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A degree is worth less in Spain than in rest of EU

More young people in Spain are NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) than anywhere else in the EU, with graduate unemployment also tripling the OECD average, a new report shows.

Ill mother left in hospital storage room for 3 days

A seriously ill mother who has been in remission from cancer for nine weeks was left in a storage room at a leading hospital for three days because bed shortages meant there was nowhere else to put her.

France blasts Germany for "austerity policy"

French Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg on Saturday criticised German austerity measures and warned France would no longer "be pushed around" by the EU's economic powerhouse.

Greek taxi drivers in dire straits amid crushing crisis

Greek taxi drivers are up in arms against heavy new taxes, as the country’s workers endure massive unemployment and painful austerity. With widespread discontent, they say that their government has failed them.

Taxing Times: Greek cabbies in dire straits amid crushing crisis

When it comes to austerity, Germans want it both ways

Dr Eckhard Lubkemeier, the outgoing German ambassador to Ireland, who explained that it had been in Ireland's best interests to take the EC/ECB/IMF bailout rather than burn the bondholders and walk away.

French train crash was 'just a question of time'

Experts tasked with probing one of France's worst train accidents said it was only a question of time before disaster struck. Investigators found "a state of disrepair never seen before" on the rail network.

BBC and press ignore massive demonstration against austerity in London

It seems the BBC are capable of tracking down a single Scot in Brazil who cheered a goal against England but fail to notice 50,000 demonstrating on their doorstep.

Thousands of Portuguese protest against government's austerity measures

Thousands of Portuguese took to the streets in the national capital of Lisbon Saturday to protest against government's austerity measures while calling for the government to step down.

Greeks live in 'nightmare' amid job drought, withheld pay

Greece's main opposition party, critical of the EU's austerity policies, went thundering to the top of recent elections. Large numbers of unemployed people are looking to the political left for change.

Grecian Earn: Greeks live in 'nightmare' amid job drought, withheld pay

Fears for Portugal's 'lost' generation

As a result of an economic downturn whose effects were compounded by government austerity measures, Portugal is now fearing for the future of its young, the jobless "lost generation".

Fears for Portugal's 'lost' generation

Austerity-stricken Greece still struggling

With a recent credit upgrade there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the struggling Greek economy. But so far there's little change for the austerity-stricken Greek people. Unemployment remains the highest in Europe, with more than half the country's youth out of work. Some are now fleeing the cities in search of a better life - only to discover things aren't any brighter in the countryside

Credit Upgrade? Austerity-stricken Greece still struggling

Austerity and spending cuts hit Spain's young

The country's centre-right ruling party is claiming success in reducing the country's crippling debt but for the country's young, the future looks bleak.

Austerity and spending cuts hit Spain's young

Euro austerity to fling Ukraine into new Maidan

The drama in Ukraine is far from the finale -- as the country stands on the brink of civil war, Russia and the West are stirring up the rhetoric. But while politicians blame each other, money still plays a key role in worldly affairs. What will the Ukrainian crisis mean for the world's finances? Won't the US-proposed sanctions be the last straw for the already weakened world economy?

'Euro austerity to fling Ukraine into new Maidan' - investment expert

'Never Trust the Govt!' - Vivienne Westwood on Fracking, Banks, Austerity

Afshin Rattansi talks fracking, debt-based money and austerity with punk pioneer and activist Vivienne Westwood. 

'Never Trust the Govt!' - Vivienne Westwood on Fracking, Banks, Austerity

Mother was asked by the Ireland's Health Service Executive if her son ‘still had Down syndrome’

A mother of two was asked if her four-year-old son ‘still had Down syndrome’ when applying for a medical card that had previously been taken away from him.

Half of young Spaniards have no money coming in

Almost half of all Spaniards aged 16 to 29 receive neither a salary nor government benefits while only one in five can afford to fly the family coop, the startling results from a new study reveal.

UK has second-worst child death rate in Western Europe, study finds

The UK has the second-worst child mortality rate in Western Europe, a major new study has revealed, as leading doctors and midwives accuse the Government of “failing to protect” British children during the financial crisis.

Italy - Thousands protest against austerity and unemployment

Scuffles broke out between police and hundreds of protesters in Turin at one of several rallies against unemployment and austerity in Italy for May Day.

Irish hospital consultant had to use disused bathroom as office

The incoming president of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has described how he had to use a disused bathroom as an office in his hospital due to a shortage of resources.

Any talk of economic recovery is pure fiction

We're just importing more people from crisis-hit southern Europe into low-paying jobs or precarious underpaid self-employment

Austerity cuts taking toll on Greeks’ health care: Minister

Greece’s health minister says government austerity measures in the country have resulted in a certain portion of the public losing their health insurance.

Greek austerity has caused more than 500 male suicides

Spending cuts in Greece have caused some 500 male suicides since their implementation, according to a new study. The research found a positive correlation between austerity and suicide rates after other possible links proved to be unrelated.

"Shocking" rise in food parcel handouts in UK blamed on welfare reforms

Britain's largest food bank provider, the Trussell Trust, says it has handed out more than 900,000 food parcels in the last year, up from 350,000 the year before, a rise it calls "shocking". The Trust has blamed rising prices and government changes to the welfare system for some of that increase, saying delays in providing payments mean people are going hungry.

Italy's unelected Prime Minister slams EU austerity

Italy's new (unelected) prime minister on Saturday blasted what he called a European Union of austerity and bankers, as he kicked off his party's campaign for next month's European elections.

Greek police and protesters clash over Sunday trading

Greek police have clashed with demonstrators protesting against a government requirement to open shops on Sundays in the capital of Athens.

Dozens hurt in Rome anti-government protest

Police fired tear gas and made a number of arrests in Rome on Saturday as an anti-government protest turned violent, leaving several injured, according to medics and an AFP photographer.

Thousands of Greeks protest austerity in Athens

Thousands of Greek workers have taken to the streets in the capital Athens to protest against the government’s austerity measures.

UK middle-class hollowed out with economic insecurity

People know that work no longer guarantees the better future for their families they used to expect. They are asking: what kind of work, what kind of wages – and what kind of prospects?

Broken Country: Charities step up to help feed Greek children

Greece's economy has shrunk by a quarter in the past four years - and relentless spending cuts have left their mark on the most vulnerable in society. Many unemployed parents now have to rely on charity handouts to feed their children and keep them in school.

Broken Country: Charities step up to help feed Greek children

Despair and poverty turn French to far-right

The far right National Front (FN) party are making footholds across France with voters saying the economic recession has prompted them to switch over to more extreme parties in advance of the nationwide local elections.


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