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Imminent Monetary System Collapse - Sh Imran Hosein

Obama has bought enough time for US dollar, time is up. Dr Mohamed Mahathir says the western world is taking the rest of the world for a ride.

Imminent Monetary System Collapse - Sheikh Imran Hosein

CNBC Admits We're All Slaves to Central Banks

4 sec: "Do we all work for Central Bankers? Is this Global Governance at last? Is it One World.. with the Central Bankers in charge?"

1 min: "To answer your question: We are absolutely slaves to Central Banks."


Memo to ECB: print money

The only thing that will stop Ireland - and a number of other EU countries - from defaulting on their debts is if the European Central Bank bites the bullet and starts printing money to buy up government debt in Europe in limitless quantities.

David McWilliams, Sunday Business Post, 9 May 2010

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