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Al Qaeda's quiet plan to outdo ISIS and hit U.S.

Not that "quiet" if it is all over the lamestream media.

Isis urges killing of 'spiteful, dirty' French

In a chilling threat distributed via social media in several languages, Isis urged Muslims around the globe to kill French people, Americans and nationals of any country in the coalition targeting the Islamic extremists.

ISIS ‘targeted Scot to force a Yes vote in referendum’

A leading intelligence expert fears Islamic extremists are deliberately threatening to behead a Scots aid worker to break up the UK.

Clinton: I warned Obama about Putin

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she had warned President Barack Obama about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s "true agenda" to “re-Sovietize” nations in Eastern Europe.

Syria chemical weapons: the proof that Assad regime launching chlorine attacks on children

President Bashar al-Assad is still using chemical weapons against civilians, a scientific analysis of samples from multiple gas attacks has shown.

Environmental activists face up to ten years in prison for glitter-covered banner

Oklahoma City police charged two activists on Friday for enacting a “terrorism hoax” after the pair unfurled a banner covered in glitter at a fossil-fuel company’s headquarters. Authorities took the glitter as evidence of a possible biochemical attack.

Happy 22nd December...

To all Elenintards, Nibirutards and Mayantards out there.

US vows to make Mali next stop in ‘war on terror’

Alleging “al-Qaeda” presence in Mali, the United States has vowed to make the West African country, the next stop in its so-called war on terror.

Saddam Hussein linked to Alps killings

Saddam Hussein deposited £840,000 in a Swiss bank account belonging to the father of the British engineer murdered with his wife and mother-in-law in the Alps, it has been claimed.

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French Suspects Planned to Join Militants in Syria

French authorities say a group of suspected radical Islamists posed the biggest danger to France in years and were planning to join militants in Syria.

Israeli Air Force Shoots Down Drone

Jets from the Israeli Occupation Forces scramble to intercept what they claim was an intelligence-gathering drone flying over the southern region of the squatter state.

Israeli Air Force Shoots Down Drone

Daryl Bradford Smith

My first post with you folks, here to bring you some additional quality research articles from Chris Bollyn and our site. We at the French Connection apologize to qrswave for implying that you were a disinfo agent. We were more directing our accusations against some of the membership. (list forthcoming.) Rahm Emanuel; Son of a Zionist Terrorist Rahm Emanuel's Dirty Secret by Christopher Bollyn 17 November 2006 The Terrorists In The U.S.


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