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We're very worried by rise of Nazis in Europe

Jews in Italy have seen walls smeared with swastikas and had pig's heads delivered to their doors in recent months, but the head of the Jewish Community, Riccardo Pacifici, insists Italy remains a much better place to be Jewish than many other European countries.

Dieudonné cleared of charges that he called for release of convicted murderer

The controversial performer, who has a string of convictions for anti-Semitic hate speech, was cleared of defamation and illegally defending a convicted criminal because the judge ruled that it had not been proven that Dieudonné was behind the distribution of the video.

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala: French 'quenelle' comedian banned from UK

The controversial French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala has been banned from entering Britain after several of his shows were cancelled in France.

France: Move towards traditional family values risks being hijacked by anti-Semites and homophobic nationalists

Calls for a return to traditional, conservative family values are being hijacked by anti-Semites and homophobic nationalists, prompting fears that the ‘disturbing’ politics of the 1930s are back.

Elie Wiesel: People are no longer ashamed to be anti-Semites

"Unfortunately, anti-Semitism still exists," Wiesel says. "It has been alive for more than 2,000 years, and will likely continue living. I thought that the memory of the Holocaust would shame those boasting anti-Semitic opinions. I was wrong. It still exists in different countries, and it seems people are no longer ashamed to be anti-Semitic."

France divided over 'anti-semitic' comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala

France's Socialist government on Friday vowed to continue its pursuit of a controversial comedian accused of anti-Semitism, whose battle with the authorities has divided the country

France seeks to ban 'anti-Semitic' comedian

Controversial French comic Dieudonné M'bala M'bala – better known by his stage name “Dieudonné” – faces a possible ban from performing in public, following long-standing allegations that his routines are anti-Semitic.

Ahmadinejad touts Holocaust denial as great success of his tenure

Holocaust denial is taboo in the West but he had the courage to bring up the issue, outgoing Iranian president explains.

Police hunt Chelsea fan who sang anti-Semitic song on London Tube

Police are hunting a Chelsea fan who was caught on film singing an anti-Semitic song on a Tube train by a Jewish passenger.

Home defaced with Nazi emblems

A Grey Lynn property has become the latest target of anti-Semitic slurs in Auckland. The home, under renovation, was defaced with Nazi emblems the same day Jewish headstones in a central-city graveyard were desecrated.

Twitter removes French anti-Semitic tweets

Twitter has agreed to remove a flood of anti-Semitic tweets circulating on its service in France.

California's Resolution on "Anti-Semitism" In Colleges

The resolution, which is purely symbolic and does not carry policy implications, condemns the suggestion that Israel is a "racist" state and that Jews "wield excessive power over American foreign policy."

Leader of anti-Semitic party in Hungary discovers he is Jewish

Ok, so who is surprised? Hands up!

Chicago - Rahm Emanuel Warms Up to Louis Farrakhan

Chicago Mayor Emanuel Welcomes "Anti-Semite" Farrakhan’s Support in Crime Fight.

Circumcision ban is the 'worst attack on Jews since Holocaust'

European Jewish and Muslim leaders combine to voice their growing anger at 'affront to human rights'

Video: The Great Taboo

Fine, comprehensive compilation.  120 minutes.  Not likely to last long.

The Great Taboo

Jewish hiker traveled to Israel before crossing into Iran

Josh Fattal, one of the Jewish hikers who illegally entered Iran through Kurdistan, made a trip to Israel shortly before his capture.

NY - Pro-Palestinian ads arouse ire

“This is anti-Semitic...It always starts with messaging that says Jews are committing a crime.”

Anti-Christ New Testament "an important milestone in Catholic-Jewish relations"

Topics of 'dialogue' included Amy Jill Levine's Gospel-nullifying New Testament which USCCB Bishop Denis Madden proclaimed to be, "an important milestone in Catholic-Jewish relations" evidently because it has been kosher-slaughtered to the degree that talmudist 'Jews' can read and appreciate it from their own perspective according to the executive director of the National Council of Synagogues, Rabbi Gil Rosenthal.

Catholic Response to JWO: "Synagogue Rising"

"Master Plan of the Elders of Zion, difficult to believe, but fatal to ignore."  Catholic counter-revolutionary, Hugh Akins, exposes the lies and criminality of Talmudic Jews behind the New World Order.

Jewish Partisan Warfare During WWII

With regard to the allegations of war-crimes against former Jewish partisans, it is telling that Jews tend to hide themselves behind the moral veil of antifascism, while they were actually willing collaborators of the brutal Soviet occupiers between 1939 and 1944, and complicit in supressing the nationalist aspirations of Poles and Lithuanians, supposedly the reason why Britain and France went to war against Germany. In accounts by Jewish historians the roles are often reversed and Lithuanians and Poles are depicted as Nazi-collaborators who deserved to be killed by Jewish partisans. The cause of “anti-Nazism” seems to justify any crime.

Hungary: "Anti-Semitic" Party Leader Admits Jewish Heritage

A leader of Hungary's far-Right Jobbik party, known for its anti-Roma and anti-Semitic rhetoric, has admitted having Jewish origins.

"Papal Knight" Pharisee Rosen Honored at Boston Seminary

After the "Papal Knight" had spoken, the seminarians of Redemptoris Mater sang "Shema Israel," a song based on one of the most important rabbinic prayers.  Lost were the eternal warning of Christ: Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness.  

Anti-Israel aid billboards are taken down by CBS

A subsidiary of the CBS Corp. removed 23 billboards in the Los Angeles area calling for a stop to U.S. foreign assistance to Israel.

FBI Event for Crown Heights Jewish Community to Promote Child Safety

The event featured hands on exhibits by agents of the FBI, Secret Service and Homeland Security.  Lots of the latest "anti-terrorism" hardware on display. FBI Assistant Director in Charge, Janice K. Fedarcyk, and Devorah Halberstam, JCM Director of Foundations and Services and lecturer to the FBI on terrorism, worked the crowd.  Mrs. Halberstam was quoted, “Ninety percent of hate crimes are directed at Jews...Our children are growing up with no televisions, no newspapers and they need to be informed both of the threats that exist and that there are people out there who are there to help them.” 

Egyptian Presidential Candidate: The Jews Plan to Rule the World

Following are excerpts from an interview with Faraeen TV owner Tawfiq Okasha, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on July 17, 2011:

Tawfiq Okasha: The Jews believe in a divine doctrine that they must be the masters and owners of this world. In their view, their ownership of this world will not be consolidated, and will not take the form of a man sitting back in his armchair, all smug, unless their throne council is set here in Egypt. If the throne council is set here in Egypt, the entire world will submit to the ownership of the Jews.

There are 16-18 million Jews in the world, while there are more than half a billion people in the world. How can these 16 or 18 million rule half a billion people? Through schemes, intrigues, civil strife, and so on.

Egyptian Presidential Candidate: The Jews Plan to Rule the World

China harbors an "anti-Semite"

And he's on CCTV, the state run television channel

Jews: ‘Stop Charles Barron joining US Congress’

New York City Council member and Israel’s critic, Charles Barron, is predicted to beat his opponent Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries 42, in the June 26 Democratic primary that could send him to the US Congress representing district’s 20% pro-Israel Russian Jewish population.

Pro-Israel Jewish groups are running crazy demonizing Barron. A recent poll taken among the Jewish community in the district denounced Barron in the harshest terms.

Review of ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ by E. Michael Jones

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit has 32 chapters, but I’ll focus on three— “Rome Discovers the Talmud”; “Reuchlin vs. Pfefferkorn”; and “The Second Vatican Council Begins.” The later covers the Church’s passage of Nostra Aetate, the 1965 document that resulted in a capitulation to Jewish power and ushered in the modern era of “interfaith dialogue”—efforts that have led to little other than Christians being spat upon in Israel and their faith ridiculed in American media.


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