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Saudi Arabia agrees to host training of moderate Syria rebels

Saudi Arabia has agreed to host training camps for moderate Syrian rebels as part of President Barack Obama's broad strategy to combat Islamic State militants who have taken over parts of Syria and Iraq, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

Armed gang attack 'Saudi prince's' convoy in Paris

Gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs attacked the motorcade of a Saudi prince in Paris on Sunday night. The robbers stole around €250,000 in cash and some "sensitive" documents, according to reports.

Iraq crisis: Sunni caliphate has been bankrolled by Saudi Arabia

From Aleppo in northern Syria almost to the Iraqi-Iranian border, the jihadists of Isis and sundry other groupuscules paid by the Saudi Wahhabis – and by Kuwaiti oligarchs – now rule thousands of square miles.

Saudis used US cluster bombs against Yemenese

A new report has revealed that Saudi Arabia used cluster bombs against the Houthis in northern Yemen in 2009.

MERS coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia rise to 491, including 147 deaths

Saudi Arabia's registered number of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus cases increased to 491 on Monday, including 147 deaths, after adding six new cases and five more deaths, the Health Ministry said.

Survey finds state corruption rife in Saudi Arabia

A survey has disclosed that state officials' corruption is “endemic” in Saudi Arabia and remains a major problem in the oil-rich kingdom.

Arab states withdraw ambassadors from Qatar in protest at 'interference'

In a rare public spat that has highlighted deep political divisions in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have all withdrawn their ambassadors from Qatar in protest at Doha's "interference in their internal affairs".

Saudi Arabia to supply Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles

Frustrated by the deadlock of the second round of Geneva 2 talks, Saudi Arabia has reportedly offered to supply the rebels with anti-aircraft missiles. Meanwhile Russia has accused the US of once again hijacking peace talks and pushing for regime change.

Prince Bandar mastermind of Saudi terror network

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has been the mastermind of “Saudi terror network” that finances, trains and arms an international network of Takfiri terrorists, an American Professor says.

Saudi Arms Shipments Waiting behind Iraq's Borders with Syria

Tens of vehicles carrying arms shipments from Saudi Arabia failed to cross the Iraqi border into Syria due to the Iraqi army’s ongoing operations in the Western Al-Anbar province which borders Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Volgograd and the Conquest of Eurasia: Has the House of Saud seen its Stalingrad?

The events in Volgograd are part of a much larger body of events and a multi-faceted struggle that has been going on for decades as part of a cold war after the Cold War—the post-Cold War cold war, if you please—that was a result of two predominately Eurocentric world wars.

Arab monarchies eye stronger ties with China

The six energy-rich Arab monarchies of the Gulf are seeking to strengthen ties with China, Gulf Cooperation Council chief Abdullatif al-Zayani said Wednesday after talks with the Chinese foreign minister.

A narcissistic US, an anxious Saudi Arabia and a hysterical Israel

For far too long now, members of the Resistance Axis (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas) have been the objects of the West's psychopathologising gaze, as I have documented on my blog, ASG's Counter-Hegemony Unit. While the Syrian government has been pathologised as "delusional" and "detached from reality", Iran has similarly been anthromorphised and classified as an "irrational" actor whose foreign policy behaviour closely resembles a person suffering from Anti-Social Personality disorder.

Saudis team up with Israel to plan strike against Iran

Although Israel and Saudi Arabia officially have no diplomatic relations - they're rumoured to be preparing a joint bombing campaign against Iran.

The Sunday Times suggests an attack may take place if a new round of international talks fails to produce a deal rolling back Tehran's nuclear power programme.

Israel considers Iran its enemy-number-one, and has long accused the country of working on an atomic bomb, a charge that Iran denies. 

Saudis team up with Israel to plan strike against Iran - report

Ready to detonate: Saudi-backed rebels strap bombs to Geneva-2 talks

As Syria’s rebels refuse to take part in Geneva-2, Saudi Arabia has emerged as the primary state-backer of rebel groups now trying to escalate the Syrian conflict and topple Assad by force.

Israel and Saudi Arabia - The Unholy Alliance

Israel and Saudi Arabia are rogue states writ large. They're two of the world's worst. They deplore democratic values. They spurn rule of law principles. They commit horrendous human and civil rights abuses. They're responsible for daily crimes against humanity.

Syrian Army Kills Saudi Officer Linked to al-Nusra Front

Syrian armed forces killed a Saudi officer, who fought along with Islamic extremists, during operations near Aleppo, reports noted.

Syria, the Saudi connection: The Prince with close ties to Washington at the heart of the push for war

He has been gone from the capital for eight years, but Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington wielded influence over no fewer than five different US presidents, has re-emerged as a pivotal figure in the struggle by America and its allies to tilt the battlefield balance against the regime in Syria.

Saudi king backs Egypt's military

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has called on Arabs to stand together against "attempts to destabilise" Egypt.

Saudi Arabia dangles lucrative arms deal in front of Russia in exchange for dropping Assad

Saudi Arabia has reportedly offered to buy arms worth up to $15 billion from Russia, and provided a raft of economic and political concessions to the Kremlin - all in a bid to weaken Moscow’s endorsement of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Saudi prince defects from royal family

Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud has announced his defection from Al Saud royal family through a statement, calling on other princes to break their silence and reveal the truth for sake of God.

America’s Plan B in Egypt: Bring Back the Old Regime

Morsi’s fall sends a negative message to all of America’s allies. Everyone in the Arab World, corrupt and just alike, is more aware than ever that an alliance with Washington or Tel Aviv will not protect them.

Saudi Arabia against reform in Bahrain

Recently in Bahrain, protesters took to the streets to show support for the families of the scores of demonstrators killed by regime forces over the past year. They were however met with teargas and rubber bullets. Surrounding these events Saudi Arabia has agreed on purchasing billions of dollars worth of weapons from the United States to keep US protection viable.

Saudi Arabia against reform in Bahrain

Protests Continue in S. Arabia despite New Gov't Warning

A large number of Saudi people staged a demonstration in Qatif, Eastern Saudi Arabia, in defiance of the government's new warning against protests.

On Friday, the demonstrators chanted slogans against the Riyadh regime and called for the downfall of the ruling Al Saud monarchy in the Qatif region, situated about 418 kilometers (259 miles) east of the capital.

'Saudi weapons' seen at Syria rebel base

BBC News has uncovered evidence that appears to suggest that weapons intended for the Saudi military have been diverted to Syrian rebels.

King Faisal & Kissinger

When King Faisal cut off oil supplies and deprived the west from oil in October 1973 and said his famous quote “We and our ancestors survived on dates and milk and we will return to them again.”

Syrian army arrests Turkish, Saudi officers in Aleppo

The Syrian army has arrested a group of Turkish and Saudi officers in Syria's northwestern city of Aleppo, the state TV says.

The officers were arrested on Monday amid ongoing clashes between government troops and foreign-sponsored insurgents in the city.

UN General Assembly adopts resolution on Syria

On Friday last, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution demanding all parties in Syria stop all forms of violence.

The resolution, penned by Saudi Arabia with support of other Arab nations, received 133 votes in favor, 12 against and 31 abstained.

Saudi-drafted Syria resolution mocks UN

The new Saudi-drafted resolution against Syria at the UN General Assembly is an "unbelievable piece of hypocrisy" written by one of the most backward regimes in the world, says an analyst. The comment comes as Damascus has criticized the Arab and Western countries sponsoring a United Nations General Assembly resolution against the Syrian government.

Saudi-drafted Syria resolution mocks UN: Webster Tarpley

Secret Turkish nerve center leads aid to Syria rebels

Turkey has set up a secret base with allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar to direct vital military and communications aid to Syria's rebels from a city near the border.


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