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Merely going to Tor's website will land you on NSA's red list

The NSA has been revealed to mark and consider potential "extremists" all users of the internet anonymizer service Tor. Among those are hundreds of thousands of privacy concerned people like journalists, lawyers and rights activists.

'Potential Extremists': Merely going to Tor's website will land you on NSA's red list

How Secret Partners Expand NSA’s Surveillance Dragnet

Huge volumes of private emails, phone calls, and internet chats are being intercepted by the National Security Agency with the secret cooperation of more foreign governments than previously known, according to newly disclosed documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Kim Dotcom offers $5m 'bounty' in piracy case

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom said on Monday he was offering a $5 million "bounty" to whistleblowers for information to help fight an online piracy case brought by the United States.

German villagers build own broadband network

Hacked off with slow download speeds the locals of Löwenstedt clubbed together the cash to build their own super-fast internet service to the delight of the village's tiny population.

China slams US hacking claims against military personnel

China has slammed the US for indicting five Chinese military personnel for hacking, warning that the allegation will jeopardize relations between the two countries.

NSA embedded surveillance tools within exported US computer hardware

While the United States has warned against buying Chinese routers due to surveillance concerns, a new book about the Edward Snowden revelations states America has been intercepting and tinkering with routers intended for foreign customers.

Russian Lawmaker Proposes Domestic Internet

A senior Russian lawmaker voiced a proposal Monday to establish a domestic digital computer network in Russia, banning access for users in the Unites States and European Union.

Cybergeddon? Survey warns of internet disruption on scale of 2008 crisis

The world is on the verge of a cyber shock “similar to the 2008 financial crisis,” a new study says, outlining major triggers for potential disruption and urging governments and organizations to learn from the experience gained during the credit crunch.

Brazil hosts meeting to craft Internet governance rules

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff took aim at US dominance of the Internet Wednesday, appealing at an international meeting for global governance that would give no state greater weight than others.

Heartbleed programmer says he made a mistake

A German computer programmer who wrote the Heartbleed code which has caused a worldwide online security scare has said he made a mistake.

Turkey to maintain YouTube block despite ‘free speech’ ruling

YouTube will remain blocked in Turkey in spite of a court order ruling that the ban is a violation of freedom of speech. The prohibition of social media in Turkey sparked public ire and mass protests against internet censorship.

Hackers steal details of 18 million email accounts

German authorities on Tuesday confirmed they were investigating the country's biggest ever data theft – which saw hackers steal details of around 18 million email accounts.

Turkey’s constitutional court: Twitter ban violates free speech

The Twitter ban imposed by Turkey’s government violates freedom of expression and individual rights, said the country’s Constitutional Court after a unanimous vote on Wednesday. The ban caused mass protests and public uproar.

Turkey's Twitter ban sparks outrage, Google refuses to block YouTube videos

Turkey’s block of social media site Twitter on Thursday, and threats to do the same against other sites, has led to outrage among those who see the "digital coup" as a blatant attempt to silence corruption allegations in the run-up to local elections.

US Government Cedes Control Of The Internet

The US government is to give up control of the administration of the internet, handing over responsibility for the IP numbering network and domain name system (DNS) to the global community.

Merkel targets Facebook in Euro-web privacy push

Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed plans for a “European internet” independent of America and targeted US internet giants Facebook and Google in her push for more privacy.

White House unveils cybersecurity standards for private businesses

The White House on Wednesday released the final version of the voluntary cybersecurity standards that President Barack Obama called for the creation of exactly one year ago in an effort to reduce risks to the United States’ critical infrastructure.

White House unveils cybersecurity standards for private businesses

The White House on Wednesday released the final version of the voluntary cybersecurity standards that President Barack Obama called for the creation of exactly one year ago in an effort to reduce risks to the United States’ critical infrastructure.

EU Commission Pushes To Minimize U.S. Influence Over Internet Policy And Operations

It didn't take long after NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealed his employer's nefarious deeds for other nations to begin reevaluating how they go about working with the US. As a side-effect, some now wonder if the US has a little too much influence on certain matters that affect the entire world, such as with the overseeing of the basic design of the Internet.

Turkey’s new internet law: policing the online mall

Since the protests in Gezi Park eight months ago freedom of expression has coming under increasing attack, both on and offline. A new law now threatens digital civil society further, handing the government excessive and arbitrary power to monitor the web.

Critics of internet law demonstrate in Turkey

Riot police break up rally against legislation passed by parliament seen as limiting freedom of speech online.

Turkey police use tear gas to disperse protest against new internet controls

Turkish police have fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds of protesters rallying against “draconian” internet laws approved by parliament.

French court orders Google to display fine for privacy breach

Google will have to display on its French search page a notice saying it has been fined by the local data-protection watchdog over how user information is tracked and stored, France's top administrative court ruled on Friday.

Hollande blasts internet giants over tax tactics

A battle appears to be brewing between France and internet giants like Google over taxes. After reports spread earlier in the week that France was to hit Google with a €1 billion tax bill, the president weighed into the row on Thursday.

Google set to avoid EU’s $5 billion fine as antitrust case deal in sight

In a tentative agreement, Google has offered new concessions to the EU, which will probably be enough to settle a three-year antitrust investigation against the web giant; Google’s competitors accuse it of promoting its own services at their expense.

German ministries hit in 16 million email theft

Each German government ministry and 17 of its members of parliament were targeted by the huge data theft in which 16 million online identities were stolen.

Nutty Yahoo calls for a "UN of the internet"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said at the Cybertech conference in Tel Aviv that he wants to create a coalition of leading companies to turn the internet from a curse into a blessing.

German Court: Google must block Mosley orgy photos

A German court ruled on Friday that Google must block photos of a sadomasochistic orgy involving former Formula One boss Max Mosley. But the internet giant said it would appeal the ruling.

German authorities knew about huge data theft weeks ago

BSI knew about the theft of the digital identities of 16 million internet users in December, but kept it quiet as they claim they needed time to make "necessary preparations", it emerged on Wednesday.

France to shell out €1.5b on cyber defences

France is to take action after being targeted by hundreds of cyber attacks against its Defense Ministry last year. This week a government minister revealed Paris will soon launch a €1.5 billion project to bolster its defences against a "cyber war".


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