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Establishment is Afraid of End The Fed Movement in Germany

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Ken Jebsen a former main stream media journalist in Germany and Lars Maehrholz a skydiver that became the main organizer of the massive Monday peace vigils in Berlin. The protests in Berlin are not a left or right movement but a social media movement against the establishment that have grown to over a 100 cities and 3 countries. They started with Lars 2 1/2 months ago and with the help of Ken fm have grown to a very large number which made the main stream media in Berlin slander and attack the movement.

Establishment is Afraid of End The Fed Movement in Germany

Traders made hundreds of millions off of leaked Fed decisions

Researchers in Singapore say millions of dollars in profit was generated illegally by traders in the United States who took advantage of privileged Federal Reserve policy decisions disclosed to them before becoming publicly available.

The Great Deceiver — The Federal Reserve

Is the Fed “tapering”? Did the Fed really cut its bond purchases during the three month period November 2013 through January 2014? Apparently not if foreign holders of Treasuries are unloading them.

Obama nominates former Bank of Israel chief Stanley Fischer as Fed vice chairman

U.S. President Barack Obama nominated former Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve on Friday.

One Hundred Years Is Enough: Time to Make the Federal Reserve a Public Utility

December 23rd, 2013, marks the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve, warranting a review of its performance. Has it achieved the purposes for which it was designed?

The answer depends on whose purposes we are talking about. For the banks, the Fed has served quite well. For the laboring masses whose populist movement prompted it, not much has changed in a century.

Former head of Israel’s central bank a contender for Federal Reserve post

The White House is leaning toward nominating the former leader of Israel’s central bank to become second-in-command at the Federal Reserve, according to people familiar with the appointment.

Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

Last Wednesday, the Fed announced that it would not be tapering its bond buying program. This news was released at precisely 2 p.m. in Washington "as measured by the national atomic clock." It takes seven milliseconds for this information to get to Chicago. However, several huge orders that were based on the Fed's decision were placed on Chicago exchanges two to three milliseconds after 2 p.m. How did this happen?

The list has grown: Switzerland, The Netherlands and Ecuador join Germany in calls for audits of their gold

The calls for full audits, and in some cases, repatriation, of foreign gold reserves being held by the New York Federal Reserve are growing, as now Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ecuador have joined Germany in those calls and in Ecuador’s case, repatriation, of its gold

Imminent Monetary System Collapse - Sh Imran Hosein

Obama has bought enough time for US dollar, time is up. Dr Mohamed Mahathir says the western world is taking the rest of the world for a ride.

Imminent Monetary System Collapse - Sheikh Imran Hosein

Bundesbank Says NY Fed to Help Meet Gold Audit Request

The Bundesbank said the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will help it meet auditing requirements related to its gold reserves that were demanded by Germany’s Audit Court.

Eliot Spitzer: "The Federal Reserve Is A Ponzi Scheme" - Inside the Fed's secret pile of trash assets

Eliot Spitzer — who built a reputation as the Sheriff of Wall Street for his zealous prosecutions of corporate crime as New Yorks attorney-general and then resigned as the states governor over revelations he had paid for prostitute, seemed to agree with Dylan Ratigan that the bank bailout amounts to Americas greatest theft and cover-up ever.

Federal Reserve is a Ponzi scheme, an inside job

Signs China Is Preparing For Collapse of Dollar and International Trade

China is recasting large gold bars into smaller size bars in preparation for a world trade system in which dollars are worthless as legal tender outside the United States.  While Homeland Security is busy buying 450 million hollow point rounds, China has been gradually selling US Treasury bonds and using the money to buy real assets in Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere so there is no cut off of supplies to their industries and their people when trade collapses along with the dollar and the euro.

CNBC Admits We're All Slaves to Central Banks

4 sec: "Do we all work for Central Bankers? Is this Global Governance at last? Is it One World.. with the Central Bankers in charge?"

1 min: "To answer your question: We are absolutely slaves to Central Banks."


The Bankers Re-Enslave Egypt

Egypt is about to become the worst nightmare in the entire Middle East.

Kosher Takeout: Tila Tequila Targeted for Exposing Satanic Jews?

Tequila suffered a near-fatal brain aneurysm last week.  Paramedics responded to an "attempted suicide" call placed by Tila's roommate. Tequila had written extensively about mind control and Satanic elements in the music industry.

What Caused Tila Tequila's Brain Aneurysm After Exposing the Illuminati on The Internet?

The Occupied Food System

On this sudden fall of the price levels, the confiding and unsuspecting farmers and other citizens of the agricultural districts, saw their property, crops and produce sinking in a vortex of falling values...These things were done for two reasons : (1) to “cooperate” with London because London wanted low agricultural prices, and (2) to undermine the entire economic fabric of the United States; but with the knights of finance still in the saddle..

Money-printing, central banking scammers should be locked in prison, says UKIP's Bloom

Godfrey Bloom, the UK Independence Party's Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire spells out the evils of private central banking and suggests a remedy.

Money-printing, central banking scammers should be locked in prison, says Bloom

"Anti-Semitism" used to stir controversy at Occupy Wall Street

The reality is that the Occupy Wall Street movement is filled with Jews. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency recently noted its distinctly “Jewish flavor.”

Fifteen hundred people attended a Yom Kippur service outside Liberty Plaza earlier this month, in what participants described as one of the most powerful and moving events of Occupy to date.

Heads UP! Bank of America going DOWN and DIRTY?

If You Have Any Doubt that Bank of America is Going Down, this development Should Settle It

Co-opting the Wall Street protests

The article below justifies the skepticism of WUFYS readers by discussing how “liberals” and the Democratic Party want to co-opt the Wall Street protesters, in order to keep the present system in place.

Most incredible End the Fed - Rant! - Occupy Wall Street Protester Chris

OccupyWallStreet protester with a spot-on & passionate speech re Ending the Federal Reserve, Minimizing the Federal Government, Ending the Fractional Reserve Banking System, Ending the Monetary Fiasco that is the government-controlled FIAT money system & Ending the Wars that were engineered to make the richest 1% even richer. We also need to have an independent audit and inventory of all the gold reserves in the USA. We need to hold the Bankers and Elite responsible for their crimes against humanity... End the Fed, End the Wars & End the Corruption!!


Soros Trained Activists Killing Islamic Banking

Islamic banks have been eating into the profits of conventional banks in the Middle East because: they don’t charge interest, are growing very rapidly, and  are more stable than western banksSoros’ Open Society Institute, the NED, the International Republican Institute, and Freedom House are “directly involved” in organizing revolution.

The Federal Reserve and the National Debt

WE MUST NOW reassert our sovereignty! It is time for "We the People" to declare the corporate US to be bankrupt, remove the Federal Reserve from the U.S.of A., and require Congress to turn on the presses and begin minting lawful coins (or Silver and Gold Certificates) which have no debt attached to their creation. Lawful money which is backed by gold, silver, and the productivity of Sovereign Americans. If you have understood how the debt is created, you know that it has been a fraud from the outset. It is no more a legal debt than Federal Reserve Notes are legal money. It is a "Corporate debt" of the federal corporation known as the "UNITED STATES", which is NOT the constitutional entity established in 1791.

The Black Swan is on the Wing

In the bad old days of the Soviet Union the police took surveys of the population to determine their limits. Today’s bankers are the equivalent of Joe Stalin

Bailout or Leveraged Buyout of the USA?

"We're literally witnessing the leveraged buyout of a country and that's why I call it a financial coup d'état, and that's what the bailout is for," states Fitts.

Massive amounts of financial capital have been sucked out the United States and moved abroad, explains Fitts, ensuring that corporations have become more powerful than governments, changing the very structure of governance on the planet and ensuring we are ruled by private corporations. Pension and social security funds have also been stolen and moved offshore, leading to the end of fiscal responsibility and sovereignty as we know it.

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

CNN and "The Debt Ceiling"

Of course, no mention the fact that in almost all monetary systems, money is debt and that eliminating the debt means eliminating money.


If I Only Had a Bank: Overthrowing the Banksters

The first is a clear, catchy, and compelling short advertisment for State Banks. The second is a longer discussion of the true cost of interest and alternatives.  Highly recommeneded.

If I Only Had a Bank | How to Make California Prosper - California Public Bank

Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore

In essence, it appears as if much of the monetary stimulus generated by the Federal Reserve System went into the Eurodollar market...Cash assets at the smaller U.S. banks remained relatively flat . . . . Thus, the reserves the Fed was pumping into the banking system were not going into the smaller banks. . . .business loans continue to “tank” at the smaller banking institutions. . . .The real lending by commercial banks is not taking place in the United States. The lending is taking place off-shore, underwritten by the Federal Reserve System and this is doing little or nothing to help the American economy grow.

Peter Schiff Report: National Inflation Association co-founder admits NIA is a FRAUD!

National Inflation Association co-founder George Hemminger (aka George4Title) exposes his former organization for the pump & dump scams it commits at the direction of its scandal-plagued leader, Jonathan Lebed. GO TO SCHIFFRADIO.COM to listen to the complete interview

National Inflation Association co-founder admits NIA is a FRAUD!

Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'?

More speculation has been raised on the reasons for NATO's intervention in Libya. As RT's Laura Emmett reports, the organisation may have been trying to prevent Gaddafi from burying the American buck.

Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'?


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