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F16 israélien abattu: silence et effroi d'Israël !!

IRIB- Dans la foulée de l'abattage d'un F16 israéliens par un missile sol-air de la Résistance

Manifesto of First Anti-Jewish Congress (Dresden, Sept 11, 1882)

As a result of this situation, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis-à-vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age. Aspiring young professionals are worried about their future; elderly men who have made a name for themselves are concerned about their past and their posthumous reputation. And in order to secure these things with the help of the Jewish press, they become trainbearers of Jewish power, they turn into traitors to their own nation and race and thus to their own blood relations

Assad: 'I'm not Western puppet - I live and die in Syria'

“I am not a puppet. I was not made by the West to go to the West or to any other country,” he said. “I am Syrian, I was made in Syria, I have to live in Syria and die in Syria,” Assad said.

Assad to RT: 'I'm not Western puppet - I live and die in Syria' (EXCLUSIVE)

"The International Jew" Study Hour - The Importance of Land

We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of colossal riches, upon which even large fortunes of the GOYIM will depend to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of the States on the day after the political smash.

Fearsome and Awesome: O Great Daughter of Palestine!

A Wake Up call to a sleepy world
A zombie world, a beaten world
Who forgot what it means to be alive

Buelahman Explains Why The Jews Are Persecuted

Buelahman narrates an outstanding video summation of the facts. A mere 9:11 of life changing truth for the unaware. Handout a copy today.

Why Are Jews Persecuted?

Economic Reality: Daryl Bradford Smith & Muhammad Rafeeq

Grim material as the disaster deepens. Smith and Rafeeq back in action for two excellent programs:

Rothschild-Gutmann Money Behind SSPX Kosher Imperative

Krah: Yes, there is a family in Austria which wanted to donate to the SSPX, but did not want to donate directly. They wanted to establish a foundation that would support the SSPX. And in every foundation you need some trustees. It’s a kind of trust, and I am one of the trustees. I was chosen by the family who established the foundation.

Bishop Sizer Targeted by British Jews for Ugly Truth

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, an umbrella body of pro-Israel Jewish organizations including some members of British parliament, have lodged a complaint with the Anglican church officials against Bishop Stephen Sizer of the Anglican Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey. The Jewish groups have charged Sizer for propagating hatred against state of Israel, Zionism and Jews.

Musn't Overlook: Protocols of Zion Read Aloud in Greek Parliament

Ilias Kasidiaris, a spokesperson for neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, read out Protocol 19 from the anti-Semitic forgery. The Foreign Affairs Network of B'nai B’rith Europe called the manuscript’s reading in an EU parliament “a sign of moral corruption and degradation which must not be overlooked.”

German 101: Master Krampe Paddles Young Felton

Young Felton has done some fine work, but Master Krampe is forced to employ the paddle for the student's benefit. Autsch! Autsch! Autsch!

Once You are Wise to the Hypocrisy and Parasitism

Delacroix replays the brilliant Zundel interview with an Israeli journalist. Chock full of Jewish lies, murder, intrigue, and hypocrisy. Valuable collection of references and Zundel is in outstanding form.

"Holocaust" Revisionism in 60 Seconds

On the traditional view, the Holocaust was the deliberate murder of some 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime during World War II.  Hitler’s intention all along was to kill the Jews, and many died in specially-constructed gas chambers.  The corpses were burned in crematoriums, and the ashes scattered.  Some of the most infamous extermination camps—Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec—were completely dismantled and have all but vanished, as have the remains of the victims.

Stadtmiller Reads ZCF Classic

John Stadtmiller reads ZCF's classic JWO Unmasked. Excellent sheeple food. Pair with the original text and the label. Excellent stocking stuffer.

Henry Shively on International "Law" & Internet Control

Shively details intrigue surrounding recent GoDaddy shutdown of websites. Discussion of circumvention of Constitution and national legal processes as well as increasing focus on the Tribal aspect of all of our problems.

Bani Walid’s fate unknown amid conflicting reports of govt, militia takeovers

Libyan officials claimed that government forces had seized control of Bani Walid, the last stronghold for supporters of the Gaddafi regime, after the city was under siege for 20 days. But sources in the town said that militias now control the area.

SSPX Services ADL: Bishop Williamson Jettisoned

The Society of St Pius X, a breakaway order of the Roman Catholic Church, announced that it had expelled Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, for "refusing to show respect and obedience deserved by his legitimate superiors".

Geller Ads Ignite Criticism of Jewish Terror State

Pam Geller intended her bus ads, implying Muslims and Palestinians are "savage," to deal a crippling blow to anti-Israel activism. The opposite is happening. By taking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the streets of America, she is provoking widespread counter-advertisement on transit by pro-Palestinian groups. Local newspaper and internet swell the controversy, inviting an unprecedented public level of anti-Zionist argumentation and documentation.

Ted Pike Jiu-Jitsus The Creature

Rev. Ted offers this response to Pam "the Creature" Geller

Brilliant East End Banking Mural Panics Jews

The mural, by international graffiti artist Mear One, shows moustachioed and hooked-nosed bankers huddled around a Monopoly board supported on the backs of the working class.

'Libya in chaos, divided as never before'

In Libya, at least 11 people have been killed and scores wounded after militia linked to the defence ministry shelled Bani Walid - a former stronghold of late Colonel Gaddafi. The country remains close to chaos following the Western-backed armed rebellion last year that toppled the nation's long-time dictator. RT talks to Libyan political activist Ali Alkasa.

'Libya in chaos, divided as never before'

Zundel: Off Your Knees Germany & the World!

Great film of Ernst Zundel's struggles against ZOG.  Rousing and systematic exposure of Holocaust lies and the techniques of ZOG.  Great gift and pefect stocking stuffer for the Christmas season!

Off Your Knees Germany (Ernst Zundel)

Man dressed as Elmo arrested in Times Square for 'shouting anti-Semitic rants' once ran rape fantasy porn site in Cambodia

According to the New York Times, Sandler is a 48-year-old from Ashland Oregon who then moved to Cambodia and founded a pornographic website called Welcome To Rape Camp, and was later deported because of it.

Elmo Preaches International Truth in Central Park

Elmo draws sustained attention in NYC with truth about ADL and Henry Ford's classic text.  Think folks will go home and talk about him?  Think someone they know will confirm what Elmo said?  You betcha!  A+ for Elmo

Jew hating Elmo in central park

Cyclists' 4,000 Mile Journey for 9/11 Truth

Rena Patty and Pam Senzee are cycling 4,000 miles from San Juan Islands, WA to New York and Washington DC. They have been stopping at police stations, fire stations, and churches to inform them of the serious flaws and omission of forensic facts from the official 9/11 story.

How to Communicate if the Government Obliterates the Internet

If your government pulls the plug on your internet access, as happened in Egypt Jan. 25, 2012, What do you do? Step 1: Stop crying in the corner. Then start taking steps to reconnect with your network. Here's a list of things you can do to keep the communication flowing.

Greek Special Forces Take to the Streets

Do Greek military forces remain clueless regarding the source of their troubles? Are they still in thrall to Hollywood History? Has collective memory of Jewish predation been erased? Stay tuned. On a positive note, it seems they're unwilling to be juice men.

American Radio Host Calls Iranian President Source of Inspiration & Hope

Speaking of his viewpoints about the Iranian President, Mark Glenn said, "during dark times such as these in which we all find ourselves today, he has been a great source of personal inspiration and hope for me. When we consider what passes as "statesmen" these days, whether it is war criminals such as George Bush or Barack Obama, how does someone watching all of this not find reasons for hope when men such as Ahmadinejad stand up against the tyrants and murderers of the world fearlessly?"

Jewish Vandals Strike Atrophied ChrIstian Testicle

Those who know and respect monsignor William Shomali, the Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, were surprised and disturbed by his declarations on the Talmud and on Israeli education in the September 30 issue of Famiglia Cristiana.


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