison for Shoplifting: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

By Erwin Chemerinsky

According to statistics from the California Department of Corrections, thousands of individuals are serving life sentences under California's three strikes law for nonviolent third strikes-in fact, 360 individuals in California are serving life sentences for shoplifting small amounts of merchandise.

California is one of twenty-six states nationally with a three strikes law, but California's is the harshest in that the third strike need not be a serious or violent felony-any felony, even shoplifting, can be the basis for a life sentence.

Where's the outrage???


"Money" has no value - people do.

The article mentions that he was extradited to the United States...? This is confusing? If he was arrested in Israel, then the U.S. giving him back isn't a big deal is it? Unless he was actually arrested in the U.S.


The crimes were committed on US soil - the time should be too.

Moreover, 12 years is a slap on the wrist considering the magnitude of his offense.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Hmm sorry Qrs but yours is a typical American response. This guy is an International drug dealer....he's committed crimes in dozens of countries, but they caught him and decided to charge him with the crime that they had enough hard evidence to convict him with, which was the U.S. ecstacy dealing.

Hence Israel's co-operative extradition to the U.S. after the Israeli's had caught him after a 3 year effort. Now that the U.S. has decided to extradite him back to Israel, you're condemning Israel?

They didn't have to catch him. They didn't have to extradite him to the U.S. in the first place (with no garuntee of getting him back). And on top of that you have the arrogance to suggest that ecstacy dealing the U.S. is what matters most, that it doesn't matter the people he hurt in other countries?

I don't see how i'm missing the point. I don't see the U.S. extraditing Americans to Israel for crimes there very often.


According to a US DOJ memo, Rosenstein was arrested on a complaint relating to charges relating to the seizure of 700,000 MDMA tablets in an apartment in New York, which is in the United States.

According to the Wikipedia, "[i]n Israel, he had been suspected of ordering contract killings and running illegal gambling and prostitution rings. But with the exception of a robbery conviction in the 1970s, Israeli police had never managed to gather sufficient evidence to indict Rosenstein."

Therefore Rosenstein will be serving time for a US crime in an Israeli prison.


"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."

Right, what i'm getting at though is that Israel is being criticized because he's supposedly going to treat this guy really really nice because he's a jew. Why would they spend 3 years trying to catch him if that were the case? On top of that, the Israeli Supreme Court voted that he be extradited to the U.S., and now the U.S. is willing to let him rot in an Israeli prison (doesn't cost the U.S. any money to take care of him for 12 years).

I just don't see what the issue is here, especially when dealing ecstacy is the least of his crimes.


I saw a rumor floating around that the U.S. Israel extradition treaty requires the person extradited to serve their sentence back in the home country if convicted. It took a little while, but I found the treaty text and it confirms that. See article 2, section 2 in this link:


"If the law of the Requested Party so requires, that Party may condition the extradition of a national and resident upon an assurance that, if the person sought is convicted and sentenced and resident upon an assurance that, if the person sought is convicted and sentenced to a term of imprisonment after extradition, the person shall be returned to the Requested Party to serve the sentence imposted by the Requesting Party."

As I said, I don't think i'm missing anything here.

International Extradition Blog - McNabb Associates, P.C. -This action was virtually unprecedented. The crime state of Israel would never have resorted to this, but to effectively try to dump this pig on us, as they couldn't use the additional stench his roasting might create. Howzabout we just dump this stinker right back ? We already have enough dual-Israeli trash sitting down in North Carolina, in the form of "Jaybird" Jonathan Pollard. But we can't proceed with Rosenstein any further until we have express permission from you, Hebus Jebus.


What are you talking about Quasi? The U.S. is giving this guy BACK to Israel. The blog you've pointed to is from 2005. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make other than to attempt to ryhme my name with Hebus.


Sorry for the double post but the link I originally posted doesn't seem to be working. I looked up the treaty doc again:




Do you ever make a constructive comment, Jebus? You're rather distracting and the same way as a mosquito is.

I know i'm annoying. The reason for is it is that I agree with some of your points, such as Israeli apartied, Israeli weapons dealing, and somewhat on the issue of supremecism. But what I absolutely abhor is sensationalism and articles that aren't based on fact. Leave that to Fox News, let them have a monopoly in that area ok?

"Ze'ev Rosenstein (a.k.a., "The Fat Man") was caught trafficking over a million ectasy pills through NY, yet he gets to serve his sentence in club med israel - unbelievable!"

Is it so, "UNBELIEVABLE", that they are following preset extradition treaty agreements made years ago? Omg omg they're following due process! Lets freak out!

The reason why i'm posting is because this article serves no purpose...the treaty was laid out awhile ago, he's committed crimes in Israel and he's from that country and he's been convicted in the United States. Imagine if an American mafia boss who's ordered assasinations in the U.S. gets caught dealing drugs in Israel, or China, but has fled back to the U.S.. Would you be very happy if we extradited them to China or Israel when the majority of his crimes have been comitted back home?

I'm curious to know of cases where Jews treat Jews better in prison. I wouldn't be surprised if its happened, but i'm curious about some evidence?


Jebus, you think like a child - you see some details, but you don't understand the big picture. You see the trees but don't see the forest. It seems you're a child, or perhaps you're a somewhat retarded adult.
I suggest you go do some posting on a childrens' web site, so you can communicate with others who think and see things the same way you do.

Deuteronomy 11:19
"Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up."

So educate me...teach me...stop calling me a retard and actually MAKE A POINT. That seems to be singularly lacking in your posts on this article; facts, opinions, or anything of real value.


if israel were a legitimate state - but it's not.

'israel' is nothing but a cult of delusional war-mongers.

It's a criminal syndicate, based on a supremacist, apartheid ideology, that is wholly funded and armed by a corrupt and fraudulent system of 'money'.

Moreover, they cannot pick and choose which international laws they will abide by - insisting on those which protect their interests, while totally ignoring those that protect the interests of others.

Also, it's beyond outrageous that this homicidal drugdealing mobster gets only 12 years for pushing over a millions ecstasy pills - it's a joke! It's inconsistent with the federal sentencing guidelines. And that he gets to keep his assets - is simply unheard of.

Finally, I can't understand why or how this notorious murderous mobster was allowed into the United States to begin with.

It's simply mind-boggling and underscores the corrupt nature of the 'special relationship' between the US government and its agencies and the shitty little country that calls itself israel.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Maybe selling drugs to the people to keep them 'dumbed down' and enslaved is okay so long as some 'chosen' people do it?

All the war on drugs etc. is just to catch and stop the people who enter the drug market without approval by 'the chosen'.

Besides the war on drugs etc. justifies the creation of a police state, increase in police to keep people from rebelling, when the time comes.

'The chosen' have it all planned to reduce everyone (globally) but 'the Chosen' to economic and political slavery, with no way out, serving 'the chosen'.

The system is totally corrupt and designed to do what is planned by 'the chosen'. Everyone is just sleep walking into it, accepting it with no sense of disgust, powerless already.



I think the "War on Drugs" was exactly like the "War on Terror"; a smoke screen. I've heard some theorize that the war on drugs increased other crimes. The belief is that the war on drugs reduced the overall quantity of drugs on the market and made it more dangerous to deal, causing less people to be enticed to buy or deal it.

So the price sky rocketed. The American government rated their progress by the street price of Cocaine. As a result, addicts who were obsessed needed more money, and often turned to crime, or committed more crimes to pay for their habbits. It increased prostitution, robbery, murder etc.

The war on drugs should have been one of economic assitance and education to the masses, not a police crack down....

As to the chosen decided...hmm, maybe on a large scale, like moving hundreds of pounds of cocaine like the Columbian drug lords etc., but ultimately the drug trade is so enormous worldwide that I don't think any one group control or regulates it.

I presume that this Rosenstein guy must have done something political or something contrary to American or Israeli policy and as a result he got attention drawn to himself and got busted....or it could be just yet another mafia bust against organized crime, /shrug.


The Jews have been promoting and profiting from drug use in America since the 60's (or before), and these drugs have ruined or at least weakened hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of young peoples' minds. They've made a lot of money, and had many good laughs at the goyim who have either ended up in mental hospitals with damaged brains, or at least have been rendered less competent.

Ecstacy includes a chemical that permanently alters and damages the human mind.

This is one of MANY reasons why I think we should be siding with the Arabs instead of Israel - they don't try to ruin our childrens' lives with hard drugs, nor promote sexual perversion, promiscuity, homosexuality, and all the rest that the Jews do to us.

What am I talking about, Jebus ? If you had bothered at all to read the short legal brief I provided from a reputable authority, ( I am not one ), you might have a clue, although I doubt it. The point in question being the fact of this particular EXTRADITION TREATY, ( which you have referred to ad nauseam throughout ), NOT being strictly applicable to this particular circumstance; although this situation does come under purview of a mutual CONVENTION that we do indeed hold with this international criminal haven, which surprised me somewhat. The explicit terms of both the TREATY and the CONVENTION are also available at the links in the brief, and a half dozen or so prequalifications are neatly provided toward the end, which all pertain directly to the current transfer as well. The bone of my contention was primarily what I stated foremost, however, that this "extradition" appears to me quite unheard of, how Israel would ever export one of it's major assets unless it was totally out of control, which does appear to be the case, regardless of all the myriad legal snaggles which may have come to bear. This whole circus could have been handled much better not as an extradition, but as an EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION; then we could have shipped this human garbage off to Gitmo, where it really belongs. That alone might be enough justification not to shut that hellhole down, ( so why didn't our friendly torture masters figure that out before I did ? ) I would hate to wander endlessly through the niceties of extradition law, when I have more pressing matters before me. By the way, the idea that Israeli police couldn't get enough evidence to prosecute this goon is hilarious, but must have been a great excuse to pawn him off for a while. Now they got him back, GOOD RIDDANCE. And 12 years ? You're already unfunny enough, and you give everyone the HEEBIE JEEBIES, so don't make me laugh.


You Wrote
"As to the chosen decided...hmm, maybe on a large scale, like moving hundreds of pounds of cocaine like the Columbian drug lords etc., but ultimately the drug trade is so enormous worldwide that I don't think any one group control or regulates it."

The Banking system pretends that there is a legitimate business called 'banking', and another called 'laundering' which is illigitimate. In actual fact all if not most of the banking system is a laundering business. Wholesale narcotic supply has few actors and these are 'above the law', unless they go against the top people, like Sadam did or Noriega then they are brought down. So only afew people do control the drug trade. And rather than saying 'religion is the opium of the people' as Marx did, I think we ought to all know that 'opium/narcotics are the opium of the people' and this includes 'legal' drugs like helps keep the masses passive, drugged and powerless.

This drug dealer seems to be one of the 'chosen' it seems he is being dealt with very liniently because he performs the right function, and this is the only way they can deal with him.

I seem to recall Clinton pardoned another Israeli drug dealer?



... hearing news like this one.
The Ashkenazi 'Jews' were very active gangsters in the US during the time of the Prohibition, as well as before AND afterwards. Of course these were secular 'Jews', in fact just steppe thugs. Did you not see Sergio Leone's film, 'Once Upon a Time in America' (made out of a real story)?
Just before the 1917 'revolution' broke out in St.Petersburg, US President Woodrow Wilson provided passports to Leon (Bronstein) Trotzky and to some thousand Lower East Side's steppe thugs in order to organise the Bolshevik coup d'etat against czarist Russia. Wilson even provided a ship for the commando to leave New York and assault St.Petersburg.
So it's the same old story told anew.
And we see here another function that Israel provides for the 'Jews'. A safe heaven for steppe criminals. Ilya Eherenburg was Stalin's propaganda chief in the 1940s, the theorist of the rape of Germany at the end of WW2 and, guess what, he ended up as hero in Israel. To tell but just one story.

And I entirely agree with my alter ago, justice seeker. In particular:

This is one of MANY reasons why I think we should be siding with the Arabs instead of Israel - they don't try to ruin our childrens' lives with hard drugs, nor promote sexual perversion, promiscuity, homosexuality, and all the rest that the Jews do to us.

Also, they have the oil, if we really can't be weaned off the foul substance. The Jews won't give us new sources of renewable energy. We Gentiles have to side with the Arabs if we have any sense, it's the only reasonable strategy in the long run. And at the same time launch an all-out, serious research plan for renewable home-made energy.


Quasi, let me pick apart your "legal argument":

Your article states:

"According to some news stories, Israeli police believe that, under the terms of “an extradition agreement” between the United States and Israel, Mr. Rosenstein could serve any sentence imposed on him in Israel.[5] This is not quite accurate. There are no such provisions in the extradition treaty. The Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons [hereinafter Convention], however, may be what the Israeli police had in mind."

The only conclusive statement that says it is not mentioned in the treaty is the sentence "This is not quite accurate".

I am no legal expert either, but its obvious you didn't read the treaty. It CLEARLY states in article two, paragraph two that a convicted person who has been extradited to another country may serve the sentence in his home country.

Not only that, the treaty goes on to stipulate conditions of such an arrangement, namely they are:

A.) The Person must agree to it.

B.) It must be final.

C.) Once the decision is made, the re-extradition must be made swiftly.

D.) Fines, if tendered, must be payed from the country holding him (Israel) to the country that gave him back (America).

E.) A clause that talks about future treaties.

I am of course still refering to the extradition treaty signed between the United States and Israel on July 6, 2005.

Your article believes that the police are refering to a document signed in 1983 with European nations. If you somehow can't find the link AGAIN, here it is:

So please, take your big words and shove-it. Take the time to make a proper argument so you don't look so much like a child with your, "Hebe Jebe's" idiocy. Seriously, i'm sick of you taking a crap everywhere off of your high horse.


"This is one of MANY reasons why I think we should be siding with the Arabs instead of Israel - they don't try to ruin our childrens' lives with hard drugs, nor promote sexual perversion, promiscuity, homosexuality, and all the rest that the Jews do to us."
So history_worm and justice seeker agree with the War on Drugs? And how about that other War On.. these same people are fighting? I think both are different sides of the same coin. The War on Drugs IS to keep people dumb, among many other not too ethical reasons. And is this also a jewish conspiracy?

Though I'm new here, I would like to say: keep on track, the state of the world would be bad enough without the widely shared hypocricial view on 'drugs' the United States has pushed past century. While warring drugs we were collectively being hooked up on oil, paper from wood (insteat of hemp), prozac, industrial meat, cigarettes (the list goes on and on) and most important of all: MONEY.I don't think homosexuality or 'the drugs problem', whatever that is, should be focused on here as being conspiracies (contrary to the WAR on drugs and the WAR on 'the other').

Since you have persisted in your protestations to a point of utter fatigue, I must again, no doubt, do you the honor of responding to them, and in light of your opening a whole new fresh can of worms, I hope you find this one more refreshing than the last. I must also finally prove,( if not in legality ) that I can be quite as tedious as you can. So, fork in hand, I'll take one last whack at it. After peeling back the lid of a working link that you finally provided, Lo and Behold, was I ever astounded to find what appears to possibly be a whole new "'PROTOCOL' of Zion" to which the purveyors and signatories thereto appear to be none other than those most honorable, upstanding denizens of our illustrious republic as George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice. I believe I told you not to make me laugh. When I first noticed this, I could hardly contain myself. I fell subject to an acute paroxysm of glee. 'What foul missive from Hell has the Right Honorable Jebus unearthed now ?', I thought. It's a doozy , alright. Now, to take each little squirmy worm, right from the top of the can....first, your contention that "the only conclusive statement that says it's not mentioned in the treaty is the sentence ..'this is not quite accurate'. Sorry, that's not quite accurate. If your had read, and COMPREHENDED, the very next sentence, you would learn that there are NO SUCH PROVISIONS in the extradition treaty. Isn't that conclusive enough ? Which leads me directly to an extrapolation of what particular documents we are actually dealing with here. For the purpose of this discussion, we have-#1. the extant EXTRADITION TREATY, signed by LBJ and Rusk-1962,-#2. the extant CONVENTION on TRANSFER of SENTENCED PERSONS, sponsored in the E.U., to which the U.S. and Israel are signatory, entered into circa 1983, AND-#3. a spurious concatenation of loopholes, deletions and mumbo-jumbo you have presented as a PROPOSED amended 'treaty', but which in reality is only a Protocol, or agreement, if you will, confounded in 2005 by the above mentioned conspirators. I have not been able to find a record of this recommendation having been duly ratified into law, only mysteriously "approved" in 2006, most likely in the arcane form of a Bush 'signing statement'. Of course, under this current criminal regime, it could matter less if it was ratified or not, as witness torture, rendition, extortion, etc. Secondly, I could only locate a specific, germane article and paragraph in the amended Article IV, not Article II, paragraph 2. And thirdly, you state, unequivocally, "I am of course still refering ( natch-sp. )to the EXTRADITION TREATY signed between the U.S. and Israel on July 6, 2005". I would recommend, in light of the foregoing, that you refer to this document as what it actually is, yay, the PROTOCOL AMENDING EXTRADITION TREATY WITH ISRAEL. The whole farce begins with a sales pitch from Bush RECOMMENDING the amendment to the Senate for ratification. If you can find historical record of this garbage ever being ratified into binding law, more power to ya. To again return to my "ORIGINAL BONE", I am just now beginning to learn how the insidious Judaization of American jurisprudence is being carried out. Give me enough rope and I'll hang myself, right ? So if I may carefully insert my head into a noose, might I not finally discern the potentially fatal flaw of a LOOPHOLE ? Israel has always historically acted against any extradition of it's criminals since the slaughtering reign of terrorist Menachem Begin. But eventually the violations were so egregious, they had to acquiesce to a degree, by "agreeing' to abide by tenets of the E.U. Convention, which only serves to work in their favor. Tragically, the Constitution shredders Bush, Rice, et al. have chosen to coalesce with this perfect little "gentleman's agreement", since it is primarily in the greater interest of Greater Zion, as always. It effectually mandates that Israel will ONLY extradite a national in the event of a return of said national to Israel to serve sentence, thus expediting enormous leverage in the length and severity of prescribed sentences, which QRS originally took umbrage with, very early in this post. So in the greater interest of brevity, at all costs, as time grows desperately short for all this hanky panky, I must "sign off" on this discussion you have precipitated, which has led to some very interesting revelations indeed. Any good legal scholar operating in our own national interest would have a heyday boiling down this whole dual Israeli crapwad to what it truly is, again, TREASON, pure and simple, but unfortunately I am hardly qualified as such. And speaking of crapwads, as they happen to roll off my big-worded high horse's ass and land in your direction, if you really want to have a little fun with this great blog Q has provided, try growing a little sense of humor for starters. All I have left on this is a link which you may or may not find germane to what I'm really getting at. The second half of the piece-
IN SEARCH OF MONSTERS has some very nice examples.


Very funny and impressive post, you have a gift.



Quoting letje:
So history_worm and justice seeker agree with the War on Drugs?
If you mean to say there is a war on drugs in the West and this sharply clashes with the non-war on tobacco, money and other 'drugs' ... I have this to say: there is no War on Drugs. The war in Afghanistan in 2003 was waged for both gas-pipelines and opium, indeed opium production in Afghanistan (banned by the Talibans) is now booming again. So the 9.11 conspirators were eager to restart their profiteering from control not only of oil, gas distribution, but also of opium-based drugs'. Same considerations for coca-based drugs from South America. On the one hand there is a show of repression of drugs usage, on the other hand they profit from their distribution. So that's the punchline: they want us hooked on drugs, oil, gas (see my posts on renewable-energy research), money, materialism, tobacco, meat (we humans don't need it), etc. etc. On everything 'they' can control the distribution of (production is always left to the menial workers). It's the ways of the steppes, because Khazaria was an exclusively parassitical state and was powerful and wealthy thanks to control and tribute-taking of every sort of commerce and transaction. They even took tribute from the early russian raiders passing through their territory. Old habits never die off.


and I'm very grateful and honored that he takes time to share it with us.


Indeed, I am grateful to all of you for continuing to read and contribute to this blog.

Thanks, guys.

I agree that the war on drugs is merely a struggle to maintain a monopoly over supplies.


"Money" has no value - people do.

I guess I agree on the fact that the "war on drugs"-concept is being used in any way it fits those in power. Indeed, the Afghanistan example proves the huge U.S./Western hypocracy on this subject. Thanks to (the lack of) mainstream media coverage they can easily get away with it though...

nothing is beyond these baby killers. 


"Money" has no value - people do.

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