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Irate NSA Staffer Doesn’t Like Being Filmed in Public, for Some Reason

The NSA sent someone bearing the nametag “Neal Z.” to the University of New Mexico’s Engineering and Science Career Fair today, in the hopes of recruiting young computer geniuses to help manage the yottabytes of data it is collecting about you. But instead of eager young applicants, Mr. Z. encountered University of New Mexico alumnus Andy Beale and student Sean Potter, who took the rare opportunity of being in the room with a genuine NSA agent to ask him about his employer’s illegal collection of metadata on all Americans. Mr. Z. did not like that one bit.

NSA Attacks Student at University of New Mexico (Angle One)

Indoctrinate U

A candid examination of conformism, political correctness, thought control and suppression of free speech in U.S. Higher Education institutions.

Indoctrinate U

Italy's unelected Prime Minister slams Russia's elected President, Vladimir Putin, for 'escalation' in Ukraine

Italy's de-facto dictator, Matteo Renzi, called Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday to warn of "very serious consequences" after reports that Moscow has sent troops into Ukraine.

Why Isn’t The Media Outraged Over The Death Of Dillon Taylor?

Could the reason have anything to do with the fact that Dillon was a mixed race young man, and the cop was black?

Sanctions against Russia over Ukraine must continue: Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that sanctions imposed on Russia over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine must continue.

White House criticizes Russia over Ukraine actions

The White House accused Russia on Friday of escalating its destabilizing activity in Ukraine in a way that is "extremely dangerous and provocative," but stopped short of confirming NATO's assertion that a Russian military column had ventured into Ukraine overnight.

Why should Russian resources be given to Wall Street?

The US has accused Moscow of violating laws dating back to the 1980s. Washington says Russia has breached a nuclear arms treaty signed with the Soviet Union in 1987, by testing a ground-launch cruise missile.

‘Why should Russian resources be given to Wall Street?’

Western leadership shot down in Ukraine

Irresponsibility on steroids is all we have seen from 95% of the Western statements coming out on the Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine.

Top German MP suspected of buying crystal meth

German news wire DPA and Bild both cited sources on Thursday which said Hartmann, the party’s interior policy expert, was suspected of buying crystal meth.

Western media spews propaganda - John Pilger

"Over here in the West we don’t believe we’re biased at all – in fact, we believe we’re the essence of objectivity and impartiality, but of course when it comes to great power politics, that simply is not true."

RT SophieCo interview with John Pilger

Biden: Germany is 'xenophobic'

US Vice President Joe Biden suggested Germany was hostile towards immigrants in a speech on Tuesday, in which he described the US as the only "non-xenophobic" major economy in the world.

US praises 'restraint' of Kiev forces while they shell East Ukraine with missiles

Top Pentagon official has praised the way the Ukrainian military is dealing with anti-government forces. Assistant Defence Secretary Derek Chollet is in Kiev - and he says he's impressed with the work being done.

US praises 'restraint' of Kiev forces while they shell E. Ukraine with missiles

War Criminal Blair to issue warning over EU election results

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to call for a shakeup of the European Union following huge gains by eurosceptic parties in recent EU Parliament (EP) elections.

Alarm in Donetsk as people brace for Ukrainian forces attack

People are clearing shelves in Donetsk city shops, fearing a new wave of attack and storming of the city by Ukrainian troops. Fighter jets are buzzing overhead in the sky, as self-defense prepares for a fight in the occupied administrative buildings.

Big Brother USA's spy charges are absurd - China Voice

As the most notorious surveillance country, the U.S. indictment of Chinese military officers seems almost insolent in a world still reeling at the scope of the U.S. spy network.

Kiev proclaims post-referendum Donetsk, Lugansk regions ‘terrorist organizations’

New authorities in post-coup Kiev have listed the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as terrorist organizations. The two regions proclaimed themselves sovereign states after the controversial May 11 referendums.

Look who’s calling voting ‘divisive’ and ‘illegal’

The rot at the core of US international affairs, domestic politics and the corporate media is evident in the American approach to the Ukraine crisis.

Surprise, surprise! US says Eastern Ukraine vote illegal

Ukraine has been a mainstay of the US State Department's daily news briefing in recent months, and today was no different.

US says Eastern Ukraine vote illegal

Donetsk prepares for referendum

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to do more to ease tensions in Ukraine. Merkel met with French President, Francois Hollande, in her constituency in Germany on Saturday.

Both leaders said Sunday's planned referendum in Ukraine's eastern region is illegal and will carry no weight. But the chairman of the election commission of the self-declared Donetsk Peoples Republic said more than 1,500 polling stations are being set up and added that a "yes" vote would give the region the right to change things.

Donetsk prepares for referendum

Silence of the Wolves: Ukraine and the Moral Stultification of the West

Although all efforts have been made by the violently-installed regime in Kiev and its sponsors in the United States and Europe to, by turns or simultaneously, ignore, downplay, obfuscate and distort the horrific events in Odessa, Ukraine on Friday, May 2, what is indisputably evident is that an estimated 46 people were killed and 200 forced to seek medical treatment after assaults by pro-government forces culminated in the burning of a trade union office building.

Russia Today criticized again by US State Dept. for 'false claims' & 'selective editing'

RT has fallen under the criticism of the State Department yet again; accusing the news agency of propagandizing the reports from Ukraine.

RT criticized again by US State Dept. for 'false claims' & 'selective editing'

David Cameron: Britain must bomb Syria to prevent more devastating chemical weapon attacks

What he actually means is that the UK must bomb Syria to prevent Assad from being re-elected with a landslide vote.

Petition fails to remove WWII Russian tanks from German Memorial

The German government rejected on Wednesday a call by two newspapers to remove Russian tanks from a World War II memorial in central Berlin in protest against spiralling tensions in Ukraine.

Seriously, what?! Kerry tells Russia 'you don't invade a country on completely phony pretexts'

The US Secretary of State spoke today of the unacceptability of invading a sovereign country on phony pretexts in order to assert one’s own interests in the 21st century. But no, he was not speaking about the United States, as one might have thought.

Maidan Puppetmistress plans new Ukrainian government and says "F*** the EU"

It appears that Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is not content with just handing out bread and cookies to protestors who would be subject to a severe crackdown if they had the audacity to take to the streets demanding a regime change in her own country.

Марионетки Майдана

EU urges Ukraine to ditch anti-protest laws

Western leaders criticised Kiev for adopting tough legislation against demonstrations, calling the move "undemocratic".

'Spain must step up war on corruption': EU

Spain needs to ramp up its fight against corruption by introducing key reforms aimed at greater transparency, the Council of Europe's anti-corruption group said in a new report released on Wednesday.

US govt struck deal with Mexican drug cartel in exchange for info

Between 2000 and 2012, the US government had a deal with Mexican drug cartel Sinaloa that allowed the group to smuggle billion of dollars of drugs in return for information on its rival cartels, according to court documents published by El Universal.

Blaming Assad a red herring, West still intends to destabilize Syria

In Syria, the strengthening of Al-Qaeda-linked groups has led to growing in-fighting between once allied rebels. Fierce clashes between rival opposition factions have killed at least 700 people this week.The outbreak of a civil war within a civil war has prompted some Western politicians who previously rooted solely for Assad's removal to change their stance. Infighting within the ranks of the Syrian rebels is threatening the Russia-US brokered peace conference that's due in less than two weeks.

'Blaming Assad a red herring, West still intends to destabilize Syria'

West negotiates with terrorists as Syria atrocities reach new level

Horrifying reports from a Syrian town suggest that entire families have been massacred by rebel fighters and also that civilians have been kidnapped and used as human shields.

Al-Qaeda linked jihadists forced their way to Adra, which is just outside Damascus, launching a massive assault on residents which reportedly killed more than eighty people - including children.

Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization gives his thoughts on the ongoing crisis in Syria.

'West negotiates with terrorists as Syria atrocities reach new level'


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