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Agenda - Grinding America Down

A film that finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together. If you've wondered why America has been falling apart from within, you will love AGENDA.

[SUB ITA] Agenda - Grinding America Down - Non puoi costruire il Futuro se non conosci il Passato

Berlin bans Hells Angels symbol

Berlin authorities have banned Hells Angels gang members from displaying the club's winged death head symbol in public.

Ukrainian ultranationalist leader calls for guerilla war against pro-federalists

Television debates with three nationalist presidential candidates ended up in calls to pursue a guerilla war against pro-federalist Ukrainian citizens and conduct targeted assassinations of their leaders.

Environmental charity calls in police after grandad tidies up brambles on footpath

Pensioner Jim Higgins decided to cleared from a footpath near his garden. He also installed a seat for walkers, replacing a dilapidated fence. Charity which owns the path say they have health and safety concerns. Mr Higgins, 65, called in to be questioned by police after a complaint. Pensioner now faces being charged over the theft of the old fence.

Citizenship reform poses a serious threat to rights of Canadians

The proposed legislation would give the immigration minister the power to revoke a person's citizenship for acts against Canada.

Boy suspended from school for having savoury biscuits in his lunchbox now expelled for his sausage roll and scotch egg habit

A six year-old boy who was suspended from his school after he took a bag of Mini Cheddars in his packed lunch has now been expelled.

High Court judge gives permission for forced caesarean section on mentally ill woman

A mentally ill woman gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday by a forced caesarean section after a High Court judge gave doctors permission to perform the urgent operation.

Boy, six, suspended from school for four days after he was found to have a packet of savoury biscuits in his lunchbox

A six-year-old boy who went to school with a bag of Mini Cheddars in his packed lunch has been suspended for four days after teachers said it contravened its healthy eating policy.

Unelected EU bureaucrats have secret plan for police to 'remote stop' cars

The European Union is secretly developing a "remote stopping" device to be fitted to all cars that would allow the police to disable vehicles at the flick of a switch from a control room.

'Don't Touch My Internet' Protesters Met with Water Cannons

Protests against government takeover of internet receive violent response in Turkey.

Turkish police fire water cannon at rally against ‘Internet censorship’ law

Police used water cannon and fired teargas to disperse hundreds of protesters that gathered in Istanbul's central Taksim Square on Saturday for a rally calling against a bill that would tighten government control over the Internet.

President of Turkey signs controversial medical aid bill into law

A controversial medical aid law has come into force in Turkey, criminalizing the provision of emergency first aid without government authorization.

Father fined £600 for taking his three children out of school to go on a week's holiday to Greece

Stewart Sutherland and his wife Natasha both admitted three counts of failing to ensure their children attended school for six days in September last year after taking them out of classes to enjoy their first family holiday together in five years.

TSA agents reportedly destroyed Canadian man’s 11 homemade instruments

United States Customs and Border Patrol is under fire after a new report revealed that officials there confiscated nearly a dozen homemade instruments from a Canadian man and proceeded to destroy them.

Swedish professor: Ban begging handouts

A leading Swedish professor has said that it should be illegal for people to give money to beggars but his idea has been described as a "joke" by campaigners.

Bo Rothstein, a political science professor long associated with the University of Gothenburg, made the argument for a begging donation ban in an opinion editorial in Dagens Nyheter.

Egypt's Pinochet

Junta power runs Egypt. It reflects the worst of fascism writ large. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi rules as strongman. He heads the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

He’s Washington’s man in Cairo. Since August 2012, he’s been top military commander.

Mich. lawmaker wants to yank driver's licenses for truant teens

Thinking about cutting class in Michigan? Make sure you know someone with whom you can hitch a ride.

Clashes in Madrid as demonstrators rally against anti-protest bill

At least 23 people have been hurt in clashes outside the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, as hundreds of protesters gathered on Saturday to demonstrate against newly proposed anti-protest legislation.

Deep divisions over TPP as US pressures to close controversial deal

The US is ramping up pressure to secure a Trans-Pacific Trade Deal with conditions that could undermine the national interests of nations involved. WikiLeaks documents say talks are “paralyzed,” with the US refusing to compromise on disputed issues.

Japan whistleblowers face crackdown under proposed state secrets law

Officials who leak 'special state secrets' and journalists who seek to obtain them could face prison if bill is approved this week.

Mother reveals horrific moment her baby was snatched from her womb by social workers

She is the Italian mother at the centre of an international row after Britain’s secretive family courts decided without her consent that she should have a caesarean under anaesthetic, and that after her baby was cut from her womb it should be put into care and earmarked for adoption.

Woman has unborn baby girl forcibly removed by caesarean after social workers obtain court order

Social services forcibly removed a pregnant woman's unborn baby by caesarean section and put it up for adoption after obtaining a high court order on the grounds the mother had suffered a mental breakdown.

Agenda 21 Explained

A detailed presentation on what is really in Agenda 21 and the sustainable development movement as defined by the UN. How it will ultimately compromise your personal and property rights.

Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version

Agenda 21 For Dummies

The sinister UN Agenda 21 explained in detail and including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Big Brother Watch - No Freedoms in Post 9/11 America?

11 years after the 9/11 Abby breaks down the systematic erosion of our civil liberties through legislation passed in a post 9/11 America.

No Freedoms in Post 9/11 America? | Big Brother Watch

Nigel Farage destroys Barroso's State of the Union Address

"I have totally underestimated the complete fanaticism, Mr Barroso of you, your college of commissioners and the European Central Bank"

Nigel Farage destroys Barroso's State of the Union

Catholic Response to JWO: "Synagogue Rising"

"Master Plan of the Elders of Zion, difficult to believe, but fatal to ignore."  Catholic counter-revolutionary, Hugh Akins, exposes the lies and criminality of Talmudic Jews behind the New World Order.

Alternative News From 1966 - Synagogues Thriving, Churches Dying in the USSR

The USSR and its satellite countries encouraged Judaism while repressing Christianity, and other news from the 60's.

Review of ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ by E. Michael Jones

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit has 32 chapters, but I’ll focus on three— “Rome Discovers the Talmud”; “Reuchlin vs. Pfefferkorn”; and “The Second Vatican Council Begins.” The later covers the Church’s passage of Nostra Aetate, the 1965 document that resulted in a capitulation to Jewish power and ushered in the modern era of “interfaith dialogue”—efforts that have led to little other than Christians being spat upon in Israel and their faith ridiculed in American media.

llinois Rep EXPLODES: Exposes Sham Government

Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost is mad as hell and telling it like actually is.  Outstanding and certainly the best speech by a law maker in several decades.



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