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Israel warns its citizens against traveling to Europe

The Israeli government warned on Monday its citizens against traveling to Europe for fear of “hostile attacks”, according to Israeli radio.

NATO to Set Up Another 5 Military Bases in Eastern Europe

NATO plans to set up five additional military bases in Eastern Europe, German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

America Frightens Us - Political Europe Suppressed Under Washington´s Thumb Is Waking Up

Germans wonder why their reunited country is still occupied by US troops 69 years after the end of World War II, why their country has no foreign policy independent of Washington, and why the German media provides no public discussion of these highly unusual characteristics of an allegedly sovereign state.

Iran to provide Europe with alternative to Russian gas

As the Ukraine crisis puts Russia and Europe at odds, leaving Europe with no choice but to search for alternative natural gas resources, Iran looks likely to fulfill Europe's demand.

NATO Seeking Long-Term Military Presence in Eastern Europe

NATO's leadership implore the leaders of its member-states to approve the long-term deployment of troops to Eastern Europe during its September summit in Wales, NATO's leaders wrote in an article published by The Wall Street Journal.

Anti-Semitism Rises in Europe Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict

In other words... You should be feeling sorry for us, not them!

Western leadership shot down in Ukraine

Irresponsibility on steroids is all we have seen from 95% of the Western statements coming out on the Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine.

It’s still 1945 in Europe – in Washington’s view

Just how independent is the European Union? Given recent events involving the United States and its European allies, one really must wonder.

The searing hypocrisy of the West

Palestinian children are assaulted or murdered every day and barely do their lives register in western press. While Palestinian mothers are frequently blamed when Israel kills their children, accused of sending them to die or neglecting to keep them at home away from Israeli snipers, no one questions Rachel Frankel, the mother of one of the murdered settlers.

Spanish EU bank boss quits amid scandal

The vice president of the European Investment Bank, Magdalena Alvarez, announced her resignation from the post Wednesday even as she protested her innocence of suspected corruption in Spain.

Busted: 4 Russia/Ukraine gas-spat myths

The aggravating gas row is expected to have ramifications for Ukraine and possibly for Europe as well. And it's been argued that Russia's interests are at stake too. 

Busted: 4 Russia/Ukraine gas-spat myths

Russia-Ukraine gas war: Europe wonders what’s in store

Russia has again extended the deadline before Kiev starts using a prepayment system, but if Ukraine doesn’t pay its gas debt by June 16, Moscow could pinch the energy vein that provides for a third of the total gas needs in Europe.

Taxi drivers paralyze cities in first ever anti-app protest

Taxi drivers have brought major European cities to a standstill during protests against the increasingly popular smartphone apps which they say put their livelihoods at risk.

Taxi drivers paralyze cities in first ever anti-app protest

US deploys stealth B-2 bombers in Europe

The US Air Force has sent more of its bombers to Europe, deploying two B-2 stealth aircraft as part of a military exercise. On Sunday they joined three B-52 StratoFortress bombers already deployed in Britain.

European Central Bank Goes Sub Zero

On Thursday, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi dropped rates on overnight deposits to minus 0.1% thereby charging commercial banks to keep their money at the ECB.

Europe shows Russia in bad light to please Washington - Marine Le Pen

Europe bears responsibility for what’s happening in Ukraine, leader of France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen said in an interview with Germany’s Spiegel weekly on Sunday.

Far-Right Fever for a Europe Tied to Russia

While the European Union has joined Washington in denouncing Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the chaos stirred by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, Europe’s right-wing populists have been gripped by a contrarian fever of enthusiasm for Russia and its president, Vladimir V. Putin.

‘Political earthquake’: Eurosceptics surge in EU elections

The European parliamentary elections have drawn to a close bringing major gains for both Eurosceptic and Far Right movements. The results have dealt a blow to governments, with the French PM even calling the result "a political earthquake.”

Pentagon to shutdown over 20 facilities across Europe

The US military announced Friday it was closing down 21 military facilities in half a dozen countries across Europe, a move the Pentagon said would trim $60 million in fat annually.

Kerry blames EU for stirring up Ukraine unrest

Washington is spinning the wheel of blame in regard to the Ukrainian stand-off. This time it is pointing at the EU. The criticism came in comments made by US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Guilty by Association? Kerry blames EU for stirring up Ukraine unrest

Kremlin calls on West not to treat Russia as naughty schoolchild

Kremlin called the position of the West on Ukraine a “hypocrisy fair”.

Ukraine Says Russian Gas Transit to Europe Under Threat

Russia’s set price on gas for Ukraine is unfairly high and is creating a threat of transiting Russian gas to Europe, Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan said Tuesday.

NATO must explain military buildup in Europe: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on NATO to explain its recently announced plans to bolster military presence in Eastern Europe.

We're very worried by rise of Nazis in Europe

Jews in Italy have seen walls smeared with swastikas and had pig's heads delivered to their doors in recent months, but the head of the Jewish Community, Riccardo Pacifici, insists Italy remains a much better place to be Jewish than many other European countries.

Merkel hopes Russia sanctions are enough

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that she hoped the threat of further sanctions would be enough to keep Russia in check in the Ukraine crisis. But she added Europe was prepared to act if necessary

European, US Officials Demand Russia Pull Troops Out of Crimea

European and U.S. officials called Monday on Russia to withdraw its troops from Crimea, as Russian officials denied reports of plans to attack Ukrainian forces on the peninsula.

Economists Sound the Alarm on Deflation in Europe

Whether or not Mario Draghi and his European Central Bank colleagues plan to do anything about it at the monthly meeting Thursday, many economists are sounding the alarm. It is time, they say, to act defensively against the danger of deflation.

Europe exposed: Over $3 trillion in emerging market loans

The Fragile Five, BRICS and MINT are acronyms for countries like Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, and China that are at the focus of the emerging crisis. But Europe may be the most vulnerable, as banks have more than $3.4 trillion in loans in shaky markets.

Euro-Jihad? Radicalised EU citizens raise terror spectre on home front

There are real fears that terrorists cutting their teeth in Syria could spread across the EU. Europeans make up a big chunk of the 17 thousand foreign jihadists thought to be in the war-torn country. The biggest European contributor is France. As many as 700 of its nationals could be in Syria right now. Belgium and the UK are also in the top three. The worry is what happens when they return home.

Euro-Jihad? Radicalised EU citizens raise terror spectre on home front

Extreme right 'biggest threat to EU' says EU commissioner Malmström

An EU push to counter extremism will give member states cash to help defectors, with Sweden's European Commissioner identifying right-wing extremists as the biggest threat in the union today.


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