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US fast-food industry thriving on poverty-stricken workers

The plight of poverty-stricken fast-food workers in the US epitomizes the general breakdown of American society. Millions of workers in that industry are so exploited it is estimated that more than half of them can only make ends meet by relying on some form of government handout.

“Huge traffic” between Ireland's Magdalene Laundries and mother-and-baby homes

The Irish Magdalene Laundries should be included in the government’s statutory investigation into mother-and-baby homes, Justice for Magdalenes Research has said.

UK Chancellor George Osborne is making people work until they drop

George Osborne was today accused of 'living in a fantasy land' after it was revealed Britons currently in their 20s could be forced to work until their 70s.

30 million living in slavery worldwide

A report by an international foundation on modern slavery has revealed that nearly 30 million people are enslaved across the globe.


Intern found dead after 'working 72 hours without a break'

An intern who died after allegedly working for 72 hours without any proper break at a leading bank in the City of London had admitted feeling "pressurised" to succeed.

Manifesto of First Anti-Jewish Congress (Dresden, Sept 11, 1882)

As a result of this situation, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis-à-vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age. Aspiring young professionals are worried about their future; elderly men who have made a name for themselves are concerned about their past and their posthumous reputation. And in order to secure these things with the help of the Jewish press, they become trainbearers of Jewish power, they turn into traitors to their own nation and race and thus to their own blood relations

"The International Jew" Study Hour - The Importance of Land

We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of colossal riches, upon which even large fortunes of the GOYIM will depend to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of the States on the day after the political smash.

Mr. Bean Calls for Repeal of "Hate Speech" Laws

Rowan Atkinson, one of Britain’s most popular film and television comedy stars, has told the government that the hate speech provisions of the Public Order Act must be repealed to uphold the country’s ancient traditions of freedom of speech.

Buelahman Explains Why The Jews Are Persecuted

Buelahman narrates an outstanding video summation of the facts. A mere 9:11 of life changing truth for the unaware. Handout a copy today.

Why Are Jews Persecuted?

Economic Reality: Daryl Bradford Smith & Muhammad Rafeeq

Grim material as the disaster deepens. Smith and Rafeeq back in action for two excellent programs:

Introducing Monster Diet Flouride Soda

Learn more about fluoride and soda at

Introducing Monster Chemo Agent Orange Diet Fluoride Soda! (PARODY)

German 101: Master Krampe Paddles Young Felton

Young Felton has done some fine work, but Master Krampe is forced to employ the paddle for the student's benefit. Autsch! Autsch! Autsch!

Rev. Johnson Flogs the Flaccid Goyim

Outstanding program from Keith Johnson on the successful enslavement of America by Talmudic Jewry. Hilarious. Weep. Laugh. Keith appears Tuesday's on The Ugly Truth.

Once You are Wise to the Hypocrisy and Parasitism

Delacroix replays the brilliant Zundel interview with an Israeli journalist. Chock full of Jewish lies, murder, intrigue, and hypocrisy. Valuable collection of references and Zundel is in outstanding form.

Stadtmiller Reads ZCF Classic

John Stadtmiller reads ZCF's classic JWO Unmasked. Excellent sheeple food. Pair with the original text and the label. Excellent stocking stuffer.

Rabid Aussie Jewry Grounds Toben After Bankrupting Him

How they do it: Toben Grounded - Australian Jews gloat as Revisionist Toben is forced to surrender passport after action brought by "Jeremy Jones"

Zundel: Off Your Knees Germany & the World!

Great film of Ernst Zundel's struggles against ZOG.  Rousing and systematic exposure of Holocaust lies and the techniques of ZOG.  Great gift and pefect stocking stuffer for the Christmas season!

Off Your Knees Germany (Ernst Zundel)

Man dressed as Elmo arrested in Times Square for 'shouting anti-Semitic rants' once ran rape fantasy porn site in Cambodia

According to the New York Times, Sandler is a 48-year-old from Ashland Oregon who then moved to Cambodia and founded a pornographic website called Welcome To Rape Camp, and was later deported because of it.

Elmo Preaches International Truth in Central Park

Elmo draws sustained attention in NYC with truth about ADL and Henry Ford's classic text.  Think folks will go home and talk about him?  Think someone they know will confirm what Elmo said?  You betcha!  A+ for Elmo

Jew hating Elmo in central park

World Bank Demographer: Vaccination Campaigns to Reduce Population

The World Health Organization, the World Bank, The UN environmental department, the UN Population Fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all the other arms of the creature we call the scientific dictatorship are closing in on all of humanity with mass-scale vaccination programmes and genetically engineered food.

U.N. to Study Tragedy of Jewish Refugees & Arab Looting

Finally, after a 64-year delay, the UN has approved organizing a conference to examine the damages suffered by people who were displaced from their native land, forced into exile, and dispossessed.

In Debt We Trust - America Before the Bubble Bursts

IN DEBT WE TRUST shows how the mall replaced the factory as America's dominant economic engine and how big banks and credit card companies buy our Congress and drive us into what a former major bank economist calls modern serfdom. Americans and our government owe trillions in consumer debt and the national debt, a large amount of it to big banks and billions to Communist China.

In Debt We Trust America Before the Bubble Bursts

Olympic mascots made for LOCOG in Chinese 'sweatshop' factories

Staff making Wenlock and Mandeville toys say they were paid as little as £6 a day and forced to work illegal overtime hours

CNBC Admits We're All Slaves to Central Banks

4 sec: "Do we all work for Central Bankers? Is this Global Governance at last? Is it One World.. with the Central Bankers in charge?"

1 min: "To answer your question: We are absolutely slaves to Central Banks."


Review of ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ by E. Michael Jones

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit has 32 chapters, but I’ll focus on three— “Rome Discovers the Talmud”; “Reuchlin vs. Pfefferkorn”; and “The Second Vatican Council Begins.” The later covers the Church’s passage of Nostra Aetate, the 1965 document that resulted in a capitulation to Jewish power and ushered in the modern era of “interfaith dialogue”—efforts that have led to little other than Christians being spat upon in Israel and their faith ridiculed in American media.

Federal judge puts Internet pioneer in civil lockdown

On Nov. 14, 2010, three days after Baron "mildly" objected to what he characterized as inflated legal bills, Judge Furgeson made good on his threat, issuing an ex parte order that placed all of Baron's business and personal assets, including his $1.2 million individual retirement account and a $60 million juvenile diabetes trust fund -- and incredibly, Baron himself -- into receivership. Baron's former attorney, Peter Vogel, was given "exclusive control over any and all Receivership Parties, which term shall include Jeffrey Baron.

The Pharaoh Show: Alien Predators in Human Appearance

"THE PHARAOH SHOW" - a film in English about the enemy within and their secret symbols, so they can better identify themselves among each other and other codes of recognition. They rule the world; we are their slaves. Their base: Switzerland.

Watch this video and you will have enough knowledge to help save the world in 2012 from these criminal thugs.


Obama becomes president of France

Once again we see that mass stupidity is limitless.


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