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Lithuania: 'Russia practically in a war against Europe'

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has said Russia is "practically in a war against Europe".

Man gets £5,000 nose job paid for by NHS who refuse to fund cancer care for a five-year-old girl

A man who says he is seeking a celebrity lifestyle has been given a nose job by the NHS while it refuses to fund the cancer treatment of a five-year-old girl who lives nearby.

Maryland child 'exorcism' killings: two women are charged

Police charged two women on Saturday in connection with the deaths of two children in Maryland, saying the women believed they were performing an exorcism.are charged

Pardon for Israeli Who Butchered Wife in Thailand

Israeli man convicted of murdering and dismembering ex-wife released from prison, slated to return to Israel in six months. Victim’s mother accuses Minister Eli Yishai of involvement in Cohen’s release.

Rabbi Harry Waton: Kabbalist Champion of Jewish Red Terror

Dr. Harry Waton, the American Jewish Marxist and Kabbalist, claimed "Marxism will rule the world", "Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. Now, indeed, this is the historic destiny of the Jews", "Judaism is communism", and "Jews will conquer the world and the human race."

Occupy Protester Accused Of Bank Robbery For Holding ‘You’re Being Robbed’ Sign

An Occupy Easton protester faces an attempted bank robbery charge following an arrest at an organized event at a bank – during which the "Occupier" was holding a sign that reportedly read "You're being robbed."

NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran - Thanks, AIPAC

The Lobby is pushing America into another war for Israel.

Medical fascists promote ante-natal abortion

Killing newborn babies should be allowed if the mother wishes, two Australian academics have argued in the British Medical Journals.

Crazy Jewess Launches Racist Tirade Against Gentiles

My Tram Experience Number II: Ugly Jewish woman throws tirades, Talmudic curses and vulgar slurs at bystanders. 

Crazy Jewess Launches Racist Tirade Against Gentiles [TRANSCRIBED]

EU breaks its own ruling on water hydration claims

EU officials could be prosecuted after falling foul of their own ruling that banned claims that drinking water could prevent dehydration.

European Stability Mechanism Treaty - The establishment of an unaccountable bankocracy

The operation of the European Stability Mechanism is not subject to any form of oversight (independent or otherwise), nor is it judiciable by any national or supra-national court.  In effect, the budgets of Europe’s nation states will be entirely in the hands of one single, unelected body that is accountable to no-one and has immunity from any and all legal action. 

EU Mafia Debt Slave Plans

Serial adulterer and U.S. presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says Palestinians are terrorists

Former House speaker and GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich said during Saturday’s ABC News/Yahoo News Republican debate that Palestinians are “terrorists.” The comment came after Gingrich was asked about his statement in the days leading up to the debate that Palestinians are an “invented” people.

Newt: Palestinians are terrorists

Sodomy (and sex with animals) to be decriminalised in the military with constitutional change

Sodomy and sex with animals would be made legal under military law in a bill passed by the U.S. Senate.

MPAA loon espouses Chinese-style internet censorship

How can someone at the head of an organisation representing the interests of so many large corporations display such an astounding level of ignorance?

United Cabin Crew Thinks Books About Old Airplanes Signify A Security Threat

Policeman: "Sir, were you looking at a book of airplanes?"

Japanese professor angry at Japanese government's gross negligence

Professor Tatsuhiko Kodama, head of the Radioisotope Center at the University of Tokyo, appearing as a witness to give testimony to the Committee on Welfare and Labor in Japan's Lower House on July 27.


Jennifer Lake on Stx and Stuxnet

I’m not one to overlook the obvious. Stx, the Shiga toxin that is spreading in Germany, and the Stuxnet virus which may have unhinged Fukushima, have too small an alphabet pool...but apart from whatever added meaning I might ‘see’ in alphabet language, there is an unmistakable parallel, and very real possibilities that the events are two parts of one operation just as the September 11 attack was followed by anthrax –again, with symbolic relatedness.

Swimming in the sea of hate: Breivik’s Zionist, Jewish, and Far Right links

Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik once offered his personal feelings on the state of the world during a series of postings on several far right and anti-Muslim websites, including Stormfront, Gates of Vienna, enationalist and Nordisk.

ZIONazi ABB: "Facing death is easy when you're in a good mood"

ABB logs all events leading up to the attack, beginning in 2002.

His declaration of intent declares that his goal is to develop a Temperance organization; "It will become the most conservative revolutionary movement in Western Europe for the coming decades".

"Everybody uses code words - mine is Sigurd the Crusador"

Canton PD Officer Goes Berserk when man tries to notify of concealed weapon

On June 8, 2011 the following unfortunate arrest took place in Canton, OH. Notifying the police when you have a firearm is required by Ohio Law, but when this individual with a thirty-day old license tries to do that, he is repeatedly ordered to look away, shut up, or interrupted and "forced" to change what he is speaking about by the actions of an aggressive cop who maintains verbal control of the situation.

Dash Cam: Canton PD "Notification" Arrest & Officer Goes Berserk / Threatens

EU parliament sets conditions for airport body scanners

The European parliament backed Wednesday the deployment of body scanners at airports, but on condition that travelers have the right to refuse to walk through the controversial machines.

European lawmakers gave their conditional support in a show of raised hands a day before the European Commission decides whether to authorise states in the 27-nation European Union to use body scanners at airport security checkpoints.

The parliament has the power to overturn the decision within three months.

Federal Judge: BP not Responsible For Oil Spill Damage,Tax Payers Are

Ruling in favor of Transocean and BP, a federal judge on Thursday dismissed third-party environmental claims in a giant pleading bundle in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill litigation, saying the fact that the oil flow has stopped makes those lawsuits irrelevant.

US Congressman wants Iraq to repay US for war cost

In another blame-the-victim strategy, a U.S. congressman visiting Baghdad Friday suggested that Iraq pay back the United States for the money it has spent in the eight years since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

Shaul Spitzer Sets Aron Rottenberg on Fire in Hasidic Religious War

UPDATE: The family of Aron Rottenberg says he was attacked because he started a prayer group outside the authority of Grand Rabbi David Twersky, and that Twersky's followers have been trying to drive him from the community ever since.

Donor Bread (Money) and Congressional Circuses

Most of Congress is ignorant about the real nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and about the real consequences of American foreign policy relative to it. That ignorance is sustained by the fact that the U.S. information environment relating to the conflict is still largely controlled by the Zionists. For instance, much of the briefing material on the issue going to Congressional members is produced by AIPAC and allied Zionist organizations, the State Department has been purged of anyone sympathetic to the Palestinians or the Arabs in general, the media remains almost uniformly biased in favor of Israel, and finally,  for the politicians, ignorance is underwritten by that 24% of their campaign contributions. It also helps enormously that this ignorance is shared by the American public at large.

The False Death of Osama bin Laden - a Perfect Psyop Propaganda to promote the Gullibility of American Idiots

"We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves." - Goethe

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Schopenhauer


What happens this week is pitiful and laughably absurd.

Synagogue of Lucifer mocks and crucifies Jesus on Israeli TV

Disturbing content ahead.

This is what the Khazar and Edomite Jews think of Jesus the Christ.

Jesus said: "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9, King James Bible)

Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV - צליבת ישו - The Crucifixion of "Yeshu"


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