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Energy ballet: Iran, Russia and 'Pipelineistan'

A fascinating nuclear/energy ballet involving Iran, Russia, the US and the EU is bound to determine much of what happens next in the new great game in Eurasia.

When it comes to austerity, Germans want it both ways

Dr Eckhard Lubkemeier, the outgoing German ambassador to Ireland, who explained that it had been in Ireland's best interests to take the EC/ECB/IMF bailout rather than burn the bondholders and walk away.

The Ukraine, Corrupted Journalism, and the Atlanticist Faith

The European Union is not (anymore) guided by politicians with a grasp of history, a sober assessment of global reality, or simple common sense connected with the long term interests of what they are guiding. If any more evidence was needed, it has certainly been supplied by the sanctions they have agreed on last week aimed at punishing Russia.

EU Shot Itself in Foot With Russia Sanctions – Hungarian Prime Minister

The European Union shot itself in the foot by introducing economic sanctions against Russia, Reuters reported quoting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Friday radio interview.

The whole eurozone is sick, not just France

Critics of France’s Socialist government were quick to point the finger at president François Hollande and his ministers on Thursday after the latest figures on the economy made for some sorry reading.

Latin America will not bow to EU pressure, will tighten ties with Russia

The EU is reportedly planning to put pressure on Latin America to stop it from boosting its agricultural exports to Russia. In response to sanctions, Moscow imposed a food embargo on a range of EU products, and countries like Brazil and Chile are being canvassed to step in and fill the gap.

Food Fight: ‘Latin America will not bow to EU pressure, will tighten ties with Russia’

Moscow Retaliates Against Western Sanctions With Bans on Agricultural Imports

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Wednesday banning imports of agricultural products from countries that imposed sanctions on Russia for one year, the Kremlin press service said.

Russia Could Limit Flights Over Its Territory for European Airlines

Russian lawmakers consider limiting or even banning transit flights for European airlines from Europe to Asia over Russian territory, Vedomosti newspaper reported Tuesday citing a high-ranking government official.

Putin Urges Government to Prepare Response to Western Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday he has told the government to retaliate against Western sanctions.

Switzerland will not blindly follow EU sanctions against Russia – economy minister

For Switzerland to copy and paste EU sanctions against Moscow is unwise, and would jeopardize the country’s role as a mediator, said Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann.

The West’s Reckless Rush Towards War With Russia

“Moscow has a Nuclear Arsenal as large as Washington’s”

US, EU push Russia toward war

American and European governments are saying that they are not seeking to confront Russia militarily. But what else can you make of their latest broadside of sanctions aimed at the heart of the Russian economy?

The Emperor’s Rage: Let Chaos Envelop the World!

Chaos reigns and spreads as enraged leaders in the US, Europe and their clients and allies pursue genocidal wars.

IMF warns of adverse effects of anti-Russia sanctions

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the sanctions imposed on Russia over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine would have adverse effects on a global scale.

US and EU may introduce new sanctions against Russia later this week

The U.S. and the EU may introduce new restrictive measures against Russia this week over the situation in Ukraine, Tony Blinken, a deputy national security advisor told a news briefing on Monday.

The World Is Doomed By Western Insouciance — Paul Craig Roberts

European governments and the Western media have put the world at risk by enabling Washington’s propaganda and aggression against Russia.

Critics scramble to block Italy's Mogherini from EU foreign policy job

Italy’s foreign minister is dangerously pro-Russian and an “inexperienced lightweight” and should be blocked from becoming EU foreign policy chief, according to a growing band of opponents.

EU puts on additional sanctions list leaders of Donetsk, Lugansk republics

The European Union has pun on an amended blacklist for Russia and Ukraine only leaders of the proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics. No Russian names are on the list.

Irish MEP to incoming European Commission president - "We want our money back"

The MEP Luke "Ming" Flanagan stated that Ireland paid €67 billion, which amounts to 42% of the European bank bailout for 1% of the European population. He went on to say that Ireland wants that money back.

"I actually love Europe, but I despite the EU," said to gasps from others in the chamber.

We want our money back Mr Juncker.

French celebs blast EU-US trade treaty

One hundred of France's leading luminaries have launched a campaign to oppose Europe’s negotiations with the United States that would create a massive free trade zone. The group are worried about a lowering of "social standards", as well as tainted American food products.

EU says Ukraine has right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity

The European Union has taken note of the latest developments in eastern Ukraine, notably the retaking of control by the Ukrainian authorities over a number of towns previously held by illegal armed groups.

EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats

The agreement, by worsening economic conditions of Ukraine, will guarantee unending violence in the east, according to economist Michael Hudson.

EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats

Russia may revise free-market trade with Ukraine without breaking WTO regulations

Russia may revise the regime of free trade with Ukraine by raising the import duties to a level typical of trade with partners having the most favored nation status, and this will be done in full compliance with the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Nebenzya said in an interview published by Izvestia daily.

Europe warns Putin on eve of Ukraine truce deadline

The leaders of Germany and France warned Vladimir Putin on Sunday that Russia could be hit with punishing sanctions within days unless he forced Ukrainian rebels Moscow is accused of backing to suspend their deadly uprising.

Russian Foreign Ministry: EU fails to prove Association Agreement’s advantage

The EU’s association agreements with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are able to damage Russia’s economy, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

South Stream a big step forward to secure Russian gas supply to EU

Russia and Austria have agreed on a joint company to construct the Austrian arm of the $45 billion South Stream gas pipeline project. Matthias Dornfeldt from the Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies at the Free University of Berlin gives his perspective on this.

'South Stream a big step forward to secure Russian gas supply to EU'

Ukraine foreign minister eyes EU membership within 10 years

Ukraine wants to become a member of the European Union “within a decade”, the country’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin told euronews in an interview on Monday.

US promises EU citizens more privacy rights over data protection

"The Obama administration is committed to seeking legislation that would ensure that ... EU citizens would have the same right to seek judicial redress for intentional or willful disclosures of protected information and for refusal to grant access or to rectify any errors in that information, as would a US citizen," US Attorney General Eric Holder said as the EU and the US justice and home affair ministers met for discussions in Greece, which holds the rotating EU presidency.

Ukraine and the Rise of Euro-Fascism

Why is Europe, now united in the European Union, taking part in kindling a new war, as if suffering from a total lapse of historical memory?

Britain's Cameron seeks to delay decision over new EC President

In a sign of further diplomatic wrangling and touches of desperation, British PM David Cameron is attempting to push back any decision on the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President.


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