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Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian Judge at Jordan crossing

Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian judge from Jordan on Monday in an altercation at a crossing point between Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestinian officials said.

Children burned with cigarettes by Israeli soldiers in illegal settlement

Three Palestinian children were allegedly burned with lit cigarettes and denied access to food, water or toilet facilities after being arrested and detained by Israeli soldiers and police in September, a new report indicates.

Israeli raids on West Bank homes condemned

Human rights groups have condemned Israel for holding military exercises in the occupied West Bank. Palestinians have been detained for hours without explanation as soldiers took up positions in their homes during the so-called mock raids.

Israel raids on West Bank homes condemned

Israel approves release of Palestinian prisoners, new housing tenders expected

Israel has approved the release of a third group of Palestinian prisoners as part of US-brokered peace talks. However, Tel Aviv is expected to once again announce new housing tenders in West Bank settlements, despite international criticism.

Israel: Palestinian farmers to blame for settler attacks on their land

Responding to damage claim, the state claims 'price tag' victims at fault for failing to duly protect their land.

The state is claiming that Palestinians who were the recent target of a “price tag” attack are to blame for their misfortune - because they failed to adequately protect their plot of land.

UN slams Israel demolition of West Bank properties

The United Nations Wednesday slammed Israel's demolition of 30 Palestinian properties in the West Bank, saying it displaced some families for the second time in less than two weeks.

Thousands mourn child shot dead by Israeli sniper in al-Jalazun

Thousands of mourners turned out on Sunday for the burial of Wajih Wajdi al-Ramahi, a 14-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot dead by Israeli forces near al-Jalazun refugee camp while he was walking home from school on Saturday.

Israel minister proposes partial West Bank annexation

Israel’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett has proposed the annexation of parts of the Palestinian land of the West Bank under Israel's full military control.

Zionism’s Last Card and Hope For Palestine

Following the interim agreement with Iran the next six months will tell us whether or not the American-led Zionist lobby and Zionism itself has played its last card and lost. If it does lose President Obama will be free to use the leverage he has to try to cause Israel to be serious about peace on terms almost all Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept (and which would not pose any threat to the wellbeing and security of those Jews now living in Palestine that became Israel and who wanted to stay). The stakes could not be higher.

MUD IS A GRAY AREA: Talking with Nordstrom about Ahava and Occupation

Since 2010, human rights activists have been in communication with Nordstrom about Ahava cosmetics, which are labeled as Israeli products but are actually sourced and produced in illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.

MUD IS A GRAY AREA: Talking with Nordstrom about Ahava and Occupation

5 Broken Cameras

A first-hand account of non-violent protests in Bil'in,

a West Bank village affected by the Israeli West Bank barrier

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature in the 85th Academy Awards.

5 broken camera

Swine flu H1N1 kills nine Palestinians in West Bank

NINE Palestinians have died in an outbreak of the H1N1 influenza strain known as swine flu, the office of Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad says.

Netanyahu pledges Israel will continue building in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo on Tuesday in a defiant prelude to talks with the European Union's top diplomat, who has condemned Gilo's expansion.

Israel must end illegal settlement construction - Moscow

The Russian Foreign Ministry is concerned over Israeli plans to build more homes in East Jerusalem as an impediment to resuming Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, says a report posted on the ministry Web site.

OCHA: Israeli occupation destroys 13 houses weekly in West Bank

A UN report said that the occupation authority is continuing their attacks on Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank since the beginning of the current year.

Settlers pump wastewater on lands west of Bethlehem

A group of Jewish settlers pumped, on Thursday morning, wastewater from a settlement in the west of Bethlehem in southern West Bank, onto Palestinian agricultural land.

Details emerge of US role in Sabra-Shatila massacre

Israel duped the United Stated into believing that “thousands of terrorists” remained in west Beirut following the expulsion of Palestinian fighters 30 years ago, providing cover for the 1982 massacre in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, according to recently declassified Israeli documents.

Movements restricted for Askar refugee camp

The main street from Askar Refugee Camp leading to Nablus is closed off three times every week by the Israeli army as around 1,000 illegal settlers make their way to “Joseph’s Tomb.” Each time, the street is closed for up to seven hours, leaving the camp essentially under curfew, unable to leave or enter the area.

Village of Yatma suffers after Israel annexes spring

The Yatma village council stated that for two to three days a week, the 3000 residents now have no access to water. The villagers are now forced to buy back the water, as well as electricity, from Rechelim. Whilst the Israeli government subsidises the cost of living, including water and utilities in illegal West Bank settlements (in order to encourage so-called ‘economic settlers’ to Palestinian areas), the Palestinians are charged at much higher rates, which place a heavy burden on villages in these agricultural areas . The cost of water for Yatma for one month is 8000 NIS (around 2000 USD).

Settlers vandalize property in Ramallah village

A group of settlers from Givat Ariel outpost wrote "Palestinians should die," and "Stay away from our lands," on a wall in the village, Sinjil mayor Ayoub Swaied said.

Egypt begins allowing Palestinians free entry into country

Airport officials said decision was applied for the first time when seven Palestinians waiting at Cairo International Airport were allowed into Egypt without the usual security clearances and visas.

Major British supermarket chain announces boycott of produce made in West Bank settlements

Co-op, fifth biggest supermarket chain in Britain, emphasizes it will continue doing business with companies that can guarantee none of their products come from outside the Green Line.

'Land Day' clashes: Youngster killed, over 200 injured – reports

A Gaza youth has been killed while over 200 people have been wounded throughout the West Bank. The violence comes as clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians protesters marking Land Day rage on.

Israel cuts contact with UN rights council, to protest settlements probe

Israel decided Monday to sever all contact with the United Nations human rights council and with its chief commissioner Navi Pillay, after the international body decided to establish an international investigative committee on the West Bank settlements.

EU on verge of abandoning hope for a viable Palestinian state

Israel's foreign ministry denied that Israeli settlers were taking water resources from the West Bank

Delegitimizing discrimination: struggle of Palestinians in Israel focus of new book

But perhaps the book’s greatest contribution is its dissection of political Zionism, providing a framework to understand why a state that defines itself as Jewish cannot be democratic. A state that defines itself as belonging to one ethnic group, White shows, is inherently wedded to discrimination and inequality, combining elements of both an ethnocracy and a theocracy, but not the kind of pluralistic democracy that guarantees equal rights for all and protections for national minorities.

Veolia dumps Israel’s waste in Jordan Valley and wins Israeli army contract

Who Profits, a project of the Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace, has uncovered evidence that Veolia is involved in dumping Israeli waste at the company’s site in Tovlan in the occupied Jordan Valley. The Israeli Civil Administration confirmed this in response to an application by Who Profits under the Freedom of Information Law.

Foreign fighters support Israel's settlements

The Jewish Defence League has dispatched French "militants" for a "show of solidarity" in illegal West Bank settlements.

How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones

Child detention figures

7,000 [Figure corrected, with apologies for earlier production error.] The estimated number of Palestinian children detained and prosecuted in Israeli military courts since 2000, shows a report by Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP).

87 The percentage of children subjected to some form of physical violence while in custody. About 91 per cent are also believed to be blindfolded at some point during their detention.

12 The minimum age of criminal responsibility, as stipulated in the Military Order 1651.

62 The percentage of children arrested between 12am and 5am.

Israel grabbing any chance to sabotage Palestinian UN vote

The rise in tension comes less than a month before a vital UN vote on the recognition of the Palestinian State. Gaza-based political analyst, Dr Hani Al Basoos, thinks Israel wants to sabotage the vote and divert attention from recent domestic unrest.

'Israel grabbing any chance to sabotage Palestinian UN vote'


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