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France admits it directly supplied arms to Syrian “rebels”

President François Hollande confirmed in a Le Monde interview on August 19 that France has been directly supplying arms to the “rebels” of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in its proxy war to remove the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. This came ahead of the recent US decision to intervene militarily in Syria, ostensibly to crush the Islamic State (IS) opposition militia operating in Iraq and Syria.

Hollande puts economy in hands of 36 year-old ex-banker

The French President revealed on Tuesday the names of the ministers in his new government tasked with pushing through crucial reforms. The key role of Economy Minister went to former banker and key Hollande ally, Emmanuel Macron, aged just 36.

Two NATO warships heading to Black Sea

A US Navy destroyer and a French frigate are expected to enter the waters of the Black Sea next week, a diplomatic and military source said.

French can't follow Merkel - Austerity not solution to crisis

Disagreement between Eurozone countries has come on the back of very poor GDP growth in recent months. German chancellor Angela Merkel blames euro-neighbours, France among them, saying they're unable to deal with their high deficits, but analyst Michael Mross says Germany's austerity policy will not solve the EU's problems.

'French can't follow Merkel - Austerity not solution to crisis'

France blasts Germany for "austerity policy"

French Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg on Saturday criticised German austerity measures and warned France would no longer "be pushed around" by the EU's economic powerhouse.

French hamlet 'Death to Jews' mulls name change

French authorities will next month consider changing the name of a tiny hamlet near Paris which is officially known as La-Mort-aux-Juifs ("Death to Jews") after a top Jewish group protested.


Armed gang attack 'Saudi prince's' convoy in Paris

Gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs attacked the motorcade of a Saudi prince in Paris on Sunday night. The robbers stole around €250,000 in cash and some "sensitive" documents, according to reports.

The whole eurozone is sick, not just France

Critics of France’s Socialist government were quick to point the finger at president François Hollande and his ministers on Thursday after the latest figures on the economy made for some sorry reading.

France may ban violent Jewish fringe group

The French government is considering banning a violent, extremist Jewish ‘self-defense’ group that has been involved in recent fighting with pro-Palestinian demonstrators. Similar groups have already been banned in Israel and targeted by the FBI in the United States.

‘Foreigners shouldn't get same benefits as French’

Reports on Tuesday of a massive influx of migrants from Italy into France has reopened an old row over mass immigration into France. One French MP has said it is time France restricted the rights of foreigners to claim welfare benefits.

Authorities in the south east of France are growing alarmed at the rising number of African immigrants pouring through the border with Italy, according to reports on Tuesday.

Should The Jewish Defence League Be Dissolved?

In your opinion, should the Jewish Defence League be dissolved?
The 'Le quotidien Libération' has put the subject on Thursday: the Ministry of the Interior explores the possibility of a ban on the Jewish Defence League.

Paris police ban pro-Palestinian demo planned for Saturday

After a string of pro-Palestinian marches turned violent in the past week, Paris's police authority has banned a march set for Saturday that is in protest of Israel's air and ground incursion into Gaza.

French politician compares dead Gaza child to halal meat

An outspoken pro-Israel politician caused outrage across France on Wednesday by comparing the mutilated corpse of a Palestinian child to "halal meat".

Valls dénonce les élus qui se sont rendus à des manifestations pro-Gaza interdites

Manuel Valls dénonce avec virulence les élus ayant pris part à la manifestation pro-palestinienne interdite

Valls dénonce les élus qui se sont rendus à des manifestations pro-Gaza interdites - 23/07

France to deliver Mistral warship to Russia despite US & UK criticism

France will go ahead with the delivery of the first of two Mistral warships to Russia – despite protests by the US and UK, prompted by Moscow's stance in the Ukrainian crisis. The ship is nearly completed and will be presented in October.

French protest ban will only lead to more trouble

After three banned pro-Palestinian protests ended in full scale riots, the French government must now decide whether to allow another demo to go ahead on Saturday. The head of the French League of Human Rights tells The Local it would be major mistake to ban it.

Clash Between Zionists And North Africans In Paris

In Paris, Zionists break things while shouting 'We Ocuppy Palestine' before they were attacked by Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians.

الصهاينة في باريس يكسرون ويسبون فلسطين بعد 5 دقايق هبطولهم المغاربة و الجزائريون و التوانسة

Jews in France are stand-ins for Israeli targets

Days after demonstrators, angry over the latest Israeli bombardment of Gaza, tried to storm two Paris synagogues, leaders of Jewish groups in France tell The Local that the community is braced for more anti-Semitic attacks.

Alps get summer snow as wet weather to stay

Holidaymakers in the Alps in recent days would have been forgiven for thinking they had come in the wrong season after the region was hit by some very unseasonal snowfalls.

French celebs blast EU-US trade treaty

One hundred of France's leading luminaries have launched a campaign to oppose Europe’s negotiations with the United States that would create a massive free trade zone. The group are worried about a lowering of "social standards", as well as tainted American food products.

France lashes out against US dollar, calls for ‘rebalancing’ of world currencies

The French government wants to break the monopoly the dollar has on international transactions after the country’s largest bank, BNP Paribas, was slapped with a record $9 billion fine and a 1-year dollar trading ban.

French train crash was 'just a question of time'

Experts tasked with probing one of France's worst train accidents said it was only a question of time before disaster struck. Investigators found "a state of disrepair never seen before" on the rail network.

French teacher stabbed to death by pupil's mum

A 34-year-old French school teacher was stabbed to death in front her students on Friday by the mother of a pupil, prosecutors said. President François Hollande described the killing as a "horrific tragedy" and pledged support for children and staff at the school.


Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy arrested in corruption case

The French judiciary took the unprecedented step yesterday morning of arresting former president Nicolas Sarkozy and placing him in 48-hour investigative detention in Nanterre police headquarters, near Paris.

Police 'lose explosives' in French airport exercise

Red-faced French police have had some explaining to do after they forgot where they had placed a block of explosives during a training exercise at Marseille airport, a report has claimed. An internal investigation has been launched.


Ukraine urged to extend ceasefire

Leaders of Russia, Germany and France urged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to extend the ceasefire that will expire Monday in a teleconference held Sunday, the Kremlin press service said.

France sees big jump in number of unemployed

Despite promises made by the President François Hollande to stem the rise in unemployment, the number of registered jobless in France jumped significantly in May,the latest figures reveal. The figures are bad, France's PM Manuel Valls admitted.

France says no military intervention in Iraq without UN backing

France will not consider military option to stop insurgents offensive in Iraq until it receives the United Nations greenlight, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday.

Concern in France over risk of chikungunya virus

French authorities have issued advice to counter the threat of the mosquito-born virus chikungunya, after dozens of cases were reported in the south. The risk of a chikungunya or dengue fever outbreak could be heightened by supporters returning from the World Cup in Brazil.

Ukrainian authorities 'act with impunity' because Western counterparts shield them-Lavrov

The Ukrainian authorities "act with impunity" on various issues because they are "shielded by our Western partners, or by some of them, at least," and their "irreconcilable" position in talks on natural gas trade with Russia is one way this "impunity" manifests itself in, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday.


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