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Libya Goes Head to Head with SocGen in $1.5 Billion Lawsuit

Libya's sovereign wealth fund has filed a bribery case against French bank Société Générale, adding to its $1 billion lawsuit against Goldman Sachs.

Nigel Farage - "Mr Samaras, you're not in charge of Greece"

Nigel Farage MEP speaking in the European Parliament, telling the Greek Prime Minister a few home truths. 

Nigel Farage - "Mr Samaras, you're not in charge of Greece" (15th Jan 2014)

Banks accused of colluding to protect Euro credit derivatives revenue

Antitrust regulators in Europe charged 13 large banks Monday with colluding to prevent new competitors from entering the credit derivatives market.

Greece Needs Another 80 Billion Euros...

..or at least that's the word from the belly of the foul cesspit known as Goldman Sachs, whose manipulation of exchange rates and cooking of the books gave Greece an entry into the Euro currency and set the country on the road to the disaster in which it now finds itself.

Keiser Report: Sharkboy & Lava Girl

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss boating accidents with Sharkboy and Lava Girl and a futures market to lay off your Blythe Masters risk. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Dr. Michael Hudson about Modern Monetary Theory at the University of Missouri - Kansas City and about the Chicago Boys gutting the economic competition, literally.

Keiser Report: Sharkboy & Lava Girl (E259)

How Goldman Sachs Helped Mask Greece’s Debt

Nick Dunbar, author of ‘The Devil’s Derivatives’, reveals how the country turned to investment bank GoldInMySacks for help getting around the deficit rules.

In his report for Newsnight, which aired on 22 Feb 2012, some of those who did the deal talk publicly for the first time.


The Mega Banks: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, et. al. Control Europe's Political Landscape

In Europe each time a new player is presented we find he is a Goldman Sachs’ alumnus. Recent entries are Mario Monti “appointed” PM of Italy, Lucas Papademas “appointed” PM of Greece and Mario Dragahi “appointed” President of the European Central Bank. The banks blatantly control governments and agencies presenting us with an oligarchy, which controls most of the nations on the planet. In America politicians are bought and paid for. In Europe there is a different mind set, a shared worldview of bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians and the elite bankers of world government and domination. What has happened in this process is that Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and other mega-banking has retained power for decades. They control all the players in the field, so the outcome is always in their favor. The bankers and others in turn are paid via billions of dollars in bonuses. Banks are now bank holding companies having become that to avoid failure as brokerage firms. That is the case in the US, UK and Europe.

Climategate 2.0: Alarmists looked to ally with Goldman Sachs

Then-Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson was, after all, chairman of the Nature Conservancy...

"Anti-Semitism" used to stir controversy at Occupy Wall Street

The reality is that the Occupy Wall Street movement is filled with Jews. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency recently noted its distinctly “Jewish flavor.”

Fifteen hundred people attended a Yom Kippur service outside Liberty Plaza earlier this month, in what participants described as one of the most powerful and moving events of Occupy to date.

Alex Jones Provides Platform to Fanatical Zionist Wall St. Rabbi/Goldman Sachs VP

Why is Alex Jones giving this racial-supremacist Orthodox Rabbi and predatory banker a platform to ingratiate himself with his largely non-Judaic audience for his Judeo-supremacist purposes? Rabbi Bendory is a great advocate of 2nd Amendment rights but the interview quickly becomes a showcase for Rabbi Bendory's Talmudism and Zionism.

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