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ZDF reveals the truth about the death of 3 Israelis on June 2014

German channel ZDF aired a report about the alleged murder of the three Israelis last June, which led to the war carried currently against Gaza.

ZDF reveals the truth about the death of 3 Israelis on June 2014

Erdogan says Israel should face trial over Gaza assault

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday Turkey would push for Israel to be tried at an international criminal court if it kept up its assault on Gaza and he accused the Jewish state of “spitting blood.”

Israeli Interior Minister: “The Goal of the Operation Is to Send Gaza Back to the Middle Ages”

We noted Friday that Israel is bombing Gaza back to the stone age to get Hamas … But ISIS – NOT HAMAS – claims credit for attacks against Israel.

Ukraine: Atrocities committed by the US-Supported Ukrainian National Guard

War crimes committed by both the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian National Guard in Eastern Ukraine against civilian population. Mainstream media channels won't show you any of this footage. This is a war they don't want you to see.

Ukraine: Atrocities committed by the US-Supported Ukrainian National Guard

Sack Blair from Middle East peace envoy and try him at the Hague

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is feeling the heat again; Not on dragging the UK into a costly war in Iraq on a false pretext -- but his current position as Middle East Peace Envoy's senior figure. A group of former diplomats have written to demand Blair be fired. 

'Sack Blair from Middle East peace envoy and try him at the Hague'

As a former Israeli soldier, I had to speak out about the injustices I participated in

After serving as an IDF combat soldier and commander, Yehuda Sahul questioned the morality of the military action in the West Bank.

Blair should ask Chilcot to publish full Iraq letters to Bush - John Major

Tony Blair should ask the Chilcot inquiry to publish his correspondence with George Bush about the Iraq war, as releasing only the "gist and quotes" will allow suspicions to fester, Sir John Major has said.

"Snowden is a traitor" - Lynne and Dick Cheney Confronted on Torture Program

Cassandra Rules questions Lynne and Dick Cheney at a recent rare public event in Los Angeles California. Cassandra asked why whistleblowers like John Kiriakou are in jail for exposing illegal activity while Dick Cheney the person who committed the illegal acts is still free. As you can see in the video Dick Cheney sat silent as his wife Lynne did all the talking. She also mentions Edward Snowden and calls him a traitor. 

Lynne and Dick Cheney Confronted on Torture Program

‘I will not rest until I know how many Iraqis died in British custody’ - lawyer prosecuting British war crimes

Hardly a day goes by, says Phil Shiner, without him or someone who works for him receiving abuse or worse.

Militarist Bunkum. Arrogance and Hubris that Lead to War

Did you know that 85 to 90 percent of war’s casualties are non-combatant civilians? That is the conclusion reached by a nine-person research team in the June 2014 issue of the American Journal of Public Health. The deaths of soldiers who are fighting the war are a small part of the human and economic cost. Clearly, wars do not protect the lives of civilians. The notion that soldiers are dying for us is false. Non-combatants are the main victims of war.

Keep that in mind for July 4th, which is arriving in six weeks.

UK grants diplomatic immunity to Israeli War Criminal Livni

The British government has granted diplomatic immunity to Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni in a controversial move aimed at preventing her potential war crimes-related arrest during an upcoming visit to the UK.

Republicans seek to build new 'high level' detainee facility in Gitmo

Barack Obama has repeatedly vowed, and failed, to close Guantanamo Bay prison. And now some legislators actually want almost a hundred million dollars to construct new areas in the camp able to house over one hundred and fifty terror suspects, without trial or hearing. 

Republicans seek to build new 'high level' detainee facility in Gitmo

Invading Iraq prevented Syria-like civil war, claims Tony Blair

Iraq would have been engulfed in a civil war like that in Syria if Britain had not invaded it, Tony Blair has claimed.

Is Qatar responsible for manufacturing the "evidence" of Syrian Government war-crimes?

A report released exclusively this week to CNN and The Guardian has been touted as evidence possibly proving widespread torture, starvation and the cause of thousands of prisoner deaths by the Syrian regime.

However, the allegations are drawn from documentation acquired by a legal firm hired by the Qatari government, who is known to be a regional rival to Syria, mostly due to sectarian divides.

Operation Cast Lead five years on: 'We are still demanding justice'

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's 22-day offensive (December 27-January 18) on the Gaza Strip. Sitting in Gaza today it is hard to believe that five years have passed.

'Beatings & Burning': Dossier accusing UK of Iraq war crimes goes to ICC

The ICC has been urged to investigate the alleged war crimes of UK politicians during the Iraq conflict. A dossier detailing reports of sexual assault, torture and mock executions carried out by British soldiers in Iraq has been submitted to the Court

'Beatings & Burning': Dossier accusing UK of Iraq war crimes goes to ICC

Dirty Dozen: Gitmo 'celebrates' 12 yrs of torture & detention

Human rights activists, lawyers and journalists are standing shoulder to shoulder and preparing to march on the White House with one demand - shut down Guantanamo bay. Saturday is now the annual day of action, used to protest 12 years of indefinite detention at the War on Terror prison.

Dirty Dozen: Gitmo 'celebrates' 12 yrs of torture & detention

Pentagon widens US drone kill box

The Pentagon has revised its instructions on the use of deadly drone strikes, advising US military personnel to “avoid targeting” civilians instead of requiring them to “ensure” civilians are not targeted.

Unindicted US War Criminals v. Iran

Former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz are two of America's worst.

Kissinger was an early architect of new world order harshness. He's guilty of multiple crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Just societies would have imprisoned him long ago.

Israeli Snipers Killing U.S. Troops?

This video proves beyond all doubt that a majority of American deaths in Iraq were caused by Israeli snipers, shooting American troops to piss them off and make them kill Iraqis in a rampage. This is horrible damning footage that could force an end to Israeli aggression as we have known

Israeli Snipers Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq (Creating Chaos)

Stunned ADL Tantrum as Christian Churches Rediscover their Conscience

More Good News as Christian leaders asked Congress to reevaluate U.S. military aid to Israel.

Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

Anti-apartheid hero attacks former prime minister over 'double standards on war crimes'.

Mass grave discovered in Damascus

As the Syrian Army expelled rebel forces out of the capital of Damascus, soldiers discovered a mass grave of 20 corpses buried under rocks and other debris.

The mass grave was uncovered in the Yelda district of Damascus, which had been under rebel control for the past few days. The 20 corpses the army dug up were burnt and defaced, said China's Xinhua news agency.

Kidnapped Syrian TV host 'executed'

Syrian television presenter Mohammed al-Saeed, kidnapped from his Damascus home in mid-July, has been executed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.

'Send this to Assad': New shock video shows rebels mocking Gaddafi body

A shocking video showing deposed Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi shortly after his death has appeared on YouTube. A Syrian activist tweeted the video, recommending that embattled President Assad watch it.

Protest Against De Beers Flaunting of an Israeli Blood Diamond in the Tower of London

In the third protest in as many weeks, on Sunday 1st July 2012 human rights activists gathered outside the Tower of London to request the removal of the Steinmetz blood diamond from the De Beers Jubilee display at the Tower of London.

Israel’s Steinmetz diamond company funds the notorious Givati Brigade of the Israeli army which is guilty of heinous war crimes in Gaza including the massacre of the Samouni family, murdering 29 members of the family including many children.


Jewish Partisan Warfare During WWII

With regard to the allegations of war-crimes against former Jewish partisans, it is telling that Jews tend to hide themselves behind the moral veil of antifascism, while they were actually willing collaborators of the brutal Soviet occupiers between 1939 and 1944, and complicit in supressing the nationalist aspirations of Poles and Lithuanians, supposedly the reason why Britain and France went to war against Germany. In accounts by Jewish historians the roles are often reversed and Lithuanians and Poles are depicted as Nazi-collaborators who deserved to be killed by Jewish partisans. The cause of “anti-Nazism” seems to justify any crime.

Britain introduces law to hide torture

The UK government has introduced its new secrecy law in Parliament, which, if enacted, would mean details of the emerging torture scandals would be hidden forever.

UK soldiers 'beat innocent Iraqi men in black ops jails but new secret justice law means their torture will be hidden forever'

One innocent civilian victim is said to have died after being assaulted aboard an RAF helicopter, while  others were hooded, stripped and beaten at a camp set up at a remote phosphate mine deep in the desert.

WeAreChangeLA sends Karl Rove and his Bull Shite packing

WeAreChangeLA sends Karl Rove and his B.S. packing. We should all do a citizen's arrest on all war criminals.



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