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Poland have asked the people of Ireland to eat their apples

A new online campaign by the Polish Embassy in Ireland has issued a unusual imperative to the Irish public to ‘Eat Polish Apples’.

When it comes to austerity, Germans want it both ways

Dr Eckhard Lubkemeier, the outgoing German ambassador to Ireland, who explained that it had been in Ireland's best interests to take the EC/ECB/IMF bailout rather than burn the bondholders and walk away.

Free Gaza, Dublin 9/8/14

People who marched at todays protest give their reasons why!

Free Gaza, Dublin 9/8/14

Israel bombs first and weeps later

David Norris, a member of the Irish Senate, on the current bombardment of Gaza by Israel.

Senator David Norris" Israel bombs first and weeps later".

Irish sovereignty ‘faces being trampled’ by US

Privacy activists last night warned that Irish sovereignty faces being trampled on if the US government is able to force technology firms to simply hand over information held on servers in Ireland.

Israel’s Irish embassy deletes picture of Dublin statue in niqab

The pictures also showed European landmarks with weapons such as suicide bombs

Yet another Israeli PR own-goal.

“We are not going to win overnight.” – Irish anti-fracking activists as company prepares to start drilling

Anti-fracking protestors are protesting in a Fermanagh village as exploration company Tamboran attempt to begin drilling to collect rock samples.

Ireland is pro-Palestinian, says Israeli media

Ireland's 'pro-Palestinian stance' has made it into the Israeli headlines after a minute's silence was held in the Dail for the people of Gaza.

Hundreds attend ‘die-in’ Gaza protest in Dublin

A protest against the ongoing situation in Gaza took place in Dublin the evening.

'British Bulls**t Corporation': Protest in Belfast accuses BBC of 'biased' Gaza coverage

Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the BBC Broadcasting House in Belfast, expressing their concerns over what they see as "biased" reporting by the BBC on the current Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

Irish councillor pulls down Israeli flag at children's sailing event

A Dublin councillor has defended pulling down an Israeli flag at an international children’s sailing event.

Irish MEP to incoming European Commission president - "We want our money back"

The MEP Luke "Ming" Flanagan stated that Ireland paid €67 billion, which amounts to 42% of the European bank bailout for 1% of the European population. He went on to say that Ireland wants that money back.

"I actually love Europe, but I despite the EU," said to gasps from others in the chamber.

We want our money back Mr Juncker.

The Protestant-run orphanage where children were whipped, beaten — and everyone had the same name

Children were forced to carry out manual labour, deprived of food, whipped and beaten (so badly, at least on one occasion, that the authorities had be called).

Irish council’s plan trying to ‘strip people of right to live in the countryside’

A candidate for Cork County Council has warned that the local authority’s draft county development plan is seeking to "strip people of the right to live in the countryside".

People pressure starts to pay off over Ireland's oil and gas giveaway

If ever a story shows that persistent pressure by concerned people can yield results then the Irish gas and oil story is one that has just hit the hundredth monkey.

Bodies of infants from Ireland's mother and baby homes used for university research

The remains of 474 infants – who died in mother-and-baby homes and hospitals – were used for research and doctors' training in Irish universities for a quarter of a century.


Ireland's banking inquiry cannot investigate government cabinet meetings that led to bank guarantee

The committee has been told that Cabinet confidentiality protects any discussions leading to the ill-fated guarantee.

Irish protesters force cancellation of "distressed property" auction

A property auction was cancelled after members of the Land League organisation carried out a "peaceful protest" ahead of a sale of what they described as "mostly distressed properties".

Dublin 'could soon become Europe's homeless capital'

A Dublin homeless charity said it recorded the highest ever rough sleeper count on the streets of Dublin last night.

Vaccine 'intended for cattle' given to children in Ireland's mother-and-baby homes

The radio station Newstalk has reported that experimental drug trials were conducted on at least 290 children across 10 mother-and-baby homes in the 1960s and 70s.

“Huge traffic” between Ireland's Magdalene Laundries and mother-and-baby homes

The Irish Magdalene Laundries should be included in the government’s statutory investigation into mother-and-baby homes, Justice for Magdalenes Research has said.

Mother and baby home vaccine trials ‘were for children’s good and did not damage’

Medical professionals who oversaw vaccine trials at Irish mother and baby homes insisted the vaccines did no harm and were administered in the children’s best interests.

Bethany Home, where 222 children died, to be included in mother and baby home investigation

Ireland's Children’s Minister Charlie Flanagan said today that he was conscious of the grievances felt by those connected to the Bethany Home, a Protestant-run home on Dublin’s Orwell Road.

Thousands of children in Irish care homes at centre of 'baby graves scandal' were used in secret vaccine trials in the 1930s

Scientists secretly vaccinated more than 2,000 children in religious-run homes in suspected illegal drug trials, it emerged today.

Mass 'septic tank grave' containing the skeletons of 800 babies at site of Irish home for unmarried mothers

The bodies of nearly 800 babies are believed to have been interred in a concrete tank beside a former home for unmarried mothers.

Council sends debt-collectors after 90-year old woman for €14 overdue refuse-collection charge

A 90-year-old Dublin woman was aggressively pursued by a debt collection agency acting for Dublin City Council over a €14 bin fine.

Mother was asked by the Ireland's Health Service Executive if her son ‘still had Down syndrome’

A mother of two was asked if her four-year-old son ‘still had Down syndrome’ when applying for a medical card that had previously been taken away from him.

US Airways jet with 185 passengers makes emergency landing after nine crew fall ill due to noxious fumes

A jet carrying 185 passengers had to turn-around while crossing the Atlantic ocean after nine crew reported feeling 'nauseous and dizzy' while suffering from watering eyes.

Irish hospital consultant had to use disused bathroom as office

The incoming president of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has described how he had to use a disused bathroom as an office in his hospital due to a shortage of resources.

Irish windfarm owners were paid €10m not to produce energy

Energy suppliers paid up to €10m last year to wind-farm operators to power down, freedom of information documents reveal.


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