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Amidst Boos And Multiple Votes, DNC Reverses Position And Reinstates Jerusalem

Durring the Democratic National Convention boos break out after the result of the vote to reverse the party's position on Jerusalem is announced.


Disgusting. A new low.

This shows how desperate US politicians are to grovel before Jews. There was no reason for Ted Strickland and Antonio Villaraigosa. to do this. It was not necessary. Strickland currently holds no political office, and Villaraigosa (mayor of Los Angeles) is not even up for re-election this year.

Israel understands that Jerusalem cannot be its capital, since that would make it difficult to maintain the NATO-Israeli-GCC alliance. Since Jerusalem is the third holiest city in Islam (or the second if we discount Medina), the GCC oil sheiks would have a much harder time explaining their close relations with Israel. And Ahmadinejad would be given political ammunition within in the Iranian government.  Rest assured that Ahmadinejad made this Democrat pronouncement well known in Iran. Obama is a Democrat.

Note how this resolution was passed despite the shouting of “NO!”


I saw this yesterday on another site. It's one of the most shameful and blatantly anti-democratic displays of Israel-groveling I've ever seen. The nays clearly outweighed the yeas, and yet Villaraigosa, that sycophantic stooge for the Jews, declared it a two-thirds majority anyway in a colossal display of chutzpah. This is the Diebold scam all over again, but in plain view.

I see Fester has already posted about this.

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