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An Independent Scotland would undermine UK national security

A new report by the UK government says Scotland’s independence from the UK would seriously undermine the British national security and the Scottish as well, media reports said.

Turkish troops attack rebel sites in Iraq

Turkish media says Turkish troops have crossed into northern Iraq and attacked Kurdish rebels who have bases there.

ECB: Crisis nations have lost their sovereignty

The head of the European Central Bank (ECB) on Sunday threw his weight behind a German scheme to allow the EU to intervene in countries' budgets and propose changes before they are agreed in parliaments.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

The sinister UN Agenda 21 explained in detail and including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

The Stacy Lynne case - oppose Agenda 21 and have your child taken from you

Fort Collins, Colorado mother Stacy Lynne had her son stolen by Larimer County Sheriff' in December, 2011, as a result of her work to save small businesses. In practice, United Nations' Agenda 21 has replaced the US Constitution, making those who serve it treasonous traitors to America, in direction violation of their oaths of office. County Sheriffs across the country (other than Larimer) are taking America back by declaring their Constitutional status, and ordering the corrupt federal government out of their counties.

Agenda 21 Billionaires Steal Children - the Stacy Lynne Case

Greek Special Forces Take to the Streets

Do Greek military forces remain clueless regarding the source of their troubles? Are they still in thrall to Hollywood History? Has collective memory of Jewish predation been erased? Stay tuned. On a positive note, it seems they're unwilling to be juice men.

Thailand's Answer to the Globalization

Thailand's "New Theory" aims to preserve agrarian values in the hands of the people and reverse migration from the country into the cities. Preventing such migrations would prevent agricultural cartels from swallowing up the land and jeopardizing national food supplies. Those familiar with the UN's Agenda 21, the more recent UN "Climate Change Program," and the globalist "end game" may understand the deeper implications and dangers of such a program and why it needs to be stopped.

EU official calls for member nations to hand over control of their banks and remainder of their sovereignty

European Union officials are asking national governments to give up control of their banks as they try to pull the region closer together to solve its crippling financial crisis.

Hemp Wisdom Retrieved

There’s much knowledge and folklore about hemp that’s been forgotten about. It used to be as prevalent as corn, wheat or bad TV shows.  Thomas Tusser, 16th century author of Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, has some things to say about hemp in his couplets

llinois Rep EXPLODES: Exposes Sham Government

Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost is mad as hell and telling it like actually is.  Outstanding and certainly the best speech by a law maker in several decades.


Mike James Begins Hunger Strike vs. EU

I, Michael James, shall desist from the consumption of all food other than glucose and water until my people are granted their popular demand for a referendum on whether or not to remain within the Soviet European Union.

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and the Anti-Jewish Congress of Dresden

The victorious ideals of the French Revolution – liberty, equality, and fraternity – have torn down
the barriers against the Jewish race that had been erected for the protection of the Christian
peoples.  The principle of liberty was also applied to a race whose first and foremost thoughts and
energies are everywhere aimed at putting other nations in the moral and material shackles of
slaves by all kinds of cunning behavior.

E. Michael Jones - "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit" - Part 1 of 4

European Stabilization Mechanism: How the Goldman Vampire Squid Just Captured Europe

Goldman Sachs and the financial technocrats have taken over the European ship. Democracy has gone out the window, all in the name of keeping the central bank independent from the “abuses” of government. Yet the government is the people—or it should be. A democratically elected government represents the people. Europeans are being hoodwinked into relinquishing their cherished democracy to a rogue band of financial pirates, and the rest of the world is not far behind.

Revisiting Mohammed Merah

Merah legally owned 8 guns including an Uzi, a pump shotgun and a 45 caliber Colt. To register any gun in France is difficult.  When one has 15 convictions as a juvenile, a visit to a radical Muslim training camp in Afghanistan, and membership on French and American terror watch lists, to register 8 guns is beyond incredible.

Welcome To The Lawful Bank

The Lawful Bank provides a gateway to 'The Alternative Monetary System' (TAMS) - a new and independent monetary and banking system owned and controlled by its users/members. The objective of TAMS is to take back control of the money supply for the benefit of the people of the nations that choose to use it... and by so doing, reassert the sovereign right of the people to self-governance - for a nation cannot truly govern itself unless it is in full control of the means by which its money is created.


Fukushima Holocaust: No Warnings, No Damage, No Questions?

ONE HUNDRED times the power of the Kobe 95 Quake and: nobody alert to obvious tsunami threat; lightweight vehicles all in a row in lots next to intact buildings; almost no visible damage at all. 


Self Defense & EqualPartyUSA Video

You know what they say about a good joke, or a good tale – it’s all in the delivery. Well allow this truth to ooze out of every fiber in your body. Allow the essence of this light to surge deep from within. You are in the right, you are on the side of good and you are doing the most spiritual act one can possibly do.

EqualPartyUSA video1 The American Solution

Holder Needs to Issue FARA Surrender to Israel

An amendment to FARA allows an attorney general to admit defeat and formally exempt a foreign principal from all FARA oversight. Since the 1960s. firms such as Covington & Burling, where Eric Holder was once an attorney, have worked diligently to gut FARA and water down its investigative and enforcement mechanisms. FARA, the best transparency law in America, has been bested by Israel.  It is now time for the Attorney General  recognize that by issuing a formal declaration of surrender.

The Occupied Food System

On this sudden fall of the price levels, the confiding and unsuspecting farmers and other citizens of the agricultural districts, saw their property, crops and produce sinking in a vortex of falling values...These things were done for two reasons : (1) to “cooperate” with London because London wanted low agricultural prices, and (2) to undermine the entire economic fabric of the United States; but with the knights of finance still in the saddle..

ZionCrimeFactory on Spingola Speaks (Feb. 8, 2012)

Another outstanding presentation of facts regarding Jewish Control of our present, and therefore our past and future. 

"The memory of the Holocaust is central to the New World Order." ---Ian J. Kagedan (B'nai B'rith Canada), Toronto Star, Nov. 26, 1991, p. A17.


Irish Budget ‘Mistakenly’ Forwarded To German Politicians

The documents – which contained details of the Government’s plans for a 2 percentage point hike in the top rate of VAT to 23 per cent and a flat rate €100 household levy – were inspected by a German parliamentary committee this week as Taoiseach Enda Kenny held talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Soros Trained Activists Killing Islamic Banking

Islamic banks have been eating into the profits of conventional banks in the Middle East because: they don’t charge interest, are growing very rapidly, and  are more stable than western banksSoros’ Open Society Institute, the NED, the International Republican Institute, and Freedom House are “directly involved” in organizing revolution.

Israeli MK: Send African Migrants to Australia

MK Danny Danon (Likud) asked Australian MP Michael Danby on Wednesday to propose, in parliament in Canberra, sending African migrants from Israel to Australia.  "The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity,” Danon told The Jerusalem Post.

Matthew R. Johnson: Who’s Behind the Arab Revolutions?

While major media speak of the recent spate of riots throughout the Islamic world as “spontaneous,” the financing of these “opposition” movements by major banks over the last decade says otherwise. But why? The rise of Islamic banking as a challenge to the Rothschild empire serves as a clear financial reason why the present governments in the Islamic world must go.

China announces support for Palestinian UN statehood bid

China says it supports a Palestinian plan to seek full membership in the United Nations next month.

US ran 'secret terror hunt' in Sweden

US intelligence agents have staked out suspected "terrorists" in Sweden, without the authorisation of the government there, the online edition of a Swedish daily reported Sunday.

International CNN candidly airs Egyptian people's reason for revolution

The video is candid in that it was aired to show the revolution-supporting people's grievance - their opposition to the criminal enterprise of the State of Israel and its host Uncle Sam.


ADL, SPLC, Track Sovereign Citizen Movement, Call it "Paper Terrorism"

Followers of the Sovereign Citizens don't have legitimate government papers because they are anti-government and don't believe government exists.

Investigators say the "paper terrorism" tactics used by more than 300,000 people in the U.S. Sovereign Citizens movement typically do not result in violence...The Southern Poverty Law Center produced new police training videos to make sure cops know who they're dealing with, in the rare case paper terrorism turns to real terrorism.

YOUR FREE WILL: The Global Power Elite's Achilles Heel...

As We The People come together in our global fight against the New World Order Leviathan, we need to have basic ideas and tenets firmly in mind. One of these is that the Global Power Elite NEED that we freely accept to serve them. We must therefore exercise our FREE WILL refusing to bow to them.

Salbuchi - YOUR FREE WILL: The Global Power Elite's Achilles Heel...


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