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Venezuela's Maduro Sees Approval Boost

Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro has seen his approval rating bounce back, and now enjoys overwhelming majority support, accord to polls.


Venezuela says it won’t recognize Kiev authorities until free elections are held in Ukraine

Venezuela “does not recognize and will not recognize as legal a government that emerged as a result of a state coup,” the Bolivarian Republic’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

Venezuela arrests 58 foreigners - including an American - on suspicion of provoking protests

Venezuela's government said Friday that it has arrested 58 foreigners, including an American, on suspicion of inciting violent street protests against the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

US inciting civil war in Venezuela to get its oil – Bolivia’s Morales

Washington is pushing Venezuela towards a “civil war” because it wants access to the country’s rich oil reserves, Bolivian President Evo Morales has warned. The Venezuelan government has also accused the US of fomenting a coup d’état.

Venezuelan government strikes swift blows to opposition leadership after month of protests

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has used the military, legislative and judicial power consolidated during 15 years of socialist rule in a sudden series of blows against opponents who have spent more than a month protesting in the streets, knocking down their barricades and throwing dissident leaders in jail.


Protesters clash with police in Caracas

Clashes broke out on Monday after dozens of protesters in a middle-class district threw rocks and firebombs at riot police, who retaliated with tear gas.

Venezuela's political unrest hurts Colombia

The anti-government protests in oil-producing Venezuela are taking their toll on neighbouring Colombia. Thousands of Colombians make a living working across the border and many others survive by smuggling goods. Now authorities on both sides are trying to slow down the illegal trade.

Venezuela's political unrest hurts Colombia

Venezuela death toll rises to 13 as protests flare

Anti-government demonstrators put up barricades and set fire to trash in Caracas on Monday despite calls from within the opposition to rein in protests that have led to 13 deaths in Venezuela's worst unrest for a decade.

Venezuela accuses US of plotting unrest

Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president, has accused Washington of plotting with anti-government protesters and expelled three US diplomats in retaliation. Maduro's ordered the expulsions on Monday, the same day that opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez called for a mass rally on Tuesday and challenged the government to arrest him at the event.

Venezuela says US plotting with protesters

Army sent in to Venezuelan cities as unrest prompts coup warning

President Nicolás Maduro claims 'fascist' opponents orchestrated protest violence that claimed three lives as part of plan to overthrow government.

Venezuela coup? Gunfire, clashes as 3 dead in violent Caracas protest

At least three people have died in violent protests in the Venezuelan capital, officials have confirmed. President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the unrest as an attempt at a coup d’état orchestrated by extremist members of the political opposition.


The Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention in World Conflicts

Following the Vietnam War, US imperial intervention passed through several phases: In the immediate aftermath, the US government faced a humiliating military defeat at the hands of the Vietnamese liberation forces and was under pressure from an American public sick and tired of war.Imperial military interventions, domestic espionage against opponents and usual practice of fomenting coups d’état (regime change) declined.

Media War Against Venezuela Continues

Since the election of President Hugo Chávez in 1999 there has been antipathy and deliberate media distortion of the political events in Venezuela.

Last Sunday, the Toronto Star (newspaper that self-identifies as liberal, broad thinking, progressive) published a defamatory article about the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro. Once again the Canadian press goes on the attack against Venezuela, ridiculing and misrepresenting its president. And if at any time you thought that it was the personality of President Chávez that offended the world press, think again because all that media aggression now focuses on his successor, President Nicolás Maduro.


Venezuela fighting economic sabotage

The Venezuelan oil minister says the US-backed opposition groups are trying to create chaos and destabilization in the country.

Madonna's son gets Bar Mitzvah'd; Royal baby born in Jewish wing of hospital; Venezuela's Prez admits Jewish heritage

When the news broke Monday that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, had gone into labor, it seemed that London could not have been more prepared.

For weeks, reporters and photographers had been camped out in front of the maternity ward at St. Mary’s Hospital. The choreography of how the royal baby’s name would be announced was well-known: A car would drive from the hospital to Buckingham Palace, where the new name would be posted on an easel.

Venezuela slams U.S. over 'repressive regimes' remarks

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro demanded the United States apologize on Thursday after the Obama administration's nominee for envoy to the United Nations said there was a crackdown on civil society in the South American country.

‘Free from imperial persecution’: Venezuela offers Snowden asylum

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has come through on an asylum offer to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, making the announcement on television during a the broadcast of a parade marking the country’s independence day.

Venezuelan Leadership Up for Grabs?

New reports about Chavez’s health raise concerns. He’s struggling to recover from complicated cancer surgery.


Venezuela’s Chavez: Obama Should Govern His Own Country and not “Invade” Others

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has commented on the re-election of US president Barack Obama, while urging his own state governor candidates to maintain their commitment “with the people” and not the “local bourgeoisie.”

A Hall of Shame for Venezuelan Elections Coverage

This contrast in the media’s priorities is symptomatic of the overwhelmingly disgraceful portrayal of Venezuela’s elections. The Hall of Shame that follows is a sampling of some of the most typical distortions, gratuitous slurs, and incorrect predictions that readers have been exposed to over the past few weeks.

Venezuela More Democratic than USA?

Abby Martin talks to RT Correspondent Lucy Kafanov about President Hugo Chavez wining a new SIX-year term as leader of Venezuela, with a record 80 percent voter turnout.

Venezuela More Democratic than USA? | Interview with Lucy Kafanov

America’s Moral Degeneracy

In the West, the Ministry of Propaganda continues to talk about the “Syrian revolt.” There is no revolt. What has happened is that the US and Israel have equipped with weapons and sent into Syria Islamists who wish to overthrow the secular Syrian government. Washington knows that if the Syrian government can be destroyed, the country will dissolve into warring factions like Iraq and Libya.

Venezuela Election Results: Hugo Chavez Declared Winner

President Hugo Chávez has retained power in Venezuela, after defeating opponent Henrique Capriles, by a comfortable victory of 900,000 votes.

Election Campaign in Venezuela: Chavez Opposition Disintegrating

Days ahead of October 7, Bolivarianism looks sure to win. Imagine if America and EU countries prioritized its principles. Instead of neoliberal austerity-caused hard times, prosperity might be just around the corner or perhaps firmly established.

Why Homs?

Why is there so much fighting in Homs, Syria?

Answer: OIL.

Venezulea's presidential candidate descends from survivors of Nazi persecution

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles easily won a primary election on Sunday to become the unity candidate against President Hugo Chavez, vowing to end 13 years of socialist rule that he said has left the OPEC nation in crisis.

The War On Democracy

This documentary by John Pilger documentary explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile. Pilger claims that it "...tells a universal story... analyzing and revealing, through vivid testimony, the story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called "war on terror". According to Pilger, the film's message is that the greed and power of empire is not invincible and that people power is always the "seed beneath the snow".

The War On Democracy (2007)

Chavez: "We only recognize one Libyan government, the one led by Muammar Gaddafi!"

The 57-year-old former soldier has repeatedly accused Western powers of fuelling the conflict to steal Libya's oil and on Tuesday said they were waging a "dogs' war."

"It's harsh but true ... They arranged this war," Chavez said, referring to the United States.

"They provided the arms, the mercenaries. They better not attempt to apply the Libyan formula to Venezuela or we'll have to show them our power."

Chavez Strikes First

Hugo Chavez will recall 90 percent of Venezuela’s gold from U.S. and European vaults before the Empire can steal it via sanctions.

'Chavez's cancer may help US destabilize Latin America'

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is back in Cuba for more cancer treatment, including chemotherapy. He's transferred some powers to his ministers during his absence, but didn't agree to opposition calls for a temporary handover of all Presidential authority. For more on the current situation in Venezuela - RT talks to an expert on Latin American politics, Adrian Salbuchi, broadband from Buenos Aires.

'Chavez's cancer may help US destabilize Latin America'


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