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Anti-Semitism Rises in Europe Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict

In other words... You should be feeling sorry for us, not them!

German Jews condemn 'explosion of hate'

Always the victims and never the aggressors.

Jews in France are stand-ins for Israeli targets

Days after demonstrators, angry over the latest Israeli bombardment of Gaza, tried to storm two Paris synagogues, leaders of Jewish groups in France tell The Local that the community is braced for more anti-Semitic attacks.

Ukrainian president says rebels using heavy weapons in counterattack

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday told U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden that the separatists were using heavy weapons on the government forces in their counterattacks aiming to retake lost territories in Ukraine's east.

'Jew-Haters': Wiesenthal Center accuses Russia Today of anti-Semitism in satire Rap News

The Wiesenthal Center published a statement on its website on May 12, decrying an Australian-made, satirical show called Juice Rap News which is broadcast on RT. The organization leveled claims of anti-Semitism at RT, pertaining to an installment of Juice News entitled “Israel vs. Palestine” broadcasted three weeks ago.

UK minister claims that Russia is holding countries to ransom

The British energy minister says London must work to weaken what he called Moscow’s stranglehold on world energy resources.

Beppe Grillo won't apologize for 'anti-Semitic' post

Italian politician Beppe Grillo has refused to apologize to Italy’s Jewish community after the press dubbed him an anti-Semite for publishing an adapted version of Holocaust survivor Primo Levi’s classic ‘If this is a man’.

We're very worried by rise of Nazis in Europe

Jews in Italy have seen walls smeared with swastikas and had pig's heads delivered to their doors in recent months, but the head of the Jewish Community, Riccardo Pacifici, insists Italy remains a much better place to be Jewish than many other European countries.

Chilean soccer team Palestino Deportivo in Anti-Israel Shirt Row

The shirt of a Chilean football team formerly coached by Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has ignited a row between the local Palestinian and Jewish communities.

EU's decision on Israel like 'a bucket of cold water on the head of a drunk'

The European Union has at last lost patience with Israel's refusal to comply with international law over settlements.

German paper publishes 'anti-Semitic' cartoon attacking Israel

Leaders decry illustration after 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' depicts Israel as wild, hungry beast devouring German military weapons.

Holohoax Fraudster Fagan Frustrated

US Federal judge "found no trace" of a Holocaust survivor group Fagan purported to represent. "Fagan is no stranger to the tactic of acquiring a partial interest in "Nazi"-looted art for the sole purpose of pursuing restitution lawsuits."

UN should hold Israel accountable

Canada has called on a UN special rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories Richard Falks to quit over his anti-Israel remarks, saying that the report he submitted to the UN General Assembly was disgraceful.

'UN should hold Israel accountable'

Russian opposition issues warning to Kremlin

Russian opposition leaders urged President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to stop clamping down on dissent and warned they would ask Western governments to freeze assets of Russian officials involved in a spiraling crackdown on the opposition.

Brilliant East End Banking Mural Panics Jews

The mural, by international graffiti artist Mear One, shows moustachioed and hooked-nosed bankers huddled around a Monopoly board supported on the backs of the working class.

Zundel: Off Your Knees Germany & the World!

Great film of Ernst Zundel's struggles against ZOG.  Rousing and systematic exposure of Holocaust lies and the techniques of ZOG.  Great gift and pefect stocking stuffer for the Christmas season!

Off Your Knees Germany (Ernst Zundel)

Arabs betrayed Syrian insurgents, FSA member says

A foreign-sponsored Syrian insurgent has accused some Arab countries of betraying the self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army (FSA) that is fighting against the Syrian government.

Stunned ADL Tantrum as Christian Churches Rediscover their Conscience

More Good News as Christian leaders asked Congress to reevaluate U.S. military aid to Israel.

Hip New Holo-Porn Tats

With the number of survivors dropping, zionists are grappling with how best to remember the Holocaust. One answer is for the next generation of "survivors" to tattoo "death camp" numbers on their arms. Dana Doron's new documentary “Numbered” will make its premiere in the US next month at the Chicago International Film Festival.

U.S. Taxpayers to Fund 'Too Big to Fail' B'nai B'rith Pensions

The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, the government agency that protects retirees from failed pension plans, is assuming control of benefits for employees of B'nai B'rith International. "The agency stepped in because B'nai B'rith wouldn't have been able to pay its bills or stay in business unless the plan was terminated," PBGC said in a Sept. 11 posting on its blog.

Elena Kagan's "diversity problem" & Jewish privilege

The reaction to the appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court in 2010 was a case study in how taboos are maintained in our society regarding the 600-pound gorilla of Jewish power. It is not just that little was said about the fact that she would be the third Jewish justice on the nine-member court in a country barely two percent Jewish, leaving the majority-Protestant country without a Protestant on the high court.

Free to Cheat: “Jewish Emancipation” & the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood

The history of Jewish 'emancipation' and its aftermath in England is a long and sordid one...the abuse and expansion of power was concurrent with protestations of Jewish weakness and victimhood. "But can you blame all Jews for the actions of a few individuals?" It has been abundantly demonstrated this history involves more than a few individuals, and that it was their Jewishness which linked them.

Hungary Stops Holocaust Payments, Demands Refund

Hungary is demanding that the Claims Conference return about US $8 million in payments made to Holocaust survivors. Budapest said the Claims Conference had failed to properly account for the money. Claims Conference leaders accused Hungary of "depriving" Shoah survivors through "disgraceful" and "deceitful tactics.

Circumcision ban is the 'worst attack on Jews since Holocaust'

European Jewish and Muslim leaders combine to voice their growing anger at 'affront to human rights'

"Papal Knight" Pharisee Rosen Honored at Boston Seminary

After the "Papal Knight" had spoken, the seminarians of Redemptoris Mater sang "Shema Israel," a song based on one of the most important rabbinic prayers.  Lost were the eternal warning of Christ: Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness.  

"Holocaust" ATM: Proof that the Trauma Goes on Forever

New Israeli study finds signs of trauma in grandchildren of Holocaust survivors Study detects unprocessed, indirect signs of post-trauma, or problems in communication and interaction systems, among second-and-third-generation descendants of Holocaust victims.

Big Fat Kosher Fiction: 19th Century Russian "Pogroms"

Andrew Joyce investigates and presents a fascinating look at the Big Lie technique in operation.  Lots of gore, porn, chutzpah, and repetition.  Excellent short summary of Russia's attempts to accomodate and ameliorate.  Repaid in the usual fashion.  The lies and propaganda of Jewish academia highlighted.  The inabliity of the British Government to overcome the lies of the Jewish media is delightful.

David Cole & Mark Weber on Montel Williams Show Debating Holocaust

An outstanding show with Cole and Weber shortly after Cole was attacked.  Great gallery of rogues, buckets of crocodile tears, and stellar attempts at wider truth from African-American and Ukranian-American.


California Jews Shake Down Mel Gibson For Reparations

Congregation Beth Shalom in Corona, California has sent Mel Gibson a letter in hopes of guilting him into forking over some cash to bail them out of a bad investment they made on their local synagogue. Apparently, the group took out a giant loan that they can’t afford to pay back and are now facing foreclosure.

Jew Lawyer Opposes "Dirty, Sword Carrying Catholic Beasts"

"Given what these dirty Catholics are capable of and particularly since there is no law to protect the minority, Debtor is concerned about what their secret plans are for the December 6, 2011 hearing. Catholic deeds throughout the history have been bloody and murderous."


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