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CBS Host: Palestinians Force Israel to Kill Kids

On his July 27 show, CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer went on a rant about Palestinians.

Israel’s Irish embassy deletes picture of Dublin statue in niqab

The pictures also showed European landmarks with weapons such as suicide bombs

Yet another Israeli PR own-goal.

CNN: Palestinians Want to Die

CNN's Jake Tapper claims Palestinians live in a culture of martyrdom and that they want to die.

The ISIS “Islamic State” Not Hamas Claimed responsibility for murder of three Israeli boys

While Israel has claimed that Hamas was behind the murder of 3 Israeli boys and subsequent rocket attacks, the Times of Israel reported last week:

Clinton: I warned Obama about Putin

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she had warned President Barack Obama about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s "true agenda" to “re-Sovietize” nations in Eastern Europe.

How Israel buys loyalty of US university administrators

Documents reveal disturbing details of a propaganda tour of Israel and the occupied West Bank undertaken by top University of South Florida officials.

Israel ‘intercepts ship carrying dozens of rockets intended for Gaza Strip’

Israel says it has intercepted a ship carrying dozens of advanced Iranian-supplied rockets intended for guerrillas in the Gaza Strip.

If the people of Gaza were trying to obtain rockets, and that is a big if, why would they attempt to transport them by ship, knowing that the squatter state's navy would inevitably intercept them? When reading stories like this, it is worth keeping in mind Mossad's motto - "By way of deception thou shall do war".

UNESCO postpones Paris Jewish exhibit

The UN's cultural agency said Friday it would postpone an exhibition tracing 3,500 years of relationship between the Jewish people and Israel, after Arab countries warned the show could jeopardise the peace process.

'Netanyahu is not bluffing on intention to strike Iran'

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “is not bluffing” on his intentions to strike Iran, should the Islamic Republic continue its nuclear program for much longer, a former senior Israeli military official told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

Israel’s embassy in Ireland criticised after social media controversies

The ‘provocative’, ‘offensive’ approach of the country’s Dublin mission has drawn international media attention.

Israeli Air Force Shoots Down Drone

Jets from the Israeli Occupation Forces scramble to intercept what they claim was an intelligence-gathering drone flying over the southern region of the squatter state.

Israeli Air Force Shoots Down Drone

Ahmadinejad cameraman hands nuclear tapes to CIA, Israel's Debka reports

The Iranian cameraman assigned to document President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent trip to the UN has defected, and new reports claim that with his exit he has handed the US a trove of never-before-seen footage of his homeland’s nuclear facilities.

Israeli children in the army museum

An Israeli film maker indulges Israeli children's fanasties of "killing Arabs", defending them by claming that in the "Palestinians society the agitation and hate in the education system is very aggressive including weapons camps from the age of five" and by suggesting that such surreal scenes as shown in the video are not unique to Israel.

Israeli kids in the army museum - Itamar Rose

Binyamin Netanyahu draws 'red line' on Iran nuclear bomb chart at UN

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu uses a red pen and a chart at the United Nations to illustrate the Iranian nuclear threat

Toronto International Film Festival Cozying up to Israeli Propaganda

The empire requires a nice juicy enemy to keep people's minds off its own sins. During the Cold War, Hollywood responded admirably to the challenge, churning out anti-communist thrillers with Russian bad guys, most memorably during Reagan's surreal presidency, when "Red Dawn" and "Rocky IV" reduced international politics to a comic book parody.

IAEA Report Shows Iran Reduced Its Breakout Capacity

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report made public Thursday reveals that Iran has actually reduced the amount of 20-percent enriched uranium available for any possible “breakout” to weapons grade enrichment over the last three months rather than increasing it.

Decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final — Israel TV

PM believes Iran’s regime is aiming to ‘destroy the Jewish people,’ does not think Obama will resort to force. Nuclear drive ‘further ahead’ than previously thought. In a year, Israeli action could have only ‘negligible effect’

Which ‘Terror Plots’ are Relevant to Burgas?

Following US news media coverage of the Burgas, Bulgaria bombing, one would conclude that the Hezbollah provenance of the attack can be determined from recent alleged Hezbollah terrorist plotting against Israelis in Cyprus and elsewhere. The New York Times quotes anonymous US officials as saying the Burgas attack bears "all the hallmarks" of "the Hezbollah plots, including the arrest in Cyprus earlier this month of a suspected operative on the suspicion of scheming to kill Israeli tourists."

Dershowitz strikes back -- with lies (yawn)

During the question-and-answer session after the Annenberg presentation, one female student asked, "If an Arab student comes up to me and says, 'You took my land,' and I respond, 'Yeah, but we support gay rights,' how does that add up?"

Dershowitz said the answer is that the Jews didn't steal the land.

White phosphorus found in mortar shells fired from Gaza

Two mortar shells fired at Eshkol Regional Council Sunday morning contained internationally prohibited substance that can cause severe burns, a police examination reveals

Dershowitz trying discredit the Anti-Israel End the Fed crowd as "anti-semetic"

Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School desperate trying to deflect the the rise against the bankers trying to call people anti Semitic for being against central bankers. He is attacking people who do not support Israel and against Jewish Bankers


Israeli officials: ElBaradei an Iranian agent

Absurd claim despite ElBaradei sitting in same Wall Street-London think-tank as current Israeli president, Bank of Israel governor, and a former Israeli foreign minister.

How Israeli Propagandists Transform Dead Soldiers Into Civilians

Before my bus left Eilat station, I had the answer to one of the questions that had brought me to Gaza ... why do Palestinian human bombs so often pick "public buses" as targets?

English translations of the King's Torah (Torat HaMelech): The Laws Pertaining To Relations Between Jews and Goyim (non-Jews)

This translation has not been approved by the authors of the original text. Due to so much hype and misunderstanding about this book I felt that a translation or synopsis was necessary. Text Appendices not included.

Pam Geller Justifies Breivik’s Terror: Youth Camp Had More ‘Middle Eastern or Mixed’ Races Than ‘Pure Norwegian’

Popular hate blogger Pam Geller has received scrutiny in recent days as the public became aware that the right-wing terrorist in Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, had praised her blog and thoroughly cited her writing in his political manifesto. After a number of blogs made the connection, as well as the New York Times, the Atlantic, and other major outlets, Geller became incensed and began lashing out at her critics.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer fundraise on Norway attack, America's most virulent anti-Islam bloggers continue attacking all

They are now actually fundraising on the fact that they helped inspire a massacre. Or more accurately, they're begging for money to protect them from the imaginary witch hunt that they claim the liberals will mount. Those dead people clearly had a pro-Islamic agenda! "Antisemitic war games" makes the victims sound like ... soldiers preparing to attack Israel, making violence against them conceivably an act of "defense of Israel," which is, of course, a justification for violence that in Geller's world is indistinguishable from "self-defense."

Israeli Settlers Welcome Russian Neo-Nazi Holocaust Deniers to Knesset, Yad VaShem

It begins with a visit from a Russian neo-Nazi delegation to Israel.The two Russians have been photographed giving Nazi salutes, celebrating Der Fuhrer’s birthday, and they published songs of praise to Adoph Hitler on their website.One of the neo-Nazis told Israeli TV that the concept of Israel “excites me”.

Al-Jazeera exposes who finances the Zionist anti-Muslim movement...hint: JEWS!

Behold the secret moneymen behind the idiotic and distracting counter-"Jihad" movement. The same moneymen who have ruined countless countries for centuries. All with the permission and support of Shabbos Goyim and Freemason frontmen in government and the media.

Swimming in the sea of hate: Breivik’s Zionist, Jewish, and Far Right links

Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik once offered his personal feelings on the state of the world during a series of postings on several far right and anti-Muslim websites, including Stormfront, Gates of Vienna, enationalist and Nordisk.


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