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On a cover of old sheet music, which I still collect, this old familiar character seems to be saying --- "Catch Ya Later, Hot Potater ! --- I'M OUTA HERE ! "
while we still can ? ( please follow other links, in your own interest ) April 4, 2007 -- E-mail received from Leland Lehrman today: After Reuven Schossen, the Israeli dissident, returned to Bolivia, we maintained an email relationship and I continued to edit his book. I secured permission from the publisher of the newspaper I edit to publish his manuscript. We began editing the latest version of his excellent book, Holygarchy, after Publish America decided to terminate their contract with him on spurious grounds. He had recently sent me a new chapter about a high level Mossad agent who was also coincidentally an "art student" . He never gave me the real name of this gentleman, always calling him Arik, but he told me one very important detail about the man, namely that he was the son of the man who put the bombs in the Hotel King David. He told me about the "fighting families" (Lehi, Etzel, Irgun) of Israel and the way in which they still control Israel's intelligence services and plum business positions that are given as gifts to core warriors. Recently, Reuven was growing more and more desperate back in Bolivia and mentioned to me that he was again under heavy surveillance and that someone had recently broken into his room in search of "documents." Then, all of a sudden, this morning, I go to edit the newest version of Straw Skyscrapers, a chapter from the book, when I find that absolutely every single email to and from Reuven has been deleted from my gmail account . Even his entry in my Contacts file was gone. It has been widely reported that Google has CIA connections , and quite frankly, I feel deeply violated and very concerned, both for Reuven and myself, hence this public letter. Tonight, I checked on a hunch and found that Reuven's entire website has disappeared . The domain has not expired, and was hosted at a free site on (Yahoo). Once again, I suspect active sabotage . Google and you can see the cached version. An old version is still up at Attached, please find the most recent chapter entitled Arik in the midst of the editing process as well as the complete manuscript as I have it. I also include below the chapter entitled "Straw Skyscrapers", a touching account of the vagueness of the Israeli State's "Law of Return," underscoring the vast myth of Judaism as race and religion. Please pray for Reuven if you are so inclined. Although some of my friends, you know who you are, were disinclined to work with Reuven, I developed a close relationship with him. As such, my emotions are telling me that something very bad has happened and I am concerned for my friend's safety. As he used to say to me, it could happen to you too. Leland Lehrman "> TAU Professor Will Head Google's R&D Center in Tel Aviv


But Gmail is a Free Public Email system. Do you think the the "Beast" just gives away 3+ gig of storage space if there was not some sort of pay out. Shit i bet the man has filtered TONS of my Gmail i don't give a crap. And you should not either. If you are using Gmail thinking it is secure then you are deluding yourself. Gmail is like Hotmail and any other Free service (read:MySpace,Friendster,face book and even Yahoo) is at it's core insecure. Google even bots through your mail to tune there search engines and news servicees. So in a shell Don't expect Gmail Google video YouTube or other here one day gone the next .com places to be what YOU expect them to be. The Whole "Inernets" thing is a military network that they use to control you. Sure it has a FACE that you like but this bitch is one UGLY whore if you really pull at the costume.


First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

Here is a cute little utility that takes a minimum of space that sends periodic bullshit google requests from your IP address to keep google from patterning you.


They do keep files on requests from IP addresses, so give 'em plenty to think about. I am currently using it on one of my xp machines and it works beautifully. You'll see a small line on the bottom of your Mozilla Firefox screen that tells you the latest request. I have mine set to send one every minute.

If you want ZERO spyware, keylogger, and virus problem in the XP operating system go with this system:
- Firefox - with cookie management enabled and monitored,
- Wireless router firewalls
- SPYBOT update, check, and immunize on bootup,
- AdaWARE weekly,
- AVG virus protection updated, run check, and immunize daily.

Better yet, get a Mac.


First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

A bit late, I know, but anyone reading this and considering using this Windiz update should consider that the creators of this software also allow you to download viruses

A couple of elegant solutions there, guys. I'm toying with the idea of installing them, but I really should ask my son about it first, since he is a computer specialist, and I am certainly not.

He's the one who firewalled my Mozilla to begin with,
so he gets first crack. But thanks a million for the referrals.

Cool Stuff !


"The gruesome story is reminiscent of the Manchurian Candidate movies describing US intelligence operations designed to create mind-controlled killers and is not for the faint of heart."

I just took a bit from one of your links from above. That is an interesting wealth of info, and I will have to take my time reading it. For now, I just quickly skimmed through some of the items.

And thank you for this information. I find it fascinating and great ammo for my files when I have nasties with the zionist bloggers.

My dad always used to say to me:

"Watch their movies and see how their minds work. This is their world and the "dark strategy" movies they make is just a thread's difference from their very own reality. It's as if the zionists are boasting about their actual inhuman deeds but covering them up with "'It's just a movie, folks'".

And often I have wondered just how right my dad was. When I see movies like THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR or THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR....

And then I think of 9/11, among other atrocities.

When we all finally catch on [with what is going on with our world] we can only come to the conclusion: these stories are actually a mirror of the diabolical inner workings and schemes of the likes of AIPAC and Mossad, and so many others like them.


of a hot argument I had with an israeli blogger. He got so angry with me when I finally threw a movie at him. I told him that israel reminds me of the LACK of conscience of the James Spader character in the movie "Less Than Zero".

Sometimes you really gotta throw their own "SCHEME" and "STRATEGY" at their faces. It works so well that they are either rendered speechless - OR, depending on the blogsite, my posts get removed.

Heh heh heh.


Yes Claymore and Masher. I will definitely look into those links you guys posted. I am NOT a computer brain. I will have to get my brother to help me out on what all that stuff means.


If you are using a linksys do this to it. It seemed to stop a lot of crap for the free U/G with This firm ware exchange for those that have a compatible router. It came with a glowing recommendation from a VERY geek type that tipped me to the Windiz U/D site. (Kudos to Dean!) I was re-installing XP weekly untill this two fixes came my way. Now my net box just stops and waits to reboot if anything WEIRD goes down. If you have the issue of recurrent dead boot drive seriously investigate BOTH of those places.


First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

You do realize, that at some point, when I sum up the energy, I just may pick your poor brain to death about computers....hehehe.

That may be in the distant future, so don't run away. :-)

Thanks for the info.


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