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Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine?

If you wonder how the world could stumble into World War III – much as it did into World War I a century ago – all you need to do is look at the madness that has enveloped virtually the entire U.S. political/media structure over Ukraine where a false narrative of white hats vs. black hats took hold early and has proved impervious to facts or reason.

Fabricated “Russian Invasion”: Big Lies Risk Confrontation with Russia

Claims about Russia invading Ukraine are fabricated. Big Lies proliferate.

“Russian Invasion” – Screaming ‘Wolf!’ Strategy of Deception. Lies Repeated Umpteen Times. What is the Endgame?

“Russian Invasion” – How long is screaming ‘Wolf!’ having an impact on Western public opinion? – Until Full Spectrum Dominance has been attained?

Threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine growing: Hagel

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Russia’s troop buildup on the Ukrainian border increases the threat of Moscow launching a ground invasion.

Busted! MH-17 Was in Fact the 'Lost' Flight MH-370

It's not only that the official MH17 story is filled with gaps, but there are also bizarre accounts and 'coincidences' that are impossible to ignore

US intelligence: Militias shoot down Boeing over Ukraine by mistake

Sure. That'll be why the Ukrainian Security Services were in such a haste to confiscate the recordings of the cockpit to ATC conversations.

The return of George Orwell and Big Brother’s war on Palestine, Ukraine and the truth - John Pilger

The other night, I saw George Orwells's '1984' performed on the London stage. Although crying out for a contemporary interpretation, Orwell's warning about the future was presented as a period piece: remote, unthreatening, almost reassuring. It was as if Edward Snowden had revealed nothing, Big Brother was not now a digital eavesdropper and Orwell himself had never said, "To be corrupted by totalitarianism, one does not have to live in a totalitarian country."

CNN: Palestinians Want to Die

CNN's Jake Tapper claims Palestinians live in a culture of martyrdom and that they want to die.

Fox News misrepresents destroyed Palestinian home as destruction in Israel by Palestinian rockets

Fox News pulls a "Diane Sawyer". shows destroyed Palestinian home, labels it destruction in Israel by rockets.

The ISIS “Islamic State” Not Hamas Claimed responsibility for murder of three Israeli boys

While Israel has claimed that Hamas was behind the murder of 3 Israeli boys and subsequent rocket attacks, the Times of Israel reported last week:

Turchynov admits Ukraine's intelligence constantly lied about Russian plans

According to speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov, representatives of security agencies deliberately whipped up the situation systematically misinforming the country's leadership about Russia's possible military intervention, which had never happened.

Iraq’s Next PM? Ahmed Chalabi, Chief Peddler of False WMDs, Meets U.S. Officials as Maliki Falters

The New York Times revealed the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, Robert Beecroft, and the State Department’s top official in Iraq, Brett McGurk, recently met with the controversial Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi, who has been described as a potential candidate to replace al-Maliki. Chalabi is the former head of the Iraqi National Congress, a CIA-funded Iraqi exile group that strongly pushed for the 2003 U.S. invasion. The INC helped drum up pre-war claims that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction and had links to al-Qaeda. The group provided bogus intelligence to the Bush administration, U.S. lawmakers and journalists.

Campaigners call for BBC strike coverage apology

Campaigners are calling on the BBC to apologise for deliberately faking the events at Orgreave to make it look as though the striking miners attacked the police, when it was actually the other way round.

Robert Fisk: Now we see how Blair's doctrine turns enemies into ‘allies’

How do they get away with these lies? Now Tony Blair tells us that Western “inaction” in Syria has produced the Iraq crisis. But since bombing Syria would have brought to power in Damascus the very Islamists who are now threatening Baghdad, it must therefore be a mercy that Barack Obama does not listen to the likes of Blair.

NATO Allegations of Russian Tanks in Ukraine based on Fake Evidence

The accusation rests on a set of satellite images gathered from a commercial vendor based in Colorado and undated, anonymous YouTube videos that supposedly show tanks originating from a staging area in Southwest Russia rolling through the streets of Donetsk.

Russia accused of sending tanks to support rebels in East Ukraine when all eyes were on Iraq

Russia was accused of sending tanks into Ukraine today as the West's attention was diverted on the chaos in Iraq.

Clinton: I warned Obama about Putin

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she had warned President Barack Obama about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s "true agenda" to “re-Sovietize” nations in Eastern Europe.

Syria chemical weapons: the proof that Assad regime launching chlorine attacks on children

President Bashar al-Assad is still using chemical weapons against civilians, a scientific analysis of samples from multiple gas attacks has shown.

David Cameron: Britain must bomb Syria to prevent more devastating chemical weapon attacks

What he actually means is that the UK must bomb Syria to prevent Assad from being re-elected with a landslide vote.

'Fabricated!' NBC Sochi 'hack hysteria' exposed

‘The story was fabricated.’ Cyber security experts are calling out an NBC Sochi-hacker hit-job as a fabrication that, at best, made liberal use of assistance given to them by experts.

MIT study finds Syrian regime not behind rocket attacks

The U.S. conclusion that a chemical attack near Damascus in August was carried out by the government has been challenged by a team of highly respected experts. Washington immediately blamed President Assad, but a new report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found the rocket couldn't have been fired from government-controlled areas.

Chemical Claims: MIT study finds Syrian regime not behind rocket attacks

It's Not There!

A video from Snordelhans based on a comment by Mike Rivero regarding the lies and deception in the ongoing jewish narrative to elevate Israhell from a stolen land to a legitimate one. 

It's Not There!

UK's Tories clean website to 'brush broken promises under carpet'

The Conservative Party in the UK has purged its official website, apparently hoping to clean up its online image. It's removed a whole section of pledges made before the party came to power. The opposition has labelled the move an attempt to brush broken promises under the carpet.

Reputation Purge: UK's Tories clean website to 'brush broken promises under carpet'

The REAL truth about Palestine - A response to Danny Ayalon

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon in a video titled "Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank" told lies and FALSE historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Two courageous Palestinian ladies respond with facts to all the lies he told in the video. 

The REAL truth about Palestine in response to Danny Ayalon

NSA chief calls reports about spying in France, Spain and Italy 'completely false'

National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander told the United States Congress that recent media reports detailing the NSA’s surveillance of foreign citizens are “completely false.”

West's toxic lie on Syria exposed

They say an expert liar needs to have a good memory to succeed in maintaining deceptions. This is because sooner or later the liar is liable to trip himself up with his own previous lies.

NSA Director Admits to Lying on Terror Plots and Foiling to Bolster Support for Surveillance Apparatus

The administration has been amping up stats about foiled plots to bolster support for mass surveillance.

US Syria case built on 'distortions'

The recent comments of US State Secretary John Kerry on the alleged chemical attack in Syria are based “upon fabrications and/or distortions,” says Eric Draitser, founder of

The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor

The United Kingdom and United States intelligence installed Khomeini.
There was no "Islamic Revolution" in 1979.

Photographs of Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan appeared in an Iranian newspaper, at the time frame of their meeting in Chalus (1978).

Dankof & Press TV: "U.N" Fraud, Drones, & Kosher Honey Pots

Dankof tells Press TV that the Zionist lobby inside America will utilize the US position in the United Nations Human Rights Council to "buy Carte Blanche" in the Middle East.

'Zionists seek to abuse US UNHRC place'


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