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Irish MEP to incoming European Commission president - "We want our money back"

The MEP Luke "Ming" Flanagan stated that Ireland paid €67 billion, which amounts to 42% of the European bank bailout for 1% of the European population. He went on to say that Ireland wants that money back.

"I actually love Europe, but I despite the EU," said to gasps from others in the chamber.

We want our money back Mr Juncker.

French celebs blast EU-US trade treaty

One hundred of France's leading luminaries have launched a campaign to oppose Europe’s negotiations with the United States that would create a massive free trade zone. The group are worried about a lowering of "social standards", as well as tainted American food products.

EU says Ukraine has right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity

The European Union has taken note of the latest developments in eastern Ukraine, notably the retaking of control by the Ukrainian authorities over a number of towns previously held by illegal armed groups.

EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats

The agreement, by worsening economic conditions of Ukraine, will guarantee unending violence in the east, according to economist Michael Hudson.

EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats

Russia may revise free-market trade with Ukraine without breaking WTO regulations

Russia may revise the regime of free trade with Ukraine by raising the import duties to a level typical of trade with partners having the most favored nation status, and this will be done in full compliance with the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Nebenzya said in an interview published by Izvestia daily.

Europe warns Putin on eve of Ukraine truce deadline

The leaders of Germany and France warned Vladimir Putin on Sunday that Russia could be hit with punishing sanctions within days unless he forced Ukrainian rebels Moscow is accused of backing to suspend their deadly uprising.

Russian Foreign Ministry: EU fails to prove Association Agreement’s advantage

The EU’s association agreements with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are able to damage Russia’s economy, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

South Stream a big step forward to secure Russian gas supply to EU

Russia and Austria have agreed on a joint company to construct the Austrian arm of the $45 billion South Stream gas pipeline project. Matthias Dornfeldt from the Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies at the Free University of Berlin gives his perspective on this.

'South Stream a big step forward to secure Russian gas supply to EU'

Ukraine foreign minister eyes EU membership within 10 years

Ukraine wants to become a member of the European Union “within a decade”, the country’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin told euronews in an interview on Monday.

US promises EU citizens more privacy rights over data protection

"The Obama administration is committed to seeking legislation that would ensure that ... EU citizens would have the same right to seek judicial redress for intentional or willful disclosures of protected information and for refusal to grant access or to rectify any errors in that information, as would a US citizen," US Attorney General Eric Holder said as the EU and the US justice and home affair ministers met for discussions in Greece, which holds the rotating EU presidency.

Ukraine and the Rise of Euro-Fascism

Why is Europe, now united in the European Union, taking part in kindling a new war, as if suffering from a total lapse of historical memory?

Britain's Cameron seeks to delay decision over new EC President

In a sign of further diplomatic wrangling and touches of desperation, British PM David Cameron is attempting to push back any decision on the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President.

Putin says Russia will be unable to keep zero customs fees if Ukraine, EU sign Association Agreement

President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he hopes Moscow will manage to bring its concerns to Ukraine and the EU over Kiev’s plans to sign the economic section of an Association Agreement with the EU when the negotiating parties hold consultations.

Italy's Beppe Grillo to join Nigel Farage in EU parliament

Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement (M5S) party will join UK Independence Party (Ukip) leader Nigel Farage’s Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in the EU parliament following an online referendum.

Moscow Has No Plans to Hinder Ukraine’s EU Association Ambitions – Lavrov

He ruled out any kind of sanctions from Moscow should Ukraine choose a free-trade zone with the European Union.

European Commission to transfer €500 million in aid to Ukraine June 17

The European Commission has raised €500 million in aid to Ukraine as part of the macro-financial assistance (MFA) program and will transfer the money to Kiev on June 17.

EU not ready to accept Ukraine - French Foreign Minister

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has said that the European Union (EU) is not ready to accept Ukraine as a member.

Syria slams EU over presidential elections' remarks

Syria's Foreign Ministry on Saturday slammed as "flagrant violation" the European Union's statement on the Syrian presidential elections, in which the EU described the vote as "illegitimate".

'EU uses threats, blackmailing, sanctions to set Ukraine apart from Russia' - Marine Le Pen

Europe's meddling in Ukraine has brought nothing but grief so far. That's according to Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's National Front Party, which has been basking in the spotlight after a recent surge in the popularity. 

'EU uses threats, blackmailing, sanctions to set Ukraine apart from Russia' - Marine Le Pen to RT

US call to break ties with Russia harms EU

Widely rejected by European business, US and EU officials are pushing for more sanctions on Russia. Some analysts believe any further restrictions would drag Europe's economy down, while boosting America's.

US call to break ties with Russia harms EU

Merkel criticizes support for UK exit from EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected as unacceptable, arguments that the UK should leave the European Union if London refuses to sit back in a dispute over the European Commission’s (EC) next president.

Poroshenko ready to sign EU-Ukraine free trade deal after inauguration

Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday he was ready to sign the economic part of Ukraine’s free trade agreement with the European Union immediately after his inauguration scheduled for June 7.

EU demands that Bulgaria suspend South Stream works

The European Commission has asked Sofia to disclose all details of the planned South Stream construction within a month

Merkel: 'UK belongs in EU'

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday she hopes Britain will stay in the EU, amid wrangling over a top EU job that reportedly prompted an exit warning by the British prime minister.

War Criminal Blair to issue warning over EU election results

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to call for a shakeup of the European Union following huge gains by eurosceptic parties in recent EU Parliament (EP) elections.

New sanctions against Russia not on agenda in EU

New European sanctions against Russia are not on agenda, a source in the delegation of an EU country in Eastern Europe told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday after an informal summit of the heads of states and governments of the EU states. He confirmed the report transmitted to ITAR-TASS that the EU leaders had not discussed new sanctions at the meeting in Brussels.

Russia’s Rise To Global Power

Western propaganda about events in Ukraine has two main purposes. One is to cover up, or to distract from, Washington’s role in overthrowing the elected democratic government of Ukraine. The other is to demonize Russia.

Catalonia separatist party wins EU vote in Spain

Catalonia’s pro-independence party has won Spain’s European Parliamentary elections as the ruling party loses ground in the vote across the country.

US Imposes Sanctions Against Russia to Gain Business Advantage in Europe – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested on Friday that the United States planned to receive competitive advantages in trade and economic ties with Europe by insisting on sanctions against Russia.

Is Putin caving in to Western pressure?

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the international business conference in St Petersburg that his government would recognize the results of the presidential election being held this weekend in Ukraine.


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