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Tunisian diplomat kidnapped in Libya

A Tunisian diplomat was kidnapped Thursday in Tripoli in unknown circumstances, a Libyan security source told AFP, just two days after armed men seized Jordan's ambassador.

Libya Goes Head to Head with SocGen in $1.5 Billion Lawsuit

Libya's sovereign wealth fund has filed a bribery case against French bank Société Générale, adding to its $1 billion lawsuit against Goldman Sachs.

Jordanian envoy kidnapped in Libya attack

Jordan's ambassador to Libya has been abducted by masked gunmen in the capital, Tripoli, officials say.

In Libya, politicians live in fear of powerful militias

From the start, the fledgling government did little to follow through on a program to disarm and demobilize the militias. Instead, officials tried to buy them off, spending billions of dollars to enlist the fighters in various security tasks, without ever winning their loyalty — or building a state for them to be loyal to.


Mass strike paralyses Libya's Benghazi

Large parts of Libya's restive eastern city have come to a standstill because of a strike over security concerns.

Scores of Egyptians taken hostage in Libya

Libyan gunmen demand release of a national who was handed a life sentence by Egyptian authorities for smuggling arms.


Société Générale faces €1 billion lawsuit over Gaddafi ties

French bank Societe Generale has been hit Monday with a €1 billion lawsuit in British court for allegedly channelling bribes to allies of the son of deposed Libyan dictator Moamer Gaddafi.

Libya poised to retake oil ports from rebels in move that could split country

Libyan government forces are poised to attack rebels blockading key oil ports this weekend in an offensive that risks splitting the country apart.


Bomb explodes on runway of Libya's main airport in Tripoli

A bomb exploded on the runway of Libya's main airport on Friday, the transport minister said, highlighting the deteriorating security situation in the north African country almost three years after Muammar Gaddafi was ousted.


U.S. Navy SEALs Take Control of Oil Tanker Hijacked in Libya

United States Navy commandos seized a fugitive oil tanker in the Mediterranean waters southeast of Cyprus on Monday morning, thwarting an attempt by a breakaway Libyan militia to sell its contents on the black market, the Pentagon said. No one was hurt in the operation, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Libyan parliament sacks PM after tanker escapes rebel-held port

Libya's parliament voted Prime Minister Ali Zeidan out of office on Tuesday after rebels humiliated the government by loading crude on a tanker that fled from naval forces, officials said, in a sign of the worsening chaos in the OPEC member state.


Libya orders military force to 'liberate' rebel-held ports

Libya's parliament has ordered a special force to be sent within one week to "liberate" all rebel-held ports in the volatile east, officials said on Monday, raising the stakes over a blockage that has cut off vital oil revenue.


Libyan rebels warn of 'war' if navy attacks oil tanker

Armed protesters in eastern Libya traded threats with the government on Sunday in a tense stand-off over the unauthorised sale of oil from a rebel-held port.


Italy warns Libya over weapons fears

Italy's new (unelected*) foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, warned Libya on Thursday that political instability is hampering international efforts to provide assistance to the deeply divided country.


Niger extradites Gaddafi's son Saadi to Tripoli, Libya says

Niger has extradited Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi, who just arrived in Tripoli and was brought to a prison, the Libyan government said on Thursday.


Libya rehabilitates royals overthrown by Gaddafi

Libya decided to rehabilitate Tuesday the family of the late king Idriss, who was overthrown by Muammar Gaddafi, himself toppled and killed in a 2011 uprising after four decades in power.

Libya relocates parliament after rioters storm building

Libya’s parliament moved into a five-star Tripoli hotel Monday, a day after rioters armed with knives and guns stormed the legislature building, torching furniture, killing a guard and wounding six lawmakers in the latest episode of turmoil in the country. Tensions have been mounting between the country’s biggest political blocs, each backed by militias, adding to the potential explosiveness of political disputes.

Libyan national TV station attacked

Gunmen launched an attack on Libya's official television station on Tuesday, firing shoulder-propelled grenades at the troops guarding it before they were driven off by reinforcements, officials said. There were no reports of casualties.


Libya unravels despite elections

Despite attempts by the Libyan government to steady the troubled country on the path to democracy, signs of malaise are everywhere.

Seven Egyptian Christians found shot execution-style on Libyan beach

Libyan police have found seven Egyptian Christians shot dead on a beach in eastern Libya, security officials and local residents said on Monday, in the second such execution-style killing since the start of the year.

Armed guards force six-hour airport closure in Libya's Benghazi

Security guards forced Benghazi airport in eastern Libya to close for six hours on Tuesday to demand back wages as well as an investigation into the crash of a helicopter which took off from the airport last week, officials said.


Libyan militia groups warn lawmakers to leave their posts

Two influential militia groups have given the Libyan parliament members until the end of Tuesday evening to resign.

Ex-army chief's plan to 'rescue' Libya fuels talk of coup

A former chief of Libya's army called for the country's parliament and government to be suspended in an unusual video message Friday that many derided as a futile attempt to declare a coup, reflecting the chaos in the North African nation.

Group Blocking East Libya Ports Says Seeking 15% of Oil Revenue

The group that declared Libya’s eastern region semi-autonomous and is blocking ports handling more than half the country’s oil exports says it wants 15 percent of the revenue from national crude sales.


France rules out Libya military intervention

Western military action against Islamist fighters in southern Libya has been ruled out by France, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday.

Libya: Protests expected as parliament mandate officially ends

Unidentified gunmen clashed with military personnel in the Libyan capital on Friday after they attempted to storm the military headquarters in Tripoli—on the same day large demonstrations were expected across the country to protest against parliament’s refusal to disband.


Kidnapped Egypt envoys freed in Libya

The Libyan interior ministry on Sunday received the five Egyptian envoys who were abducted in the past two days in the Libyan capital of Tripoli after the kidnappers released them, al-Arabiya TV reported.

Chaos & Destruction: 2 foreign teachers killed in Libya amid growing violence

A British man and a New Zealand woman have been shot dead in Western Libya - they were both teachers according to a local security official. Their bodies were found near a major gas and oil complex, 100 kilometers from the capital Tripoli.

Chaos & Destruction: 2 foreign teachers killed in Libya amid growing violence

Ex-CIA analyst: NYT Benghazi article ‘an effort to revive discredited theory’ of anti-Islam video

A former CIA analyst poured cold water over the New York Times’ new report suggesting al-Qaida was not involved in the September 11, 2012 attack against American targets in Benghazi, Libya — calling the article “an effort to revive this discredited theory that the anti-Islam video was behind it.”

The Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention in World Conflicts

Following the Vietnam War, US imperial intervention passed through several phases: In the immediate aftermath, the US government faced a humiliating military defeat at the hands of the Vietnamese liberation forces and was under pressure from an American public sick and tired of war.Imperial military interventions, domestic espionage against opponents and usual practice of fomenting coups d’état (regime change) declined.


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