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Greek protesters throw Molotov cocktails at riot police

In one of the biggest rallies in months against the austerity being imposed on the country, police in Greece used teargas and water cannon on protesters who responded by throwing petrol bombs. 


Years of anti-austerity protests in Greece that culminated in a two-day national strike that saw over a hundred thousand people in the streets of Athens on Wednesday did not stop the ruling coalition government—late in the night—of passing the worst austerity measures yet for Greece. Politicians who did not support the added austerity did not vote against it. They abstained. That includes the small Democratic Left party, a junior partner in the tripartite alliance, plus six members of the Pasok party, plus one member of the New Democracy party. The latter seven were expelled from their respective parties as punishment.

The leadership of the Church of Greece is split regarding austerity and the Golden Dawn party.

Church leaders who oppose austerity say that Archbishop Ieronymos, head of the Church of Greece, is an apologist for the New World Order. Some leading clerics, spearheaded by Bishop Amvrosios of Kalavryta and Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus, openly support the Golden Dawn.

In the opposite corner are those who love austerity and hate the Golden Dawn. They include Bishop Pavlos of Siatista, and Bishop Chrysostomos of Messinia. Bishop Pavlos recently claimed that the ideas of Golden Dawn and the teachings of the Gospel are “in direct contradiction and mutually exclusive.” (By implication, banker theft and political corruption are “holy.”) These pro-austerity bishops want to stop the Golden Dawn from using the Orthodox religion and popular religious sentiment to gain political capital.

Several bishops, alarmed that the Golden Dawn is providing social services, have desperately called on the church to do likewise.

As Greek police continue to act like thugs, corporate media outlets abroad (e.g. the UK Telegraph) continue to condemn Golden Dawn supporters as “racist thugs” and “fascist gangs.” They claim (with zero proof) that these “thugs” are wildly attacking people in public. 

Ilias Panagiotaris, an MP for Golden Dawn, and a leading party figure in Athens, is unapologetic about his party’s nationalism, and its opposition to the bankers and their puppet politicians.

The Golden Dawn now controls 18 seats in Greece’s 300-member parliament, and continues to explode in pipularity. A poll taken in October showed that if elections were held again today, Golden Dawn would capture 14 percent of the vote, making it Greece’s third-largest party. A September poll showed that 22 percent of Greeks have positive views of Golden Dawn, up from 12 percent in May.

Meanwhile Greece’s 5,000 Jews are trying to offset the Golden Dawn by increasing their campaigns to run Greek schoolchildren through the Jewish Museum of Greece, where the children are exposed to the holo-hoax. The Jews have also has set up a traveling exhibition, and work extensively with Greek schools to preach the hoax. The museum, plus the Israeli Embassy in Athens, sent 24 Greek teachers to the International School for hoax Studies at the Yad Vashem hoax memorial in Jerusalem.

Zanet Battinou, director the Jewish Museum of Greece, says that by programming Greek students into hoax conformity, he is “teaching them to think independently.”

Heydrich, thanks for the info on GD, church, and the Traveling Hoaxmobile!

Traveling hoax-mobile. I laughed when I read that!

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