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Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in daily contact over Gaza

An Israeli plane is parked on Cairo's military airport ready to take highly sensitive information back to Jerusalem

ISIS Confirms Saudi Royal Family Funding

Yet more proof that the House of Saud is financing the beheaders in Syria.

ISIS Confirms Saudi Royal Family Funding

KSA: Foreign fighters must leave Syria

Saudi Arabia has exhorted all foreign fighters to leave Syria, calling on the international community to stop the killing machine of Bashar Assad’s regime.

Iran to Reveal Evidence of Sponsors of Terrorism in the Middle East

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said on Sunday (19) that the Islamic Republic of Iran has “solid evidence” that show the devastating role that sponsors of terrorist groups in the Middle East.

K-News - January 2013: By Imran Nazar Hosein for

We are sure you'll agree that 2012 was such a crazy year in the world. From the Israeli attacks on Palestine, to the Saudi expansion plans, to yet more unrest in the Middle East. What impact will they have on the world going into 2013? What action must we take to ensure we can continue to decipher truth from falsehood?

KN-OW.COM | Imran Nazar Hosein; K-News January 2013

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