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The Strange Case of Michael Cravey aka Thomas Brinkley

A "conspiracy theorist" stabs a stranger, evades the police for three hours, and then goes for "suicide by cop".

Guangzhou high-rise survives eleven hours of raging inferno

Here are a few clues as to why the Guangzhou high-rise burned for more than eleven hours, yet did not suffer the same fate as World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7:


Mars data debunks man-made global warming

There is no denying that the atmospheres of Earth and Venus are responsible for a "greenhouse effect" that raises their surface temperatures significantly above their black body or effective temperatures. However, claims by anthropogenic global warming (AGW) alarmists about excess CO2 being responsible for temperature anomalies in the order of 1 °C are contradicted by the fact that Mars has more CO2 than Earth, but has no greenhouse effect.


So you think you know that Arabs did 9/11? You saw it on TV and read it in the newspapers, so it must be true, right? Actually, there is overwhelming proof from multiple, corroborating lines of evidence that the operation was conceived and orchestrated by a group of fanatical Jewish terrorists.

Why 9/11 researchers know the official story is false

Anyone still trying to figure out who did 9/11, eleven years on, should ask themselves:

Millette study fails to refute crucial findings by Harrit et al

Similarly, we are expected to believe that it was just a "coincidence" that pork chop-loving, video gaming, sneakers/jeans-wearing, red Pontiac-driving, cocaine-snorting, money-worshipping, vodka-swilling, strip club-frequenting, gambling Mohamed Atta - the "devout Muslim" with such a hatred of Western culture that he was prepared to kill himself and thousands of others - steered a Boeing 767 to crash into the north face of WTC1 whilst banking at a 25° angle so that the impact zone covered five floors - the very same five contiguous floors that not only had upgraded SFRM installed between 1996 and 1998, but also had SFRM that was found to have a high density compared to that of the other upgraded floors. This is a coincidence too far!

Ground Zero fires could have heated the steel by up to 4 °F

An abundance of forensic evidence proves the official 9/11 conspiracy theory is scientifically and physically impossible. If the official theory were true, the laws of thermodynamics and thermochemistry would need to be rewritten and people would survive months of burial in sand. Air flow through the Ground Zero pile is found to be more than three orders of magnitude short of that required to sustain smoldering combustion except for within voids, and sufficient to raise the temperature of the steel by 2.2 °C in five months. The maximum sustainable heat release rate is equivalent to one burning cigarette every 32 square feet. Steel that was heated to cherry-red would have cooled within hours.

Daily Mail 'proves' fire brought down WTC7

Britain's Daily Mail carries an article on its website purporting to "finally prove once and for all that Building 7 was brought down by the intense heat of the blazing World Trade Center - and not explosives, as conspiracy theorists claim". The newspaper's 'evidence' to support its bold assertion consists of a two-minute video, which shows fires burning on a couple of isolated floors in WTC7. It's no surprise that the Mail's Managing Director (since 1994) is Guy Zitter, a "British" Jew with a BSc in commerce, who was a senior Finance Officer for the Seychelles government and used to run a nightclub there.

Analysis: Does Dulles Airport "shadow" prove "Hanjour" video was faked?

I was initially quite impressed with the research by Stephen St. John about how "shadows" proved the Dulles Airport "surveillance video" of alleged "Flight 77 hijackers" to have been faked. There is no doubt that the security camera was facing north on 9/11/01, departing passengers walked south towards the camera, and any south-pointing shadows cast by the sun would have been impossible...

Problem is, the dark shapes beneath the pedestrians in the video aren't "shadows"; they're reflections.

Why People Reject 9/11 Truth - Psychologists Speak Out

The new information would conflict with their faulty beliefs and lead to cognitive dissonance, resulting in a fear of being ostracised, of being alienated, of being shunned, of their lives being inconvenienced, of having to change their lives, of being confused, of psychological deterioration, and of feeling helpless and vulnerable. Thus, in order to 'protect' people from fear and anxiety, psychological defenses kick in such as denial and anger.

The Proven 9/11 Foreknowledge of Israel's Agents

It's fair to say that anyone who watches this video or reads the article and still maintains that there is "no evidence" of Israel's central role in staging 9/11 would be best advised to consult a doctor - a nut doctor!

The "Dancing Israelis" FBI Report - Debunked

How could the Israeli news site and the U.S. site have news posted about the first plane crash so that several Israelis could browse the internet and read about it on Urban's computers for a "few minutes", then three of the Israelis decide it would be a good move to grab their cameras, jump into their employer's van and take time off work in order to "document" the event, go on a four or five-minute journey through rush-hour traffic, make a left turn and drive along to a parking lot at the back of an apartment complex, jump out and climb onto the top of the van and turn on their cameras, all before the local AM WINS news radio station was able to broadcast its breaking news report from a WINS account executive who was on scene and actually telephoned the WINS newsroom as the first plane crashed?

Riot advice from son of top Jewish socialists

A graduate who tweeted advice which can help rioters avoid being arrested is the son of two prominent Jewish socialists.

Jacob Bard-Rosenberg is the son of David Rosenberg, one of the founding members of the Jewish Socialists' Group in the 1970s. Julia Bard joined the group in 1983 and the couple married two years later.

Mossad's murder machine claims another scientist's life

Last November, two senior Iranian scientists were attacked in different parts of the capital. Both victims were driving to work when men on motorbikes attached magnetised bombs to their cars as they were stuck in traffic.

These small explosives are known as ‘shaped charges’, designed to focus the blast at its target as a stream of molten metal travelling at 29,000 miles per hour. One bomb killed nuclear engineer Majid Shahriari, while missing his wife in the passenger seat.

First Edgar Steele writing since his arrest last year on trumped-up charges

Why did I want Cyndi, my wife of 25 years dead? I never have quite heard a reason that makes sense. First, Cyndi was told by the FBI that the motive was life insurance, but then they learned that both of us cancelled our policies years ago. Then, the FBI told her that the motive was my jealousy over her (fictitious) boyfriend. Cyndi quashed that by demanding that the FBI produce photos they said they had; of course, there were none.

How To Stage Osama Just bin Killed

Launch an operation using stealth helicopters, in which US Navy SEAL teams break into the Pashtun target's house and kill all the adult males in cold blood. Tell the SEALs that it's an "al Qaeda" headquarters, the main target is Osama bin Laden codenamed Geronimo, and he is only to be taken alive if found unarmed and naked. If he is found unarmed but dressed in pajamas, say, shoot him in the head and chest on the grounds that he could have been wearing a "suicide vest" - a special type of suicide vest that is guaranteed not to detonate from a bullet to the chest at close range.

Menachem Begin secretly armed Argentina during Falklands war

Evidence has emerged that Britain's "ally", the Jewish Zionist State of Israel which attacked New York and tried to blow up the Mexican Congress in 2001, tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967, was caught in a failed false-flag in Egypt in 1954, tried to obtain a New Zealand passport in the name of a tetraplegic man in 2004, used the terror weapon white phosphorus to attack Lebanese and Palestinian civilians in 2006 and 2008, attacked London in 2005, etc, secretly supplied arms to Argentina during the Falklands war.

The Dimitri Khalezov "WTC was nuked" hoax

So let's get this straight. According to Dimitri Khalezov and Gordon Duff, 150 kTon thermonuclear "demolition devices" were installed beneath the Towers when they were built, the Nixon administration was in on it and managed to cover it up until Khalezov "exposed" it 35 years later, the choice of 150 kTon - which must have been settled before December 1972 when the North Tower was completed - was determined by the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty for which negotiations began in Moscow on October 7, 1974 and were concluded in April 1976 with the Treaty becoming legally enforceable on December 11, 1990...

Brendon O'Connell: Victim or Villain?

In the interests of harmony and reducing in-fighting within the anti-Judaic / anti-Zionist truth movement, this material on Brendon O'Connell has been removed (even though a not inconsiderable amount of time and effort was devoted to writing it Cry ).


EH: No, we'll use a missile. I admit it'll mean hundreds of extra people have to be in on it, planting plane parts, pretending they saw a large plane, and lying about the bodies and the DNA. And rather than conveniently getting rid of William Caswell, John Yamnicky, Charles Burlingame, Wilson Flagg, Stanley Hall, Bryan Jack, Chandler Keller, Dong Lee, Barbara Olson, Ruben Ornedo, Robert Penniger and others who would not keep shtum when they realized what had happened, we'll divert the plane to a military airbase, shoot all the passengers and crew, then shoot the executioners to stop them talking, then shoot the executioners' executioners, etc. Then we can blow up the plane, have the aluminum recycled, and shoot those who saw the missile who refuse to say they saw a plane. And those who saw no bodies, who refuse to lie about that. And those who refused to lie about DNA tests. And those who blew up the plane, and recycled the aluminum...

Swedish Bomber had Israeli Girlfriend

Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, the "strict Muslim" who had previously led a life rather like the 9/11 hijackers - drinking, womanizing, etc - was obviously "radicalized", i.e., brainwashed, when he went to Britain in 2001, to Bedfordshire University. But by whom? The report below reveals that he had many girlfriends, including one who was an Israeli...

The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence"

The following appraisal shows why every truth seeker, justice seeker and patriot needs to set aside time to read The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence" and learn about the Zionist 9/11 perpetrators' concerted attempts at disrupting and countering the 9/11 truth movement. Listen to the video; transcripts are below.

British aid worker killed by Americans, not by Afghan "suicide bomber"

Yet, inexplicably, the U.S. and Nato both claimed that she had died at the hands of a suicide bomber, who had apparently detonated his vest as he stood beside her when the Seals were closing in. [...]

That statement, we now know, was inaccurate. For three days, the special forces failed to reveal the fact that one of them had apparently thrown a grenade that exploded close to where she was being held, bursting into razor-sharp steel shrapnel. It was only yesterday morning when their commanding officer reviewed audio and video footage from their helmet cameras that he ‘saw an arm throw a hand grenade’ and confronted his troops.

"Mediterranean couple" clue to British spy's death

The main lead in the case of the dead British spy Gareth Williams is a couple described as being of "Mediterranean appearance", who are known to have visited his intelligence services-owned London apartment in the weeks before his death. (The building is owned by a private company, New Rodina, whose details are hidden as it is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and the owner operated through a law firm known as Park Nelson that no longer appears to exist.) The couple "had a set of keys to the flat", and the outer door had "apparently been locked from the outside when police arrived on the scene".

Dr Kelly: Just one in five believes it was suicide as official cause of death is branded 'impossible'

The official verdict that Dr David Kelly committed suicide has been overwhelmingly rejected by the public.

According to an exclusive Mail opinion poll, only one in five people accepts the Hutton Inquiry’s finding that the government weapons inspector took his own life.

The Frame-Up of Edgar Steele

On June 11, 2010, Idaho lawyer Edgar J. Steele was arrested on murder-for-hire charges. According to prosecutors, Mr. Steele hired his handyman Larry Fairfax to kill his wife Cyndi and his mother-in-law. Steele is an intelligent, educated man; Fairfax is a bankrupt failed logger who turned out to be a federal drug informant. The alleged plot is so preposterous that it would be laughed out of court if all the contradictions were presented. Prosecutors will likely cherry-pick the various pieces of 'evidence', with some claims being conveniently "forgotten" as they attempt to cover up the many mistakes resulting from Steele's enemies' failure to corroborate their stories.

Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

The video details evidence on why it is 100% certain that Israel did 9/11 and the official story is a pack of lies. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College, is on audio.

To learn more about the conspiracy facts of 9/11, see:

Jewish-run Ponzi scheme claims daily gains of up to 3%

The website promises guaranteed daily gains for investors ranging from 0.5% up to 3%. Those who invest $20+ are promised 0.5% per day, and those who invest $100,000+ are promised 2.1% per day.





Flatmate of ex-MI6 man on secrets charge tells of police raid

The flatmate of a former MI6 agent accused of trying to sell secret intelligence files for £2m said today she felt like she was starring in her own episode of Law and Order as counter-terrorism officers raided their shared apartment.

Daniel Houghton, who holds joint British and Dutch nationality, was arrested at a London hotel on Monday after an undercover operation involving Scotland Yard and security service agents.

Payoneer CTO Covers Up Colleague's Special Forces Experience

Payoneer was largely funded by Carmel Ventures of Herzliya, whose founder served in Unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

The day after the Mossad Dubai hit team money trail to Yuval Tal was exposed by many news outlets including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, a 2006 video clip of Tal speaking as a former Israeli special forces soldier was pulled by his business partner Yaniv Chechik. Tal's company Payoneer is largely funded by a Herzliya-based company whose founder served in Unit 8200, an elite technology unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.


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