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Indoctrinate U

A candid examination of conformism, political correctness, thought control and suppression of free speech in U.S. Higher Education institutions.

Indoctrinate U

Greece to Toughen Penalties on Hate Speech

Lawmakers in Greece on Tuesday began debating draft legislation to outlaw Holocaust denial and expand prosecution powers against the incitement of racial violence, following scores of violent attacks against immigrants and a surge in popular support for the extreme right Golden Dawn party.

'Shut Up' Culture: UK free speech threatened as protest smothered

Britain's free speech and human rights culture doesn't seem to extend to those who disagree with powerful minorities. Activists are crying foul over a series of scandals and arrests for offending certain sections of society.

'Shut Up' Culture: UK free speech threatened as protest smothered

Men fined for wearing East German shirts

Two men went to court in Berlin on Wednesday to dispute being fined €2,700 each for wearing the blue shirts of the youth group of former communist East Germany.

Free-speech zones, Russian style

A town 12 kilometers from Russia’s Olympic venues in Sochi will host a so-called “protest zone” during the Winter Games, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said Friday.

Israel and the erosion of democracy: an Australian story

Defending the rights of academics to express their views on controversial issues is a basic tenant of democracy. Given that democracies are a work in progress, it is up to us as citizens within democratic nations to use our voice to protect our civil liberties. Part of this means we have to empower those who have been disempowered and stripped of their basic human rights, both at home and abroad. This does not bode well for Israel - a state criticised by UN bodies and reputable human rights organisations for its flagrant human rights violations.

UK MP suspended for calling Israel ‘apartheid state’

British Liberal Democrat MP David Ward has been suspended by the party after he posted a tweet, calling Israel an “apartheid state”.

Manifesto of First Anti-Jewish Congress (Dresden, Sept 11, 1882)

As a result of this situation, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis-à-vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age. Aspiring young professionals are worried about their future; elderly men who have made a name for themselves are concerned about their past and their posthumous reputation. And in order to secure these things with the help of the Jewish press, they become trainbearers of Jewish power, they turn into traitors to their own nation and race and thus to their own blood relations

Mr. Bean Calls for Repeal of "Hate Speech" Laws

Rowan Atkinson, one of Britain’s most popular film and television comedy stars, has told the government that the hate speech provisions of the Public Order Act must be repealed to uphold the country’s ancient traditions of freedom of speech.

Where are the West's free speech defenders in Eutelsat censorship case?

Silence and mystery continue to surround the decision of Paris-based Eutelsat to disconnect all Iranian media from its satellite television services. Eutelsat continues to refuse interview requests from Press TV. The company's only press release stated that European Union sanctions forced the ban, but an EU spokesperson told Press TV that the sanctions contain no such orders.

Where are the West's free speech defenders in Eutelsat censorship case?

"Holocaust" Revisionism in 60 Seconds

On the traditional view, the Holocaust was the deliberate murder of some 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime during World War II.  Hitler’s intention all along was to kill the Jews, and many died in specially-constructed gas chambers.  The corpses were burned in crematoriums, and the ashes scattered.  Some of the most infamous extermination camps—Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec—were completely dismantled and have all but vanished, as have the remains of the victims.

Stadtmiller Reads ZCF Classic

John Stadtmiller reads ZCF's classic JWO Unmasked. Excellent sheeple food. Pair with the original text and the label. Excellent stocking stuffer.

Henry Shively on International "Law" & Internet Control

Shively details intrigue surrounding recent GoDaddy shutdown of websites. Discussion of circumvention of Constitution and national legal processes as well as increasing focus on the Tribal aspect of all of our problems.

Brilliant East End Banking Mural Panics Jews

The mural, by international graffiti artist Mear One, shows moustachioed and hooked-nosed bankers huddled around a Monopoly board supported on the backs of the working class.

Rabid Aussie Jewry Grounds Toben After Bankrupting Him

How they do it: Toben Grounded - Australian Jews gloat as Revisionist Toben is forced to surrender passport after action brought by "Jeremy Jones"

Zundel: Off Your Knees Germany & the World!

Great film of Ernst Zundel's struggles against ZOG.  Rousing and systematic exposure of Holocaust lies and the techniques of ZOG.  Great gift and pefect stocking stuffer for the Christmas season!

Off Your Knees Germany (Ernst Zundel)

Cleansing the Internet of Terrorism: EU-Funded Project Seeks To Erode Civil Liberties

A new project aimed at “countering illegal use of the Internet” is making headlines this week. The project, dubbed CleanIT, is funded by the European Commission (EC) to the tune of more than $400,000 and, it would appear, aims to eradicate the Internet of terrorism.

More countries restrict Internet to stifle critics: report

Government restrictions on the Internet have risen over the past year around the world as regimes use violence against bloggers and turn to censorship and arrest to squelch calls for reform, a new report from a U.S. advocacy group has found.

California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism

Last month, the California State Assembly passed a resolution urging state educational institutions to more aggressively crack down on criticism of the State of Israel on campuses, which the resolution defines as “anti-Semitism.” The anti-democratic resolution is the latest step in the broader campaign to stifle and suppress dissent on California's increasingly volatile campuses.

Times of Israel's 'Manny Friedman' is Chabad's Elad Nehorai

Blogging for the ultra-nationalist Times of Israel, a new online publication based in Jerusalem, Jewish writer Elad Nehorai wrote an opinion piece boldly declaring that Jews DO indeed control the media!

Strangely, about a week after Nehorai’s boastful article was posted on The Times of Israel, the page was updated, Elad’s profile photo was removed and the the article was no longer attributed to “Elad Nehorai,” but rather to a “Manny Friedman.” At the end of the article, the following Orwellian disclaimer now reads: “This article was written under an assumed name.”

WeAreChangeLA sends Karl Rove and his Bull Shite packing

WeAreChangeLA sends Karl Rove and his B.S. packing. We should all do a citizen's arrest on all war criminals.


ZOG Beast Rising: Arthur Topham Arrested in Communist Canada

International Jewry's psychotic worldwide rampage targeting dissidents continues. Hot on the heels of the arrest of six people in Scotland for criticizing Jews on Facebook, the Jewish thought police has struck in Canada arresting Jew-wise publisher and writer Arthur Topham of

Free Speech Vs. Israel

It is quite bizarre that even the Israeli writer group sent a letter on April 11th to the Swedish Academy in charge of selecting laureates for the Nobel Prize in Literature demanding the award of German Nobelist Gunter Grass be revoked. Luckily, the Academy response was, "no can do!" 

Brendon O'Connell's Hunger Strike

Latest on Brendon O'Connell and a series of phone recordings of from Casuarina Prison (maximum security) in West Australia where he has been held for expressing an opinion that the Zionist Jews are racist.

Activists Occupy AIPAC with message to Congress: No War On Iran

The full People's Microphone inside the panel said:
"Mic check!
Ros-Lehtinen is pushing war
based on lies.
We are the 99%
Wars benefit the 1%
Don't bomb Iran!

WTFU! it's your choice of perception to this abbreviation

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for altering your reality or fantasy for what you are about to read below! Because what you are about to read is the truth, my truth and nothing but the honest truth from me, myself and I:

David Duke interviewed Wall Street Protestor Patricia McAllister

David Duke interviewed Patricia McAllister, LAUSD Teacher, Fired After Airing(So called) Anti-Semitic Views


SOPA Versus Free Speech

PROTECT-IP is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate and the House and is moving quickly through Congress. It gives the government and corporations the ability to censor the net, in the name of protecting "creativity". The law would let the government or corporations censor entire sites-- they just have to convince a judge that the site is "dedicated to copyright infringement."

SOPA Versus Free Speech

Council urges civility, threatens priest with police removal

So, a priest walks into a city council meeting — stop me if you’ve heard this one — and is nearly hauled away by the police for speaking calmly to his elected officials.

Hilarious, right?

US seeks to restrict internet freedom in America

Today Hillary Clinton was at The Hague to advocate for internet freedom. Hillary and other US officials are encouraging governments abroad to embrace internet freedom, but at home are pushing to restrict the same freedom. Obama has said the more freely information flows the stronger a society becomes. But why would these same officials want new regulations that would limit the information in America. Mike Riggs, associate editor for Reason Magazine, helps us understand the internet hypocrisy.

US seeks to restrict internet freedom in America


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