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Italy's poor forced to live in squats / Clashes as Rome police move to evict squatters

Italy's recession, the worst since World War II, has had a devastating effect on many ordinary Italians, squeezed hard by tax rises and an alarming unemployment rate, currently at a record 13 percent. The country's traditional family support network has come under increasing strain, and rights groups say more should be done to turn the capital's unused public offices and empty army barracks into council houses.

Clashes broke out at an abandoned office block in Rome on Wednesday as scores of riot police moved to evict some 350 poor families who had occupied the building because of a chronic housing crisis in the city.

Spanish builders made 'slaves' by German firm

Wages below the legal minimum, contracts in a language they don't understand and blackmail tactics to keep them quiet: just some of the problems a group of Spanish builders in Holland contracted by a German firm have decided to speak out.

Germany shuts scheme for young unemployed because of overwhelming demand

Germany said on Monday it would no longer accept applications for a programme to attract young Europeans to its job market due to overwhelming demand from crisis-ravaged countries.

Euro is ‘island of stability’ - Draghi

European Central Bank (ECB) head Mario Draghi said the euro currency is “an island of stability” even though growth in the eurozone is slow and unemployment is still rampant.

US unemployed without extended benefits nearing 2 million

Two full months have passed since almost 1.3 million long-term unemployed Americans lost their extended government benefits, a number that has since jumped by 576,000.

Spanish Coke staff stage protest over plant closures

Thousands took to the streets in Madrid on Saturday in protest at the closure of four bottling plants of US soft-drink giant Coca-Cola that would affect 1,250 workers.

Protesters clash with police, set govt buildings ablaze in Bosnia

Thousands of people across Bosnia set fire to local government buildings and clashed with police. Hundreds have been injured in three days of protests in a state that's slipping into serious economic stagnation with around 40 per cent of the population out of work.

The capital Sarajevo, rioters set the Presidential building ablaze, along with police cars and tires. Authorities fired rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas to disperse the crowds. In other parts of the country protesters hurled rocks at security forces and torched local government buildings.

Video: Protesters clash with police, set govt buildings ablaze in Bosnia

Bosnia braces for more unrest after protests

Bosnia braced for fresh protests amid warnings the country could face a "tsunami" of popular anger over its dire economy after days of riots left several hundred people injured.Activist and protester Damir Arsenijevic speaks live from Tuzla, Bosnia.

Bosnia braces for more unrest after protests

UK government cuts creating Victorian social model

We used to think that the workforce in London had come a long way from the dockworkers of the early 20th Century, who stood outside the dock gates daily, competing for casual work. But the modern white collar “consultant” often has no more security than the dockworker of old and equally fears for their future.

Spain's unemployment: Seven shocking facts

Spain's unemployment rate hit 26 percent again this week. These seven statistics highlight the extent of Spain's unemployment problem.

Spain's jobless rate back up to 26 percent

The unemployment rate in Spain rose again in the final quarter of 2013 to hit 26.03 percent, slightly up from the 25.98 percent figure recorded in the previous quarter, official data released on Thursday shows.

Spain’s unemployment rate stayed above 25% in 2013

A new official report shows Spain’s unemployment rate has remained beyond 25 percent for the sixth quarter in a row, making the country home to a third of the unemployed population in the eurozone.

UK government mulls tightening welfare benefits for immigrants

The UK government reportedly plans to effectively strip welfare benefits from those immigrants who cannot speak English. Under the draft law taxpayer-funded translators and welfare documentation will not be available in other languages but English.

Jobless aid extension stalls in Senate

Legislation to extend federal unemployment benefits stalled in the Senate on Tuesday, ensuring an extension will not become law until after lawmakers return from a one-week recess.

Alleged Economic Recovery: No Jobs For Americans

The alleged recovery took a direct hit from Friday’s payroll jobs report. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the economy created 74,000 net new jobs in December.

Greek jobless figures surge

Unemployment in Greece has hit a record high of 27.8 percent and the government is expected to eliminate permanent jobs, just as the country assumes the European Union's six-month rotating presidency.Some younger Greeks, seeing no opportunities in the public sector, have decided to take risks by starting their own businesses.Others shy away from such risky jobs and, with banks cash-strapped, there is not enough capital for new investments to pick up labour as quickly as it is being shed.

Greek jobless figures surge

US Congress to begin battle over jobless benefits

The United States Congress is gearing up for a fresh face-off between the Democrats and Republicans over a White House-backed bill to renew unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans.

UK's Atos Healthcare dragoons disabled back to work

An interview with veteran Labour MP, Dennis Skinner examining how private contractor Atos treats the disabled. It seems the company is trying to fill a quota, as it pushes the most vulnerable in society back into work.

Going Underground: "Atos not fit for purpose" - Dennis Skinner on benefits testing (Exclusive) (E26)

White House urges Congress to extend unemployment benefits

The administration of US President Barack Obama has urged US lawmakers to extend unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans looking for work.

1.3 million Americans lose unemployment benefits

Extended unemployment benefits expire this weekend for 1.3 million long-term unemployed Americans, an event the White House said "defies" reason.

No Job Land

No Job Land is a seven-minute video that documents the effects of the economic crisis on three families in Madrid and depicts the desperate and desolate nature of life in Spain.

No Job Land

Austerity Isle: Emigration from Ireland skyrockets despite IMF bailout

From verging on bankruptcy a few years ago, things are looking up for Ireland. But while it recently exited its international bailout from the IMF, it's not stopping young adults exiting the country. Statistics show emigration numbers from the Emerald Isle are only rising, as people look to leave continued austerity behind.

Austerity Isle: Emigration from Ireland skyrockets despite IMF bailout

UK Chancellor says austerity is working - but repair 'far from over'

In a confident performance, the chancellor mounted a robust defence of his record in office, saying "the stability and low mortgage rates, lower deficit and falling borrowing have been hard won by this country, but let us be clear: they cuold easily be lost."

French unemployment rate hits 16-year high of 10.9%

New figures show that unemployment rate in France hit a 16-year high in the third quarter of 2013, putting more pressure on the French government in its battle to get joblessness under control.

Company boss turned up to work in £178,000 Ferrari a day after 45 staff were made redundant

A company chief has been criticised after he turned up to work in a new £178,000 Ferrari the day after the firm had announced 45 redundancies.

Almost half of young Italians want to flee

Italy's stagnant economy is driving its best talent overseas, with almost 50 percent of young Italians wanting to work abroad, according to a new report on Monday.

Wage Crisis - The USA's new underclass

The squeezed American middle class has been at breaking point for some time. Now with politicians reluctant to raise the minimum wage and food stamps being cut, the social consequences could be devastating.

Wage Crisis - The USA's new underclass

Two million Americans will lose jobless benefits

A new report warns that more than two million Americans will lose their federal unemployment benefits, if Congress fails to extend the jobless-aid program.

‘We Won't Pay’: Greek activists reconnect power to poverty-stricken homes

With a Eurozone record of 27 percent of Greeks unemployed, people are taking a pro-active approach to the crisis. Activists from the ‘We Won't Pay’ movement, which boasts 10,000 members, are illegally reconnecting power to hundreds of homes.

OECD predicts record eurozone unemployment for 2014

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) believes unemployment in the eurozone will reach a new record by the end of 2014. In other industrialized countries job creation will be picking up slowly.


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