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Government Program To Control Religious Thought?

Ben Swann of Truth in Media takes a look at a secretive government program being created at Arizona State University. The program is designed to control the way Muslims and Christians view religion.

Ben Swann Truth in Media: Government Program To Control Religious Thought?

Bishop Sizer Targeted by British Jews for Ugly Truth

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, an umbrella body of pro-Israel Jewish organizations including some members of British parliament, have lodged a complaint with the Anglican church officials against Bishop Stephen Sizer of the Anglican Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey. The Jewish groups have charged Sizer for propagating hatred against state of Israel, Zionism and Jews.

Anti-Christ New Testament "an important milestone in Catholic-Jewish relations"

Topics of 'dialogue' included Amy Jill Levine's Gospel-nullifying New Testament which USCCB Bishop Denis Madden proclaimed to be, "an important milestone in Catholic-Jewish relations" evidently because it has been kosher-slaughtered to the degree that talmudist 'Jews' can read and appreciate it from their own perspective according to the executive director of the National Council of Synagogues, Rabbi Gil Rosenthal.

Catholic Response to JWO: "Synagogue Rising"

"Master Plan of the Elders of Zion, difficult to believe, but fatal to ignore."  Catholic counter-revolutionary, Hugh Akins, exposes the lies and criminality of Talmudic Jews behind the New World Order.

Jewish Partisan Warfare During WWII

With regard to the allegations of war-crimes against former Jewish partisans, it is telling that Jews tend to hide themselves behind the moral veil of antifascism, while they were actually willing collaborators of the brutal Soviet occupiers between 1939 and 1944, and complicit in supressing the nationalist aspirations of Poles and Lithuanians, supposedly the reason why Britain and France went to war against Germany. In accounts by Jewish historians the roles are often reversed and Lithuanians and Poles are depicted as Nazi-collaborators who deserved to be killed by Jewish partisans. The cause of “anti-Nazism” seems to justify any crime.

Sheikh Imran Hosein - The conquest of Constantinople

Fascinating lecture by Imran Hosein, he proves with clear evidence the prophecised conquest of Constantinople was not as yet fullfilled. He explains that both the ottoman empire and jew/mason kemal Ata turk deceived muslims in believing the prophecy was already fullfilled and kemal Ata Turk changed the name from Constantinople to Istanbul in order to burry the prophecy and make it forgotten.

Sheikh Imran Hosein - The conquest of Constantinople in Akhirulzaman.

"Papal Knight" Pharisee Rosen Honored at Boston Seminary

After the "Papal Knight" had spoken, the seminarians of Redemptoris Mater sang "Shema Israel," a song based on one of the most important rabbinic prayers.  Lost were the eternal warning of Christ: Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness.  

Jews Arrested for Vandalizing Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

Implacable ultra-orthodox anger over Zionist role in Holohoax.  Tensions rising inside the Bug House? Oy vey! 

FBI Event for Crown Heights Jewish Community to Promote Child Safety

The event featured hands on exhibits by agents of the FBI, Secret Service and Homeland Security.  Lots of the latest "anti-terrorism" hardware on display. FBI Assistant Director in Charge, Janice K. Fedarcyk, and Devorah Halberstam, JCM Director of Foundations and Services and lecturer to the FBI on terrorism, worked the crowd.  Mrs. Halberstam was quoted, “Ninety percent of hate crimes are directed at Jews...Our children are growing up with no televisions, no newspapers and they need to be informed both of the threats that exist and that there are people out there who are there to help them.” 


How the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is intimidating - and slowly eradicating - small agricultural business owners and organic farmers in the service of their corporate masters.

Farmageddon - The truth about the food and dairy industry

Review of ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ by E. Michael Jones

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit has 32 chapters, but I’ll focus on three— “Rome Discovers the Talmud”; “Reuchlin vs. Pfefferkorn”; and “The Second Vatican Council Begins.” The later covers the Church’s passage of Nostra Aetate, the 1965 document that resulted in a capitulation to Jewish power and ushered in the modern era of “interfaith dialogue”—efforts that have led to little other than Christians being spat upon in Israel and their faith ridiculed in American media.

Hemp Wisdom Retrieved

There’s much knowledge and folklore about hemp that’s been forgotten about. It used to be as prevalent as corn, wheat or bad TV shows.  Thomas Tusser, 16th century author of Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, has some things to say about hemp in his couplets

llinois Rep EXPLODES: Exposes Sham Government

Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost is mad as hell and telling it like actually is.  Outstanding and certainly the best speech by a law maker in several decades.


David Irving Rips Allied Warmongering against Germany

David Irving shreds the mainstream lies which glorify Churchill and Roosevelt and falsely cast Hitler as the embodiment of evil.  Covers Churchill's desperation to drag the US into his war, Kennedy's fear of being taken out in a false flag attack, and Churchill's initiation of modern criminal warfare with his civilian bombing program

David Irving Exposes Allied Warmongering against Germany

Pharisee Tuchman Calls for Crucifixion of TheUglyTruth

I cannot conclude anything from your clandestine, anonymous methods, other than the clear fact that in your heart you know that honest airing of concerns about Israel’s policies in the Middle East, their sordid campaign in the United States for the launching of an unjustified preemptive military strike on Iran, and the role of the Jewish Lobby in this country in facilitating a controlled news media and a bought-and-paid for electoral process, is exposing your own moral bankruptcy and that of your affiliates and assets worldwide.

Mike James Begins Hunger Strike vs. EU

I, Michael James, shall desist from the consumption of all food other than glucose and water until my people are granted their popular demand for a referendum on whether or not to remain within the Soviet European Union.

"Holocaust" ATM: Proof that the Trauma Goes on Forever

New Israeli study finds signs of trauma in grandchildren of Holocaust survivors Study detects unprocessed, indirect signs of post-trauma, or problems in communication and interaction systems, among second-and-third-generation descendants of Holocaust victims.

ZOG Beast Rising: Arthur Topham Arrested in Communist Canada

International Jewry's psychotic worldwide rampage targeting dissidents continues. Hot on the heels of the arrest of six people in Scotland for criticizing Jews on Facebook, the Jewish thought police has struck in Canada arresting Jew-wise publisher and writer Arthur Topham of

US Senate: Kosher Certified Rubber Stamp

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) voices concerns that the Senate passes over 90 percent of legislation blindly and by "unanimous consent."  No longer necessary to read, debate, amend, or record keep with roll call voting (May 25, 2010).

DeMint: Over 90% of Bills Passed Secretly With No Debate, No Vote

Shakedown Artist Borat Spawn of B'nai Brith

Cohen's father, Gerald Baron Cohen was President of the B'nai B'rith first lodge of England.  In true Talmudic fashion, his new movie has a few laughs at the expense of the victims of the Zionist 'Arab Spring'. He refuses to say how his often times high-profile interviews are arranged and a protection racket angle is likely.

Big Fat Kosher Fiction: 19th Century Russian "Pogroms"

Andrew Joyce investigates and presents a fascinating look at the Big Lie technique in operation.  Lots of gore, porn, chutzpah, and repetition.  Excellent short summary of Russia's attempts to accomodate and ameliorate.  Repaid in the usual fashion.  The lies and propaganda of Jewish academia highlighted.  The inabliity of the British Government to overcome the lies of the Jewish media is delightful.

Holocaustian Symphony of Homage to Talmudic "Fathers in the Faith"

Literally every religious claim below is rubbish intended to create false commonality between Jesus, the Bible, the Israelites and today's talmudic 'Jews' where there is in fact complete opposition. But this is the kind of madness that one would expect from 'Catholics' who call the rabbis of Talmud and Kabbalah "fathers in the faith."

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and the Anti-Jewish Congress of Dresden

The victorious ideals of the French Revolution – liberty, equality, and fraternity – have torn down
the barriers against the Jewish race that had been erected for the protection of the Christian
peoples.  The principle of liberty was also applied to a race whose first and foremost thoughts and
energies are everywhere aimed at putting other nations in the moral and material shackles of
slaves by all kinds of cunning behavior.

E. Michael Jones - "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit" - Part 1 of 4

Finger Out: Digger for Truth Rallies Men to the Flag

Lets be honest, when we’re having to deal with that lot – will we really care about the latest besieged Palestinian village  (if there would be any villages left)? Will we care if we find out Monsanto have bought up all the food patenst? Will we care what the hells going on in Iran?


European Stabilization Mechanism: How the Goldman Vampire Squid Just Captured Europe

Goldman Sachs and the financial technocrats have taken over the European ship. Democracy has gone out the window, all in the name of keeping the central bank independent from the “abuses” of government. Yet the government is the people—or it should be. A democratically elected government represents the people. Europeans are being hoodwinked into relinquishing their cherished democracy to a rogue band of financial pirates, and the rest of the world is not far behind.

David Cole & Mark Weber on Montel Williams Show Debating Holocaust

An outstanding show with Cole and Weber shortly after Cole was attacked.  Great gallery of rogues, buckets of crocodile tears, and stellar attempts at wider truth from African-American and Ukranian-American.


E. Michael Jones: Who is the Real Enemy?

If what is left of the WASP establishment wants to do something effective in the culture wars, they will have to understand just who the enemy is.  In order to understand this, they will have to go back well beyond the 1960s. In fact, they will have to go back beyond the 18th century: to be precise, 1800 years before that, right back to the opening shot in the culture wars.

Pope Benedict Mocks Victims of Talmudic Economics

The theme of this the 11th meeting of the bilateral commission [of the Chief Rabbinate of Counterfeit Israel and the 'Holy' See's Commission for Religious Relations with 'The Jews'] was titled "Religious perspectives on the current financial crisis: vision for a just economic order" ... Papers on the theme were provided by Dr. Meir Tamari, former chief economist of the Bank of Israel ..."

Lawson on Iran Bashing, Terrorism, & Chosen & Unchosen Peoples

This video demonstrates that the United States is not a democracy, it is a bribeocracy, largely controlled by Zionists. But citizens of other nations need not be complacent, for there is much evidence to suggest that the same pressures are being brought to bear on their politicians and officials to support Israel's excesses, and an Internet search will reveal that the first ever European Jewish Parliament held its inaugural meeting early in February, 2012; something that the mainstream media seemed reluctant to publicise.

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?


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