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Fabricated “Russian Invasion”: Big Lies Risk Confrontation with Russia

Claims about Russia invading Ukraine are fabricated. Big Lies proliferate.

“Russian Invasion” – Screaming ‘Wolf!’ Strategy of Deception. Lies Repeated Umpteen Times. What is the Endgame?

“Russian Invasion” – How long is screaming ‘Wolf!’ having an impact on Western public opinion? – Until Full Spectrum Dominance has been attained?

The 3rd Temple - Already Built ?

3rd Temple built in Brazil by the One World Religion Universal Church! What does it Mean?

3rd Temple Built in Brazil by the One World Religion Universal Church! What's It Mean?

Did Israeli army deliberately kill its own captured soldier and destroy Gaza ceasefire?

On Saturday evening, the Israeli army stated that Hadar Goldin, the soldier it claimed Hamas had captured on Friday morning, is dead.

Turchynov admits Ukraine's intelligence constantly lied about Russian plans

According to speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov, representatives of security agencies deliberately whipped up the situation systematically misinforming the country's leadership about Russia's possible military intervention, which had never happened.

The Great Deceiver — The Federal Reserve

Is the Fed “tapering”? Did the Fed really cut its bond purchases during the three month period November 2013 through January 2014? Apparently not if foreign holders of Treasuries are unloading them.

It's Not There!

A video from Snordelhans based on a comment by Mike Rivero regarding the lies and deception in the ongoing jewish narrative to elevate Israhell from a stolen land to a legitimate one. 

It's Not There!

Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

As the machinery for a U.S.-led military intervention in Syria gathers pace following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the U.S. and its allies may be targeting the wrong culprit.

Is This The Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Done?

Reza Aslan, a religious scholar with a Ph.D. in the sociology of religions from the University of California and author of the new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, went on’s online show Spirited Debate to promote his book only to be prodded about why a Muslim would write a historical book about Jesus.

Is This The Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Done?

K-News - January 2013: By Imran Nazar Hosein for

We are sure you'll agree that 2012 was such a crazy year in the world. From the Israeli attacks on Palestine, to the Saudi expansion plans, to yet more unrest in the Middle East. What impact will they have on the world going into 2013? What action must we take to ensure we can continue to decipher truth from falsehood?

KN-OW.COM | Imran Nazar Hosein; K-News January 2013

The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor

The United Kingdom and United States intelligence installed Khomeini.
There was no "Islamic Revolution" in 1979.

Photographs of Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan appeared in an Iranian newspaper, at the time frame of their meeting in Chalus (1978).

Spingola & Martin Spank the Nazi Boogeyman

Deanna Spingola hosts expert Rodney Martin and together they Hammer a series of Kosher Canards. A real downer for "Evil Nazi" addicts but otherwise chock full o' truth.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - The Importance of Land

We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of colossal riches, upon which even large fortunes of the GOYIM will depend to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of the States on the day after the political smash.

Buelahman Explains Why The Jews Are Persecuted

Buelahman narrates an outstanding video summation of the facts. A mere 9:11 of life changing truth for the unaware. Handout a copy today.

Why Are Jews Persecuted?

Rothschild-Gutmann Money Behind SSPX Kosher Imperative

Krah: Yes, there is a family in Austria which wanted to donate to the SSPX, but did not want to donate directly. They wanted to establish a foundation that would support the SSPX. And in every foundation you need some trustees. It’s a kind of trust, and I am one of the trustees. I was chosen by the family who established the foundation.

Holohoax Fraudster Fagan Frustrated

US Federal judge "found no trace" of a Holocaust survivor group Fagan purported to represent. "Fagan is no stranger to the tactic of acquiring a partial interest in "Nazi"-looted art for the sole purpose of pursuing restitution lawsuits."

Musn't Overlook: Protocols of Zion Read Aloud in Greek Parliament

Ilias Kasidiaris, a spokesperson for neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, read out Protocol 19 from the anti-Semitic forgery. The Foreign Affairs Network of B'nai B’rith Europe called the manuscript’s reading in an EU parliament “a sign of moral corruption and degradation which must not be overlooked.”

Blacklisted by History: Death of the "McCarthyism" Big Lie

"McCarthy blew the lid of the cover-up and made himself Public Enemy #1. They set out to destroy him and four years later they'd done it."

"Mr. Chairman, this is the most unusual procedure I have seen in all the years I have been here. I think the senator from Wisconsin ought to have the courtesy of not being pulled to pieces before he has had a chance to offer one single consecutive sentence." - Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge

M. Stanton Evans is the author of "Blacklisted by History"

Once You are Wise to the Hypocrisy and Parasitism

Delacroix replays the brilliant Zundel interview with an Israeli journalist. Chock full of Jewish lies, murder, intrigue, and hypocrisy. Valuable collection of references and Zundel is in outstanding form.

Pope Ronald Lauder's Edict

WJC Macher Lauder says, "Until the Pius Brotherhood takes a clear stand [on 'antisemitism' and 'Holocaust' denial] they should not be readmitted into the fold of the Catholic Church.”

Zundel: Off Your Knees Germany & the World!

Great film of Ernst Zundel's struggles against ZOG.  Rousing and systematic exposure of Holocaust lies and the techniques of ZOG.  Great gift and pefect stocking stuffer for the Christmas season!

Off Your Knees Germany (Ernst Zundel)

Eyeball to Eyeball with the Goyim: Be Real Careful What You Say

"Funny" Jew Sasha Cohen finds that at least some of Goyim seem to see through and resent his attempts to use them for his own ends.

Borat - Throw the Jew Down the Well!!

Whole Foods’ SICKENING TRICKS by a former customer

The customer who did the unthinkable – showing what GMOs do- was met at the check out by phalanx of a group of very tense people who worked there, including at least two managers, who said the customer was not allowed to show pictures or talk to customers in that way. The justification they used was that a customer had been bothered.

Post Vatican II Jewry: From Enemy to "Fathers"

A few omissions worth noting: Judaic 'convert' Gregory Baum's proclamation at a B'nai B'rith conference that Christians rather than Jews should be converted; the crucial role of the descendant of Sephardic bankers, Malachi Martin;.

Man dressed as Elmo arrested in Times Square for 'shouting anti-Semitic rants' once ran rape fantasy porn site in Cambodia

According to the New York Times, Sandler is a 48-year-old from Ashland Oregon who then moved to Cambodia and founded a pornographic website called Welcome To Rape Camp, and was later deported because of it.

Elmo Preaches International Truth in Central Park

Elmo draws sustained attention in NYC with truth about ADL and Henry Ford's classic text.  Think folks will go home and talk about him?  Think someone they know will confirm what Elmo said?  You betcha!  A+ for Elmo

Jew hating Elmo in central park

Cyclists' 4,000 Mile Journey for 9/11 Truth

Rena Patty and Pam Senzee are cycling 4,000 miles from San Juan Islands, WA to New York and Washington DC. They have been stopping at police stations, fire stations, and churches to inform them of the serious flaws and omission of forensic facts from the official 9/11 story.

Executive Order Allows Seizure of Bank Accounts

The latest executive order (EO) emanating from the White House October 9 now claims the power to freeze all bank accounts and stop any related financial transactions that a “sanctioned person” may own or try to perform — all in the name of “Iran Sanctions.”

"Your Cooperation is Earnestly Sought..."

We know how the Red Army behaved in Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Galicia, and Bessarabia and will certainly behave when it overruns Central Europe. Unless precautions are taken, the horrors will throw an undue strain on public opinion.

Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda. Your cooperation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans...


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