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Blacklisted by History: Death of the "McCarthyism" Big Lie

M. Stanton Evans is the author of "Blacklisted by History". Mr. Evans owns the FBI files from the McCarthy Trials. The book proves that Senator Joe McCarthy was right about Soviet Agents in the U.S. government.  Mr. Evans discusses the impact of the McCarthy trials on American Policy.

The real info begins at the 14:50 mark. 

VENONA put paid to all the Jewish media lies about McCarthy's "irresponsible" charges.  Evans' book goes a long ways to exposing those who failed the nation.  Henry Ford and Father Coughlin did not suceed in awakening the public.  Sen Joseph McCarthy would be the last patriot to come anwhere close to exposing the Jewish takeover of the nation.  As we all know, the Jewish Communists would abandon their Red wardrobe and pursue their aims under new colors ("Globalization," "Neoliberal Economics, "Sustainability" etc).

One more time, from the Moynihan Report of 1995 starring Lee Hamilton:

"A significant Communist conspiracy was in place in Washington, New York, & Hollywood

“there was proof of a serious attack on American security by the Soviet Union, with considerable assistance from an enemy within"

"the US Government possessed information which the American public desperately needed to know”    (Moynihan Report, Appendix 7)

Ben Fredman summed it up a few years later:

"The Zionists and their co-religionists RULE these United States as though they were ABSOLUTE MONARCHS."

The single best source documenting Jewish crimes globally is here.

A few summaries of events detailed in Blacklisted by History:

The FBI knows as early as December 1942 that J. Robert Oppenheimer, a central figure in the top-secret atomic energy project, was identified by Communist leaders as a secret party member who had to be inactive because of the wartime work he was doing.  In 1945, the also FBI obtains credible information that high-ranking government figures Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Currie, and Harry Dexter Whiter are Soviet agents.  The FBI watches as the espionage case against diplomat John Stewart Service (Amerasia case) is fixed, lied about, and covered up by a cabal of top officials.

McCarthy’s treatment by the press and “elites” mirrors that of Martin Dies, chairman of the original House Committee on Un-American Activities which was opened on May 26, 1938. Both men are attacked for conducting “witch hunts,” smearing innocent victims, using the Communist issue to advance his own malign agenda, spreading hysteria about a nonexistent menace”  Evans writes, “Dies was popular with a reflexively anti-Communist public…but was disliked intensely by elites in the academy, bureaucracy, and press corps…it was one thing to be against Communism as a general proposition…it was another to zero in on supposedly non-Communist officeholders as secret minions of the party. (p. 49-50)

According to Evans, the Justice Department in the early 1940s, under Francis Biddle, notes the “degree of interlock between Reds in government service and outside agitation.”  (p. 55)

Of the openly biased treatment McCarthy was subjected to on the first day of the Tydings panel hearings, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge stated for the record, “Mr. Chairman, this is the most unusual procedure I have seen in all the years I have been here.  Why cannot the senator from Wisconsin get the normal treatment and be allowed to make his statement in his own way, and not be cross-questioned before he has had a chance to present what he has?...I think the senator from Wisconsin ought to have the courtesy that every senator and every witness has, of making his own presentation in his own way and not be pulled to pieces before he has had a chance to offer one single consecutive sentenceI do not understand what kind of game is being played here” (p. 209)

Senator Lodge was in for many more lessons in naked chicanery.  Skipping over them, we come to the  conclusion of the hearings. Lodge receives his copy of the transcript and finds that the final day statement regarding the “many significant topics” not covered and the “many significant questions” not answered is missing.  Addressing Sen. Homer Ferguson, Lodge asks, “is the senator from Michigan aware of the fact that in the printed copy of the hearings on disloyalty there are omitted, beginning at page 1438, about 35 typewritten pages of the transcript of June 28?”  Evans notes, “these items indicated rather clearly that the subcommittee hadn’t done a thorough investigation or even made a fair beginning.  And now all these items were missing… somebody had surgically removed thirty-five pages of the stenographic record, then tacked on to what was left the concluding phases of the hearing to give the appearance of a completed session.”(p. 233-234)

"The Tydings Committee Report" will be passed off as the findings of the full committee when it was drafted by Tydings lawyer without input from Lodge, Ferguson, or any honest members of the committee.  Tydings lied and said it was only a draft but that was merely a ruse to get his lies into official format.

For the facts about the Big Jewish McCarthy Lie, see the following:

Blacklisted by History

Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America

Witness by Whittake Chambers

The Controversy of Zion (.pdf)

Iron Curtain over America (.pdf)


A bit more to whet the appetite:

In 1946, Samuel Klaus, a State Department official, writes a 106-page confidential report detailing grave security problems at the State Department. Klaus discusses the number of Soviet agents on the payroll, allegations of Communist Party membership, and other employees of dubious loyalty. (See p. 3)

Evans reveals that Klaus’ document should still exist in several places in the National Archives: both in the legislative archive of the Tydings panel (which contains the department’s letter of transmissal) and in section on Klaus’ papers.  The file of Klaus’ papers contain a memo stating the report was withdrawn in March 1993.  Evans notes that two dozen other State Department documents relating to security issues have been removed and that “Such problems with McCarthy cases didn’t cease with Millard Tydings but would occur also with the records of McCarthy’s own committee…a notable instance involves the case of Annie Lee Moss.” Exhibit 18, the FBI report on her, is missing from the archives. (p. 4 & 5)

Evans reveals the degree of concern over the information in the FBI records housed in the J. Edgar Hoover building:

In case after significant case, entries have been held back or heavily redacted, sometimes for dozens of pages at a stretch.  In nearly every instance, such redactions concern materials fifty years of age and counting. 

It’s hard to imagine any national security interest of the present day that would be threatened by these ancient data.

Considering the stuff that’s available in the Bureau records, one has to wonder about the stuff that isn’t. 

A September 1946 memo written by FBI Director Hoover to the Attorney General concerning a shadowy Cold War figure named David Wahl.

Hoover says Wahl “as early as 1941…was reliably reported to be a ‘master spy’ for the Soviet government while employed by the United States government in Washington.  After this revelation, the next paragraph is blacked out entirely.” (Blacklisted by History, p. 6-7)

Grant Smith at www.thecouncilfornationalselfinterest.og provides more Wahl via his ties to Nahum Bernstein and Haganah. 

"Witch hunts" really are inconvenient.

Nahum A. Bernstein
FBI File

Nahum Amber Bernstein (1907-1983) AKA Ned Bernay, AKA Meyers, AKA, Corman was a well-connected New York lawyer and founding chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation. After graduating from law school and a stint doing investigations at a law firm, Bernstein went to work as an Office of Strategic Services (predecessor to the CIA) operative training agents for "overseas operations in enemy territory" during WWII. In 1943 Bernstein listed his qualifications as "police methods including surveillance, cover, wire-tapping, Dictaphone, sound recordings, agent's reports, records, statistics, witness interrogation and personnel."

Bernstein soon began applying his skills in service to Israel from his New York law office (with a branch in Tel Aviv) which was placed in charge of $750,000 in Jewish Agency funding after becoming that organization's attorney. Bernstein was involved with smuggling front company Foundry Associates, Materials for Palestine and also incorporated Americans for Haganah led by Abraham Feinberg and David Wahl. He defended the successor publication Israel Speaks against Justice Department demands that it register as an Israeli foreign agent.

The FBI noted Bernstein's "professed knowledge with regard to establishing and directing business fronts for covert operations." Bernstein was instrumental in providing funding for Haganah smuggling network operative Adolph "Al" Schwimmer to illegally purchase surplus transport aircraft for Israel. Schwimmer was later convicted of a felony. Bernstein was called in as a defense witness during Schwimmer's Neutrality Act trial in January of 1950. Bernstein confessed that he had provided Jewish Agency funding to purchase the aircraft. In July of 1950 Assistant US Attorney Hershel E. Champlin claimed that if the US government "had known of Bernstein's participation in the conspiracy involving Schwimmer et al prior to his admission of it in court, he [Bernstein] would have been indicted along with the others." But US Attorneys in Los Angeles, Miami and New York later declined to prosecute.

In private practice, Bernstein's law firm created another front company called "Yardley Fabrics" to aid in a wire tapping-operation conducted by a New York District Attorney investigating insurance fraud.

The FBI later linked Bernstein to sophisticated technical surveillance operations targeting Arab officials participating in UN functions, Arab consular office break-ins and classified information leaks from the US State Department. But the Justice Department declined all FBI suggestions that Bernstein be prosecuted or registered as an Israeli foreign agent. Like Abraham Feinberg, despite numerous alleged violations of important US laws, Bernstein enjoyed complete prosecutorial immunity in the United States.

See Smith's sites for additonal documents

From Major Jordan's Diaries:

But the tremendous volume of Lend-Lease material going through under "diplomatic immunity," the infiltration of Soviet agents through the Pipeline, the shipments of non-military supplies and even military secrets, were more than I could stomach. I finally protested through proper channels, first in Great Falls, and then in Washington; nothing happened. This was in 1944, while I was still in the Army.

Major Jordan, like Sen. McCarthy, discovers that the Jewish media punishes those who rock the Jewish slave ship.

I have been shocked at the efforts of the character assassins and press experts to keep the implications of this story from being brought into proper focus. A vicious attack was launched against Fulton Lewis, Jr., and the sniping at me has continued for nearly three years, in the vain hope that this story would never be evaluated and understood by the public. (Incidentally, I wish to state that Mr. Lewis has not seen the manuscript of this book, nor had any connection with it.)

As late as June, 1952 the Long Island Daily Press falsely declared:

"A Congressional committee, however, found no basis for (Major Jordan's) charges."

Representative Bernard W. Kearney (NY) of the Committee on Un-American Activitiesmade summarized:

"Listening to the testimony here, it seems to me the only one who did do his duty was Major Jordan. On two separate occasions, Major Jordan not only brought all this to the attention of his superior officers, but as a result conferences were held by various (Government) agencies named * - then it was dropped."

More summary from Evans' book on how the traitors created the disinfo on China:

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/jhatcher/Desktop/Mac.doc @font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman";

Memos from Service and Solomon Adler, named in Venona and by Whittaker Chambers in the Hiss trial, create a reinforcing stream of disinformation on the situation in China.   For example, Service passes along Adler’s “study” of Chiang Kai-shek’s ideas on economics and vets it as “the best analysis” available of the “mixed fascism, feudalism, and paternalism which characterize the Generalissimo and the leaders round him.”  Evans notes that “Service stressed that Adler’s role in preparing this report should be “treated as secret.”…of course, Harry White didn’t need Adler – or the Service memos – to tell him Chiang Kai-shek should be reviled and the Reds promoted. The point of these dispatches, like the Klugmann-vetted reports from Cairo and the Farish memo at Tehran, was to guide the thinking of policy makers at higher levels.” (p. 104-105)

Also occurring at this time are manipulations by the Treasury “where concerted efforts were under way to enforce the policy of financial strangulation” of Chiang that Adler had set forth to Harry Dexter White.  Evans notes that the proof is substantial: “Records of this anti-Chiang campaign, including cables, memos, and transcripts of meetings, reveal an astounding cast of players – White, Lauchlin Currie, Frank Coe, Harold Glasser, and Alger Hiss among them.”(p. 106)

Some nuggets about two patriots, Forrestal and McCarthy, murdered by Jews for their efforts.  From DCDave's fine piece.

Forrestal was never a controversial figure with the general public.  He worked very effectively behind the scenes to stop the spread of world Communism..He was certainly recognized as perhaps their leading enemy by the Soviet leaders and informed Communists within the United States, but that was never translated into hatred from rank and file U.S. leftists.  He was the subject of a vituperative and vile smear campaign similar to what McCarthy faced—and continues to face posthumously—but it did not arise from his anti-Communism.  The impetus for it was entirely his principled position in opposition to the creation of the new state of Israel, that is to say, his anti-Zionism. 

Like Jim Forrestal, Joe McCarthy walked into the Bethesda Naval Hospital as its most controversial patient and as the one man in America most hated by the Communists.  And, like Forrestal, he left in a hearse, as a man whose valiant fight against Communism was ended forever

More surprising parallels between "McCarthism" and "Forrestalism":

But here is all it says about his death, as of the date of this article, on his extensive Wikipedia page:

McCarthy died in Bethesda Naval Hospital on May 2, 1957, at the age of 48. The official cause of his death was listed as acute hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver. It was hinted in the press that he died of alcoholism, an estimation that is accepted by contemporary biographers.

The statement is completely accurate, as far as it goes.  According to Evans, one prominent press organ doing the hinting was Time magazine, which paraphrased the death cause as “cirrhosis of the liver.”  In a parallel with the Forrestal death, another prominent member of the press who went the extra mile to convince us that McCarthy, in effect, killed himself was the very influential Drew Pearson.  In the wake of Forrestal’s death, Pearson falsely reported that Forrestal had made four previous suicide attempts.  Here is what the medical doctor Emanuel M. Josephson has to say about the columnist’s allegations about McCarthy on page 169 of his 1964 book, The Truth about Rockefeller:

Drew Pearson falsely alleged in his syndicated column that the hepatitis had been caused by alcoholism.  In so doing, he cast a serious reflection on the reputations of the Bethesda Hospital physicians.  For they would be poor specimens of the profession if they could not recognize cirrhosis resulting from the vitamin B deficiency caused by alcohol, and treat it accordingly.  Sen. McCarthy’s associates vouch for the fact that he had not been able to take liquor because of his illness for many months prior to his development of the hepatitis.  Whatever poison precipitated his death, they attest that it was not alcohol.  The obvious purpose of the Pearson column was to draw a “red herring” across the conspirators’ trail.

Whatever one might feel about Josephson’s conclusions or the reliability of his sources regarding McCarthy’s drinking habits, or his writing of “prior to” when he apparently means to say “after,” his medical science is apparently right on the money.  “Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease characterized by replacement of liver tissue by fibrosis, scar tissue and regenerative nodules (lumps that occur as a result of a process in which damaged tissue is regenerated), leading to loss of liver function,” as it is described in Wikipedia.

The doctors at Bethesda said that McCarthy died of one thing; certain influential press organs said that he died from something else, and the "historians" have come down on the side of the press (quote marks added, Fes).  We are reminded that in the case of the Forrestal death, a Bethesda Hospital review board convened to look into the case concluded simply that he had died from his fall from a 16th floor window of the hospital.  It said nothing about what might have caused the fall.  That did not stop the Forrestal biographers from concluding that he had committed suicide, which we now know is almost certainly not true.

We also now know from the Forrestal case that in such matters the press and popular biographers and historians are wholly unreliableThey cannot be depended upon to report the truth, even when it is put in front of their faces.

More details of the organzied Jewish smearing of McCarthy (source DCDave):

Untrustworthy though they may be, the standard biographers can be informative to one who reads critically and skeptically.  One such writer is Thomas C. Reeves, whose 1982 book, The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy, runs to 819 pages.  The following two paragraphs from page 671 would seem to nail it that McCarthy drank himself to death, whatever the medical report said.  Here, as Reeves describes him, is the senator, on his home turf of Wisconsin a scant month before his final admission into the Bethesda Hospital: (check this shit out ->)

The chief librarian of the Milwaukee Journal was shocked to observe McCarthy at a meeting of the Wauwatosa school board.  A friend had brought the senator to the meeting unannounced to give a speech.  Joe stumbled in a cloak room, became hopelessly entangled in coats, and had to be rescued.  He was so drunk and sick he could barely speak.  The librarian described the incident to Journal editors, who immediately assigned reporter Ed Bayley the task of writing McCarthy’s obituary.

Back in Washington, Joe ambled into the office of the Secretary of the Senate where two colleagues were having a drink.  He filled a drinking glass to the brim with liquor and downed the contents in several uninterrupted gulps.  He told his astonished observers that he had been to Bethesda Naval Hospital several times to “dry out” and that on the last occasion his doctor had said he would die if he had one more drop.  He then proceeded to refill the glass and drink it dry.

Reeves’ sources are in end notes.  The source for the first paragraph is given as “Bayley interview, July 7, 1977.”  That is some 20 years after the supposed incident took place, and everyone involved is affiliated with the Milwaukee Journal.  Concerning that newspaper, consider the following passage from p. 453 of the recent Evans biography of McCarthy:

On the anti-McCarthy side were ranged some of the most powerful media institutions, journalists, and broadcasters of the epoch.  These included the Time-Life empire, the New York Times, the Washington Post, provincial newspapers such as the Milwaukee Journal and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, elite broadcaster [Edward R.] Murrow of CBS and like-minded radio/TV personalities, columnists Joseph and Stewart Alsop, Drew Pearson, Marquis Childs, and Walter Lippmann—to name only the most famous.

Since the source is an interview and not a contemporary newspaper account, we are being asked to believe that this enemy newspaper protected McCarthy at the time and did not report the embarrassing episode.  Had they reported it, Reeves surely would have used the newspaper account as his source.

And what about that extraordinary scene “Back in Washington?”  For that one, the end note says simply, “Confidential source.”

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