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Egypt urged to free activists who defied protest law

Amnesty International called Friday for the release of more than 20 demonstrators including two prominent female activists detained in June for defying Egypt's controversial law on protests.

Egypt and UAE conducted secret air strikes on Libya

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have been joining forces in secret to carry out air strikes on Libya, anonymous high-ranking US officials told the media. The two countries have reportedly coordinated and launched the attacks twice in the last week.

Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in daily contact over Gaza

An Israeli plane is parked on Cairo's military airport ready to take highly sensitive information back to Jerusalem

Egyptian security checks Kerry by metal detector before meeting with el-Sisi

Egyptian security officers checked US Secretary of State John Kerry and his top aides before they entered a meeting with the Egyptian President.

Egypt raises fuel and electricity costs

Egypt has introduced electricity and fuel price increases in a move to cut state subsidies and reduce the budget deficit.

Can Tony Blair Mess Up Egypt Even Worse? (Hint: Yes)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has agreed to advise the government of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Blair maintains that he will not be paid to do so, but critics suggest that he will have an opportunity to engage in influence-peddling with British firms investing in Egypt. Blair is rumored to make $30 million a year from consulting and business deals.

Egypt’s So-Called Justice System Is The Guilty Party And The World Should Act

Could it be that the three Al-Jazeera journalists have been found guilty and each sentenced to seven years in jail to enable Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to pardon and free them in order to give the impression that he is a kind, forgiving man and not on his way to becoming the Arab world’s most ruthless and repressive tyrant?

Egyptian demonstrators protest against Sisi government

Demonstrators in Egypt have taken to the streets across the country to protest against the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Sisi enthroned, Morsi jailed

The outcome of the election in Egypt hasn’t surprised anyone. General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, former chief of mukhabarat (intelligence) and defence minister, has taken over as Egypt’s president.

Egypt’s new leader vows to uphold ties with Israel

Egypt’s President-elect Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi told Israeli leaders in a phone call on Friday that he was committed to his country’s peace treaty with Israel, and that he sought to develop it for both countries’ benefit, Egyptian media reported Friday.

Israeli president, PM congratulate president-elect El-Sisi

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Egypt`s president-elect, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, via a phone call on Friday, according to El-Sisi`s official Facebook page.

Sisi sworn in as Egypt's new president

Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt's former defense minister, was sworn in Sunday by the Supreme Constitutional Court as the country's new president after winning last month's presidential poll.

Police and protesters clash across Egypt

Egyptian security forces have fired tear gas and birdshot to break up anti-government rallies in several cities across the country.

Egypt: Price rises across the board

Egyptians trying to cover their growing expenses are to shoulder yet more burdens as a result of the government’s plans to tighten the fiscal deficit by lowering expenses and increasing revenues.

Egypt court sentences 683 Brotherhood loyalists to death

An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced 683 Muslim Brotherhood supporters, including its spiritual leader Mohamed Badie, to death in another mass trial over assaulting and murdering police last year, state TV reported.

Egypt police attack student protesters in Cairo

Fierce clashes have erupted between Egyptian security forces and students protesting against the military-backed government in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Scores of Egyptians taken hostage in Libya

Libyan gunmen demand release of a national who was handed a life sentence by Egyptian authorities for smuggling arms.


Brotherhood leader and 682 others tried in Egypt a day after mass death sentence

The leader of Egypt's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and 682 others went on trial on Tuesday on charges including murder, a day after more than 500 supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Mursi were sentenced to death.


Bomb explodes near Israeli embassy in Cairo

Nobody hurt in blast outside building in Egypt's capital, hours after police shot dead man suspected of January bombing.

Deposed Egyptian President Morsi faces espionage charges

The deposed President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi is due in court shortly to face espionage charges. Morsi, along with 35 other people are also facing other similar charges. Morsi was deposed by the military in July. He is accused of inciting murder and using violence against protesters.

Deposed Egyptian President Morsi faces espionage charges

Egypt's el-Sissi heads to Moscow amid reports of Gulf-funded arms deal

Egypt's army chief headed to Russia on his first trip abroad since his ouster of the Islamist president, amid reports of a Gulf-funded $2 billion arms deal in the making with Moscow that would significantly expand Russia's military influence with a key U.S. ally in the Middle East.

Kidnapped Egypt envoys freed in Libya

The Libyan interior ministry on Sunday received the five Egyptian envoys who were abducted in the past two days in the Libyan capital of Tripoli after the kidnappers released them, al-Arabiya TV reported.

Egypt to hold record $1.5 billion forex sale

Egypt’s central bank will hold its largest exceptional auction on Monday to sell $1.5 billion from its foreign reserves, it said in a statement.

Dozens killed in Egypt clashes on anniversary of revolt

The anniversary of Egypt’s 2011 uprising brought a violent display of the country’s divisions, as giant crowds danced at government-backed rallies and security forces crushed demonstrations by rival Islamists and some secular activists.

Third blast in Cairo after bombs at police HQ, subway kill 5 & injure dozens

Three blasts hit Cairo on Friday, targeting police HQ, a metro station and a police station. They apparent string of militant attacks claimed at least five people and injured scores of others.

Protester killed in fresh Egypt protests

One person has been killed and several others wounded as Egyptian police used excessive force against anti-government protesters in Cairo and Alexandria.

Egypt voters approve constitution

Egyptian officials say voters have overwhelmingly approved a constitution drafted by the military-installed government and boycotted by the opposition.

Egyptians vote (again) on draft constitution

Egyptians have been flocking to polling stations across the country as millions of voters are urged to participate in a constitutional referendum, the first ballot since the military overthrew Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on July 3. Voting will resume in the morning for the second and final day - in what many are seeing as a test of populat support for the military-led overthrow of former president Mohamed Morsi. Critics of the constitution say it just boosts the power of the army, taking advantage of a population fed up with constant political upheaval.  

Egyptians vote on draft constitution

Water Privatization Overlooked as Factor in Egypt’s Revolt

Mubarak's water policies contributed to the Arab Spring Protest movement

Military-backed Regime in Egypt Prepares for Referendum Amid Escalating Violence

Security forces kills activists, arrest others, while bombings spread throughout the country


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