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French PM slams farmers for torching tax office

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Saturday vowed to prosecute farmers in Brittany who torched tax and insurance buildings and dumped vegetables in the streets in protest at falling living standards.

Spanish king's sister faces 11 years for tax fraud

Reports indicate that the Infanta Cristina, sister of Spain's King Felipe, will be summonsed to court this week to face charges of money laundering and cooperation in the fiscal crimes allegedly committed by her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, for which she could face up to 11 years in prison.

Israel to use tax collected for Palestinian Authority

The Israeli regime has decided to use tax money collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a nine-month deadline for the so-called peace talks expired on Tuesday.

US towns make more than 50% of income through speeding fines

According to, Lousiana is the top state for doling out speeding tickets. 15 towns make over 50% of their income through collecting on speeding fines, and some Louisiana legislators are now calling for something to be done about this shameful fact.

Towns make more than 50% of income thru speeding fines

Gérard Depardieu in 'Proud to be Russian' ad campaign

French actor Gérard Depardieu, who famously quit France in a huff over high taxes, has risked the wrath of the French president again by featuring in a luxury Swiss watch advertising campaign, which bears the slogan "Proud to be Russian".

Desperate business owners march on Rome

An estimated 60,000 Italians protested in central Rome on Tuesday, calling for greater action to save the millions of small- and medium-sized businesses which employ almost half the country's workforce.

France wants European 'Robin Hood tax' agreed

France pressed its European Union partners on Tuesday to agree a controversial Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) dubbed the Robin Hood tax before European elections in May.

Italians pay almost as much tax as the Swedes

Taxes in Italy might be almost as high as in Sweden, but the main gripe among Italians is that they don't get the same high standard of services in return, whether that be in healthcare, education or public transport.

Judges deem Greece's 2011 property tax to be unconstitutional

Just days after the Council of State ruled that the government was wrong to cut the wages of army officers and policemen last year, the coalition is facing another legal complication as Supreme Court judges have ruled that the emergency property tax, introduced in 2011 and levied through electricity bills, was unconstitutional.

Hollande blasts internet giants over tax tactics

A battle appears to be brewing between France and internet giants like Google over taxes. After reports spread earlier in the week that France was to hit Google with a €1 billion tax bill, the president weighed into the row on Thursday.

New property tax could leave Greeks homeless

In Greece hundreds of thousands of homeowners are struggling to pay a new property tax. The tax is one of many introduced by the government, as it tries to balance its crisis-ravaged budget. But the tax could force some people out of their homes.

New property tax could leave Greeks homeless

Bedroom Tax: Thousands to get money back after being wrongly charged

Thousands of social housing tenants hit by the hated Bedroom Tax are in line to get their money back after they were wrongly charged, it has emerged.

Up to 40,000 renters who have lived in the same home for more than 17 years could get their cash back, after a mistake by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Tunisians protest over new taxes

People have taken to the streets in central Tunisia to protest over new taxes and bad living conditions three years after the revolution.

Billions in tax breaks to expire at midnight

In a move that could potentially affect millions of American businesses and individuals alike, Congress is allowing billions of dollars in tax breaks to expire at the end of the year – and no one really knows why.

1000s of UK families with carers hit by bedroom tax

Tens of thousands of British families with carers have been hit by the government’s controversial "bedroom tax," an official admits.

New U.S. Tax Regime is "Devastating," Experts Say

Already facing “pariah” status worldwide due to onerous IRS requirements, millions of Americans living and working abroad are preparing to deal with a deluge of even bigger problems in 2014, when a byzantine new tax regime starts going into effect. Known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, the deeply controversial and incredibly complex scheme is supposedly aimed at preventing tax evasion and gathering extra funds for the federal government. In reality, it will prove to be devastating, experts say — especially for middle-class Americans overseas and the U.S. economy.

French court approves 75% tax rate on fat salaries

France's top court Sunday approved a proposal for companies to pay 75 percent tax on annual salaries exceeding one million euros in line with President Francois Hollande's drive to limit executive pay at a time of economic hardship.

Penny for Rich: New tax rate saves UK millionaires £100m

The British government is bending over backwards to slash taxes and raise living standards for its people. The result - rich individuals and big businesses are stuffing their pockets with more cash, while the public pays the price. But despite criticism from MPs, the tax authorities aren't willing to change the status quo. 

Penny for Rich: New tax rate saves UK millionaires 100mn pounds

France's belt-tightening budget gets green light

The French parliament on Thursday approved a belt-tightening budget for 2014 with huge spending cuts and tax hikes in a bid to rein in the country's high public deficit.

Greek farmers protest controversial property tax

Greek farmers have taken to the streets of Athens to protest a controversial property tax demanded by the country’s international creditors.

Facebook won’t pay taxes again, will get refund instead

It’s shaping up to be another multi-billion dollar year for Facebook, but don’t expect the social networking site to pay it forward: according to a new analysis, the website will pay no taxes this year and will instead likely receive a federal refund.

France set to reform its 'unreadable' tax system

With much recent talk of France being at risk of a "social explosion" over the country's high taxes, its under pressure Prime Minister made a promise on Tuesday to overhaul the fiscal system, admitting that it was almost "unreadable" and "very complex".

More than 10,000 French protesters clash with police over 'ecotax'

Thousands of people rallied in the town of Quimper in France’s Brittany region on Saturday calling for a complete end to the controversial “ecotax.” Police fired tear gas after demonstrators hurled stones and iron bars.

Bedroom Tax minister Lord Freud admits 'not enough one-bedroom homes' bungle

Bedroom Tax minister Lord Freud has finally admitted there are not enough one-bed homes for victims of the hated levy.

Merkel allies talk tax rises in coalition overtures

Conservative allies of Germany's Angela Merkel said on Wednesday they might agree to raise taxes to help lure the defeated centre-left Social Democrats into a grand coalition that would keep the chancellor in power.

IRS goes after WRH

From What Really Happened

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time, but the IRS is coming after Claire and I over some back taxes which we simply do not have the money to pay. No doubt they are looking to go after everyone else trying to stop the rush to war with Syria. Our PayPal account has been seized, so don't bother sending in any more donations; send it to RBN.

Germany recognizes Bitcoin as ‘private money’

Bitcoin has been recognized for legal and tax purposes in Germany, making it the first country to take an official stance on the status of using the online currency as money.

'I am sick of all this shit': Man in despair about bedroom tax cuts his own throat in middle of benefits advice office

A man cut his throat with a knife in a benefits advice office in a protest about the controversial bedroom tax.

French actor Depardieu meets Putin, picks up Russian passport

French film star Gerard Depardieu met Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Black Sea town of Sochi and obtained his Russian passport, the Kremlin said on Sunday, after he left his homeland to avoid a new tax rate for millionaires.

Warrant out for Greek journalist over leak of politicians' alleged tax evasion

Greek prosecutors have issued a warrant for the arrest of one of the country’s top journalists, after his publication Hot Doc released the so-called 'Lagarde list' containing the names of some 2,000 Greeks with funds hidden in Swiss bank accounts.


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