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Economic Reality: Daryl Bradford Smith & Muhammad Rafeeq

Grim material as the disaster deepens.  Smith and Rafeeq back in action for two excellent programs:

Saturday 27th October12

Saturday 13th October12


Would this be the same Daryl Bradford Smith who features a section on Jewish financing of the Nazi party on his site and who openly disavows any connection with Nazis/Fascists/etc? Its strange how you as a National Socialist seem to be amongst his most loyal followers, at least judging by your contributions to the most popular threads here, but you rag on Rivero for doing exactly the same as DBS does.

TD, let me try to figure out your questions and answer them in order.

1. Yes, it would be the same DBS.

2. When did I join the National Socialists?  Does admiring Hitler's identification of the central problem and his successful cleaning of house make me a party member? 

3. I can disagree with Smith's take on the NSDAP and still value his other work, can't I?  Smith has identified the central problem of Jewish control and has loads of excellent sources.  I consider our differences on Germany to be a minor quibble since his other work is so good

4. I consider Mikey Rivero to be an absolute disinfo shill.  He is Jonestein Lite.  Lots of smoke and bullshit about "fascism," "Nazis," "money junkies," and "the corporate media."  Never a mention of the 800 lb. Talmudic Rabbi in the room. 

5. You're far too perceptive to need the above explanation.  What gives?

Both produce lots of "smoke and bullshit" about fascism and Nazis. So the NY Jew Daryl is "kosher" but Mikey the NH Jew is not? Now I get it.

TD, I don't think you're sincerely trying or perhaps you're tired.

It's this simple:  Rivero fails to talk about who is repsonsible.  Daryl has discussed this, the essential question, from the start.  It's International Jewry as Henry Ford and other eminent Goyim knew in the days before Tee-Vee.

Unsurprisingly, many detractors pop up to attack Smith.  Nothing substantial.  Chickenshit.  He drinks, he swears, he's not a believer in Jesus, he's wrong about Hiter.....snore.  See previous paragraph.

When Rivero finds out that "the corporate media" and "the money junkies" are Jewish and have been for at least a century, he'll go way up in my book.  He might start posting the things Smith has archived years ago. 

Rivero might launch his Rangers on a Crusade against the Talmud and Noahide Laws and Jewish infiltration of Christianity.  

He posts Ben Freedman's speech every couple of years.  Maybe someday he'll read it and face the truth of the situation.  Wilson "Kept Us Out of War" until Baruch and the boys decided to trade American goy cannon fodder for the Balfour Declaration

Many detractors pop up to attack Smith? It seems Smith is pretty damn handy at being a detractor himself, falling not that far short of declaring himself the way, the truth and the light. At least here Smith can answer his detractors. The same can't be said for Smith's cowardly attacks on others on IATW. That alone says a heck of a lot.

I'm not here to defend Rivero but I would say this much, there isn't much difference between him and DBS in terms of their output. It seems you want Rivero to be a clone of DBS, which is really pointless. One person declaring themselves to be the only source of truth is enough. We don't need two.

I notice you ignored my comment re:DBS's Jewishness. Is that an admission that I am correct? 

By the way, your loyalty to DBS is very touching. I hope he throws you a bone once in a while.

TD, there's an essentail difference between DBS and Rivreo's output.  I don't really give a fuck if DBS is Jewish or not. It's really just a question of whether someone is telling the whole truth or covering for International Jewry. 

Your repeated failure to grasp to obvious main point is fascinating.

Poseidon put it very succinctly in an old comment.

Daryl Smith has historical information at his site and Rivero has news items, so anyone who wants the historical stuff can go to TFC and anyone who wants news can go to WRH.

It appears your problem is that Rivero doesn't (read: no longer) links to IATW. If I was the target of as much of Smith's vitriol as Mike Rivero was, then I would probably stop linking to his site. You seem to think this is strange, which in itself is very odd. I have no problem with either Rivero or DBS, despite the latter's disgraceful attack on this site (at 2:15 in the video) some time ago. I have only discovered this video recently and I'm saddened by its content.

If you have a problem with the content of Rivero's site you can always join and contribute that content yourself instead of lamenting about its absence here. As TD has pointed out earlier, you can't do that on IATW.

Sully, you've made this comment before...I can't remember how many times and I give you the same answer.  I don't care if he links to Smith's site or not. 

What matters is that Rivero links to the information and gives it the attention it deserves.  You can find the things at in other places.  The problem is that Rivero doesn't link to this stuff. 

The "Money Junkies" are Jewish and the historical record proves it.

The "corporate media" is Jewish and the historical record proves it.

"U.S. foreign policy" is Jewish and the record proves it.

That's why he is so loath to deal with whether it is sourced from Smith or anybody else.  This is not a difficult point to grasp.

The "Money Junkies" are Jewish and the historical record proves it.

The "corporate media" is Jewish and the historical record proves it.

"U.S. foreign policy" is Jewish and the record proves it.

That's why he is so loath to deal with whether it is sourced from Smith or anybody else.

Having listened to his shows, I disagree. Where he may differ is the extent to which he deals with it. Whether or not he links to your prescribed reading list is neither here nor there. I can't help but wonder who died and made you arbiter of what constitutes approved material.

This is not a difficult point to grasp.

Ooooh, touchy!  I notice you failed (again) to address my point that you can join Rivero's site and rectify what you perceive to be a failing. You can't do the same with IATW.

Sullivan, Rivero posts nothing on the historical problem.  Rivero is a shil.  I won't be signing up.  There's no need to do so at IATW as this shit's already there.  Snore.....

Rivero is a shil.

So you say. Something tells me you think you are the font of all wisdom on such matters.

I won't be signing up.  

No surprise there!

There's no need to do so at IATW as this shit's already there.  Snore.....

What shit? You mean shit like this or this (posted on IATW front page)?

I suppose it is fascinating in the same way your continued loyal support for the boozed-up, foul-mouthed, anti-Christian DBS and his "its the Zionists" kick are fascinating, even moreso given your obvious support for facism and national socialism and his attempts to distance himself from supporters of those same ideologies.

The problem is that Rivero doesn't link to this stuff. Smith does.  You want to make an issue of the the label Smith uses most frequently.  Sorry, that's bullshit.  For the slow, the delicate, and the pettifoggers,  one more time:

The "Money Junkies" are Jewish and the historical record proves it.

The "corporate media" is Jewish and the historical record proves it.

"U.S. foreign policy" is Jewish and the record proves it.

Rivero refuses to acknowledge the problem and educate using IATW or any other site.  Kinda just exactly like AJ.  This is not a difficult point to grasp.  Try again.

TD, when did you go into the chickenshit business?  Guess you're a "money junkies" and "corporate media" kinda guy.  I apologize for my interest in systems that removed the parasites from power.

What makes you guess I am a "money junkies" and "corporate media" kinda guy? You obviously know jack shit. Judaism is the problem. Not Zionism (DBS) or money junkies (Rivero).

TD, you keep asking and I'll keep answering.  How's that for a system?

Since I'd yet to hear to you weigh in on the subject, I took your reference to my criticisms as criticism of my criticism.  Didn't realize you'd joined the "War on Money Junkieism."  My apologies.

Oddly you seem to suggest that Smith ignores the question of problems within Judaism.  You've clearly not been a listener or spent much time looking in the archives.  He's a quick look at what he's done:

He has discussed the messianic Judaism of Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank, et al and associated perversions.  He's covered the core problem of the Talmud repeatedly in interviews with people such as David Pidcock and James Dickie.  He has archived books that provide details including The Controversy of Zion (.pdf), Waters Flowing Eastward, The Jewish Religion, It's Influence Today (.pdf), Jewish History, Jewish Religion (.pdf), and selections from the Talmud

It's pretty clear that you know jack shit about what Smith has been doing.  I do hope you're not suggesting that his work somehow is "cover" for the evils of Judaism.  That would be very lame, like a fuckin' bodycast.

Oh dear, somebody has rustled Fester's feathers.

Not at all, Sully.  I just run out of ways to say the same thing over and over.

"Researching Criminal Zionism". Criminal Zionism = Money Junkies = Corporate Media = Obfuscation. Talmudic Judaism is the problem. Zionism is relatively new. The problem is much older.

Zionism Must And Will Be Stopped

The Nazis came to power when Hitler was appointed Chancellor on 30 Jan 1933. This gave them control of the banking system and the nation’s finances. Not only did they allow some Jews to remain in control of banks, the Nazis actually privatized the Dresdner Bank (the main bank used by the SS) and even the State Reichsbank, so the banks could have freedom to use monetary policy to control inflation. However fiscal policy (where government money comes from, and where it is spent) was Nazi-controlled.

Beginning in 1933, Max Warburg served directly under Hjalmar Schacht on the board of the Reichsbank, until the Nazis expelled him and all the other Warburg family members in 1938.

To those who say that Jews financed the Nazis, I say the Third Reich financed itself. What need do you have for Jewish money if you gain total control of the government and its finances, and you have the last word on how banks are run in your country? Did the Nazis ever some gold through Jewish operatives during the Third Reich (e.g. the Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland)? Sure. Why not? They used the Jews. The Nazis even had members on the BIS board. The Third Reich was not about destroying Jews. It went far beyond that to create a whole new society.


DBS says the Jews financed the Nazis. Yet he's "kosher" according to Fester.

Heydrich, very informative. 

Tom, Daryl said what he said back then but he kept linking to wufys till recently, wouldn't that contradict what he said or is it that he found out he was wrong?

Yes, it does, but the attack was so nasty I was a little taken aback. To slight the owner of the site (QRSWave) and label the entire readership because of what a small number were saying is a bit much.

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