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CIA Director Resigns

Before his dirty secret is exposed

California Prop 37 Fails

Electronic voting machines save Monsanto

Stimulus and Catastrophe

The only time the public overcomes its brainwashing about federal “debt” and government spending is when there is a catastrophe such as a world war, or a hurricane.

Unfortunately the awakening from this trance is brief, and only temporary.

The Golden Dawn in Italy

First it was Greece. Now it's Italy.

Deficit hysteria

Why it's nonsense

Israel bombs Sudan (Again)

And the world cheers

The money hoax

Another go at this...

America’s disastrous budget deficit

Disastrous because it’s too LOW.

Gary Johnson: Libertarian for slavery

Third party Presidential candidate lies as much as the others

U.S. govt sues Bank of America. Again.

Another day, another farce

Shocking images

Newly released color photos show absolute proof of the Holocaust

Europe's recovery is real!

Or will be, in "just a few more months"

Regarding the Golden Dawn

A comment on social psychology

Iran commits suicide

Throughout the world, politicians are imposing austerity for their own personal gain. Iran is no exception. Thus, Iran is doomed to fall to the West.

On the Lebanese bombing

A classic false flag

Greek poverty so bad that families can no longer bury their dead

Greece, Spain, and Portugal are the fault lines. Watch there for something to snap.

Did Assad bring it on himself?

Gaddafi and Assad invited a NATO attack when they adopted the neo-liberal “reforms” advocated by the IMF and World Bank.

Portugal’s agony is only getting started

Politicians’ budget for 2013 will triple austerity.

On Iran's currency crisis

How much of it is caused by the blockade, and how much by the Iranian government's ineptitude?

Voting for death

America, you are a nation of enablers and apologists for tyranny and mass murder. You condemn the Nazi and gulag guards of times past ,even as you celebrate your own mercenaries and torturers, and cheer the unspeakable crimes committed by your sons and daughters. You don’t care who you kill, as long as your soldiers are paid, and your munitions factories are humming.

USNWR gives nod to public banks

US News & World Report is a pro-war, right-wing rag, but the depression has become so bad that even USNWR acknowledges the need for public banks.

Myanmar surrenders to the globalists

NATO was planning to bomb Myanmar for the same reasons that NATO destroyed Gaddafy’s Libya. In a desperate attempt to prevent this, Myanmar's governent has surrendered.

The agony of Spain

Coming to YOUR neighborhood, and right soon

Furor over QE3 is groundless

Here’s the simple truth of how QE really works.

Worshipping the NATO gods

Benghazi's groveling to NATO is nauseating

Iran once again offers to end its nuclear program

And the USA once again says it will make no difference. The blockade stays no matter what.

Al Qaeda as paid mercenaries

They are not "Salafists," since they do not care about religion.

Obama regime to remove MEK from terrorist list

This will open the doors for the MEK killers to receive American funding, even though the MEK has killed Americans

How propaganda works

An article in Fox News and the UK Daily mail is an object lesson in exactly how the media spreads its lies


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