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US diplomat Tom Malinowski expelled from Bahrain

Bahrain has expelled a high-ranking American diplomat, accusing him of meddling in the Persian Gulf kingdom’s internal affairs.

Several injured in Bahrain clashes

Several people have been injured in Bahrain as security forces fired bird-shot at anti-regime demonstrators in the capital, Manama.

Arab states withdraw ambassadors from Qatar in protest at 'interference'

In a rare public spat that has highlighted deep political divisions in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have all withdrawn their ambassadors from Qatar in protest at Doha's "interference in their internal affairs".

Bahrainis to hold nationwide strike

Bahrainis will hold a nationwide strike on Thursday to mark the third anniversary of their uprising against the ruling Al Khalifa regime.

Bahrain: 7yrs in jail for 'offending' king

If you don't think much of the King of Bahrain, maybe it's better to keep it to yourself - or else you could face 7 years in prison, thanks to some new laws to defend the monarchy. Previously, the punishment was a few days in jail, but now, any Twitter post, Facebook comment or casual disparaging word could land you a hefty term.

Bizarre Bahrain: 7yrs in jail for 'offending' king makes regime 'ridiculous & smelly'

Police and protestors clash in Bahrain

Bahraini regime forces have clashed with anti-government demonstrators protesting against the death of a young protester.

Arab monarchies eye stronger ties with China

The six energy-rich Arab monarchies of the Gulf are seeking to strengthen ties with China, Gulf Cooperation Council chief Abdullatif al-Zayani said Wednesday after talks with the Chinese foreign minister.

Dozens injured in Bahrain as police, protesters exchange fire

Dozens of people were reportedly injured in Bahrain early Friday, after police fired birdshot to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in several Shiite villages. A policeman was also wounded after being shot by a homemade gun.

Pentagon strengthens naval forces in Gulf

The US Navy has deployed three additional coastal patrol ships to its Fifth Fleet headquarters in Bahrain, bolstering America's presence in the strategic Gulf, officials said Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia against reform in Bahrain

Recently in Bahrain, protesters took to the streets to show support for the families of the scores of demonstrators killed by regime forces over the past year. They were however met with teargas and rubber bullets. Surrounding these events Saudi Arabia has agreed on purchasing billions of dollars worth of weapons from the United States to keep US protection viable.

Saudi Arabia against reform in Bahrain

Teenage protester killed by Bahraini Police

Bahrain's Shia opposition says a teenage protester has been killed in violent clashes with police in the capital Manama. Police fired tear-gas and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators, who were throwing stones and petrol bombs. They have been demanding equal rights from the Sunni monarchy for over a year now.

'Iran neighbors arming up, Bahrain "a good cusmer" unlike Syria'

UK's anti-Assad rhetoric exposes hypocrisy over Bahrain brutality

Bahrain authorities has been violently clamping down on protests for the past 18 months, with accusations of brutality by the regime. However, the kingdom has pledged to improve on its treatment of political activists and try to prevent violence against ethnic and religious communities. That's after criticism and recommendations from the UN Human Rights body. But western leaders effectively closed their eyes to what's happening in the country, with other concerns in the region.

UK's anti-Assad rhetoric exposes hypocrisy over Bahrain brutality

UK jamming Iranian satellite signals from Bahraini base

The signal of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) channels on the Hotbird satellite provider has reportedly been jammed by British technicians operating from Bahrain.

Russia & China grow backbones

The West has failed once again failed in its plan to impose new UN sanctions on Syria as a prelude to NATO bombing.

Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation

Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on thieves, hustlers, bankers and a Saudi prince. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Rick Falkvinge of the Swedish Pirate Party, about copyright and hot war between hackers and NATO.

Keiser Report: GIABO! (E154)

Bahrain - U.S. Yanks Jewish Diplomat After He's Threatened

The posting claimed that the biggest single supporter of the anti-government demonstrations was the political section of the U.S. Embassy.  The head of the office, the blog claimed, was "a person of Jewish origin named Ludovic Hood," and charged: "He's the one who trained and provoked the demonstrators to clash with the army". Hood also was "the one" telling the opposition of the steps they should take "to inflame the situation," the posting claimed.

Bahrain's Unlikely Emmisary: Houda Nonoo

Houda Nonoo, Bahrain's Jewish Ambassador to the US, is one of Bahrain’s 36 remaining Jews. “We are all cousins,” says Nonoo.  A high proportion hold important political positions.  Bahraini Jews historically got along well with Gentiles.  Following the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948, rioters (suspected non-Bahraini foreigners) tore through the Jewish quarter in Manama, looting houses and destroying property.

Bahrain’s Jewish envoy to Washington stays mum

Houda Ezra Nonoo is a Bahraini of Iraqi descent representing an embattled Sunni dynasty that has ruled over a Shi’ite majority for centuries.  If those circumstances weren’t loaded enough, Nonoo, Bahrain’s envoy to Washington, is the first Jewish ambassador in the Arab world’s recorded history.

Bahrain opposition calls for rally


Opposition groups call for protests on Monday against the government as security forces take measures to quell unrest.

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