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Photo found: 'Star of David' a Khazar symbol

They're not "Jews." They're Khazars (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9)

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Historian and author Michael A. Hoffman II of has unearthed this photo of a Ukrainian statue depicting "Ukrainian Prince Sviatoslav's defeat of the Khazar army, 968 A.D. (note the hexagram on the Khazar soldier's shield)"

The Magen David was used in Jewish Kabbalistic rituals in the Middle Ages, but only became universally 'Jewish' in the 19th century when adopted by the Zionist movement as their national symbol.


Ohhh PJZ, you are another demanding interlocutor ... No, I do not mind you observing our discussions, on the contrary you contribute to make them more poignant - we improve our knowledge by being challenged.
I will not comment on issues about religion, I'm ignorant about that. However, history is my religion and as for politics, well, that's the stuff man is made of.
"It would be like chinese Catholics having an obligation to go and live in Rome, indonesian Muslims to invade Mecca and Medina".
"Would there be a problem with that"?
Anybody can see there would be great problems, for Rome is already occupied by the Italians and Mecca and Medina by Arabs. You could see the chaos that would ensue - the world constantly at war - if any proselyte group decided to go back to the country origin of any single faith.
"This ethnocentric outlook on why people should and shouldn't live in certain countries is a little insulting, if you don't mind my saying so".
Perhaps you misunderstand me/us. Nobody is saying Jews (or Buddhists, Hindus, ...) are not permitted to go settle in any given part of the world, least in Palestine. What we object here to is for Jews taking over any single country/land for themselves and to be controlled by them. It was wrong with medieval Poland-Lithuania, it was wrong with the Bolshevik USSR, it is wrong with Palestine, it is wrong with the USA. Any given country belongs to all of the peoples that inhabit that land.
"When I look at Israel I do not see a thriving, rich, powerful imperialist state that you describe".
When did you last visit Israel? Do you not share our views (rethorics) that the invasion of Iraq was an act of Israeli expansionism? That Israel covertly possesses hundreds of nuclear/hydrogen warheads in a region where other countries have none? Then you are just as brainwashed by the 'politically correct' information media of your co-religionists as the rest of the Jewish people and of the Gentiles in the West. And this is why counterinformation sites such as this one are badly needed.
I see is a tiny nation with no natural resources, a broken society, a corrupt leadership, and a poor and divided populace that could break into civil war with just one bad choice".
How interesting, what d'you mean by 'civil war'? Between Ashkenazis and Sephardis? Tiny nation, no nat. resources, corrupt leadership ... this is all what's needed for nationalism and expansionism! History teaches us just that much. How's 'Lebensraum' written in Hebrew? And q.: why a broken society?
"It is very generous of you, however, to decide for them whether or not they are real Jews".
That's only where you Jews consider yourself a people or a race. To many of us in this forum, you are neither. You are just a 'Glaubengemeinschaft', a belief-group to us, like the Christians, the Muslims, ... Should the Christians, the Muslims all want to return to Palestine just because it's the spring of their religions?
Proof of Ashkenazis=judaisedKhazars. It's a very long proof, needs a book that was already written. Books, in fact: H.vonKutschera, A.Koestler, A.Posselt, maybe K.A.Brook. Have YOU read any of these? I should write the next, ... when I retire. Suffices to say the proof is in history, ethnography, linguistics, onomastics, customs, traditions and attire (the last three relating to the Orthodox Jews). Anyway, before Zionism was born cultivated Gentiles and Jews alike knew this contention was true all along. Just read H.Graetz, 'History of the Jews' Vol.3, pre-1900 edition.
How, then, do you respond to the allegations that most Ashkenazi Jews are (genetically) more closely related to Arabs and other Jewish ethnic groups than to any European nation?
Please PJZ, don't waste our time. We told you already the statistics of those studies is flawed. Statistical genetics is not a science, unless you screen ALL the peoples of the world. Anyway, didn't even have to open your suggested website: can recognise the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's address at once (even worked there for a long time). Cheers, and ... wake up.


Douglas Reed in The Controversy of Zion concludes:

... this only became clear when the [Russian/Bolshevik] revolution of 1917 produced an almost all-Jewish government in Russia; and by that time power [of Ashkenazim] over governments in the West was so great that the nature of this new regime was little discussed, a virtual law of heresy having come into force there.



Thank you History Worm for the welcome, and Quasi for your kind evaluation of my work.

The piece actually began with a rather strange request from the editor of the World Internet News site I worked for at one time. He asked me to research an article with an eye toward finding a connection between Khazarian descended Jews and Gog and Magog of biblical prophecy. At first it seemed an almost absurd assignment, but I dove into it, ravaged Amazon and Barnes & Noble for every book I could locate on the subject of those strange people from the Eurasian Steppes, and spent considerable time in the University of New Mexico’s library. As I began to research these things I was astounded at how the connection my editor presaged came to life before my eyes.

It took me over three months of research and writing to complete the work. The great surprise for me was that in spite of many decades of mainstream Christian exegetical and prophetic studies pointing to Gog and Magog’s future invasion of the Holy Land (most interpretations believing a Russian military expedition from the north as the fulfillment) I began to realize that it had already happened. It took place when the Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews, who had no ancestral or genetic link whatever to Judaism, took over Palestine by co-opting the United Nations for partitioning – and the Christian world had missed it! Even as the Jews missed Messiah’s first coming because of their preconceived and inflexible interpretations of Scripture, so have modern Christians, for the same reason, missed the fulfillment of the very scriptures upon which they base a large portion of their beliefs.

This, of course, made me take a very close look at the BIG event in Christian eschatology – the second coming of Christ. Realizing that modern Christians are as spiritually constipated as were the Pharisees of Jesus’ time I began to see that they could no more understand what the second coming of the Messiah would be like than did the Jews at His first advent. And if you look at the manner in which prophecies have been fulfilled throughout history (if you are one who believes in them) it comes as no surprise that the latter ones would come in a manner that human reasoning would not expect.

It was one of those epiphanies – a decisively pivotal revelation that rarely comes to a man more than once in a lifetime.

I finally got through all the comments!

I have to give it to you guys, as the Great Revealer said, I've never been on any website/forum with such a level of informed/learned contributers. I'll even say I'm glad PJZ is contributing to challenge us and keep us sharp. (But please, let's keep it clean in all directions, truth needs no anger to deliver).

And to think this all started because I reposted a photo I found on Hoffman's site that I found interesting.

I guess the question should be to ask Hoffman where he got the photo from and try to determine its age. If the statue is a new Ukrainian depiction of Khazaria's defeat, then it shows that the Ukrainian sculptor may have known the Khazars back then were Jews.

Shall I edit the blog and add the speculation on the photo? The title is a bit misleading in hindsight (QRS, did you change it for me? :) )

As for Gabriel: Welcome! Did you write the piece you linked to based on the research you did? VERY intriguing.


Possibly. Sorry, I don't remember. I might have shortened it, like I tend to do. You can modify it. But, there are a number of websites that have already linked to it and included the title and text. So, you might want to add and addendum, instead. I agree that all civil discourse should be encouraged, even if we strongly disagree with it and, in fact, find it revolting for what it advocates. This thread is very educational. 


"Money" has no value - people do.

Yes, MZ, I wrote the article. The details of how that came about, I think anyway, are quite interesting. They are described in the post just previous to yours.

We should definitely ask Michael Hoffman II, where he got his photo from. Clearly some artist forged it recently for some ukrainian nationalists, who didn't do their research properly. Of course the cultivated Ukrainians know about the Khazars having been (in part) jewish, but to pit a khazar descendent (Svyathoslav I here, alas, depicted as a Cossack) against a would-be khazar soldier (wearing alas a nazi-type helmet, albeit with Star of David on his shield) is totally ridiculous.


I'm just a mere GCSE student, so forgive my lack of knowledge, but what about King David's shield, and Solomons Seal???

heres a quote for the Magen David;

"Some researchers have theorized that the hexagram represents the astrological chart at the time of David's birth or anointment as king. The hexagram is also known as the "King's Star" in astrological circles, and was an important astrological symbol in Zoroastrianism.

The earliest archaeological evidence for the Jewish use of the symbol comes from an inscription attributed to Joshua ben Asayahu in late 7th century BCE Sidon.

"Practical" Kabbalah makes use of this sign, arranging the Ten Sephiroth, or spheres, in it, and placing it on amulets. However, the sign is nowhere to be found in classical kabbalistic texts themselves, such as the Zohar and the like. Therefore, its use as a sefirotic diagram in amulets is more likely a reinterpretation of a preexisting magical symbol. According to G.S. Oegema,

"Isaac Luria provided the Shield of David with a further mystical meaning. In his book "Etz Hachayim" he teaches that the elements of the plate for the Seder evening have to be placed in the order of the hexagram: above the three sefirot "Crown. "wisdom" and "Insight", below the other seven". "

A fine, fine thread which deserves more careful study.

It's been a couple of weeks, and I'm exceeding keen for PJZ to enlighten us with his DNA "proof" genetically linking the Semitic peoples with our beloved Khazarian carpetbaggers.

Did I miss it? Were it too super subtle for der goyim?

It's good that you care about such intriguing historical matters.
The Star of David is obviously an old symbol used by many cultures in the past. What we are concerned with here, is its political usage. It's not clear to me just how important this hexagram was to the biblical Hebrews, but what I know is that the first true political use of the symbol was made by a semi-legendary character, a notable leader, a Khazar by the quaint name of David Al-Roy. I think this is the real reason why the hexagram is also called the Star of David, but it's not King David of the Hebrews, it's this David Al-Roy.
This Al-Roy (Benjamin Disraeli, former Queen Victoria's apostate Prime Minister - that is a Jew converted to Christianity for political advantages, but still a crypto-Jew - wrote a novel about him: The wonderous Tale of Al-Roy) was the first known promoter of a 'crusade' (shall we call it a 'hexagrade'?) to 'recapture' Palestine for the Ashkenazi Jews. Al-Roy was said to stem from the South Caucasus region, where Zoroastrians also lived, so this makes full circle with the notion of the hexagram being important to that forgotten cult.
Indeed this is a fascinating thread, so is the story about the Rothschild's shield which I still have to write up for the esoterics lovers of this site ... That shield is living proof that the Rothschilds are Khazar aristocracy (Ashina turkik ruling clan) AND they know it!
Cheers everyone!


Here's proof that the Jews are in fact Hindus.

at wikipedia, the hexagram is used by a number of different people for various reasons - I don't think that that can be used as proof that anyone of them are actually one and the same people. human beings have a habit of copying things from each other. That will never change - no matter how many 'copyright laws' are enacted.


"Money" has no value - people do. simple as the RED SIGN is, hung at the money-changer's hovel, it most certainly has meaning, likely different from others who used it.

..i think it accurately depicts THE SYNAGOGUE OF SHAITAN, no? is very interesting, about the magen david being A DIFFERENT DAVE!!!

..also, does the torah not include the talmud? The NK should call themselves Tanakh (old testament) True Jews, no?

..and besides, even if the Bible or whatever told me to stone petulent children to death, YOUR COMMON SENSE, let alone YOUR FAITH, should prevent you from failing this TEST.

The hexagram is the symbol indicative of the divinity of the number seven, the seventh point being the center of the hexagon or the Sun. This divinity belief existed in the major ancient and antiquity belief systems before its integration into cabala and of course into the Zionism in 1873. To some extent, the same way the ancient symbol of swastika, potency of creativity, found its way into Nazism.

To trace back to the culture(s) morphing the magic and then divinity of the number seven, we probably should be looking for who discovered some impressive natural phenomena, such as seven musical notes, and its octave repetition to infinity. Or integration of seven day week into the calendar and finding a perfect match. (btw. seven spoke crown of statue of liberty also comes from this divinity belief.) Note that menorah also has seven spokes.

In politics and military operations, symbols play a crucial role in creating a sense of belonging and connectivity. The opportunistic adoption of the hexagram seems to be around the time that the word "Jew" was coined for English speakers too. This word was supposed to create the notion of a "race" via religion and therefore legitimacy to the claims of the converts for a home.

Of course the statute has more things to be concerned about than happy. The least of it is the authentication of the symbol to be representing Judaism.


..the number seven is significant in nature..
..but then, shall we take the yankee star, add a sun and moon, then call it an odd seven?

It is always a pleasure to here your opinion.

I had forgotten all about MonkeyZerg's great blog - and look at all the great bloggers - sans zio-knobs - here that have spoken considerably with such great wealth of knowledge. I love it. These entries always make me smile.

I must remember to put MZ's blog into my files.

Somehow this one escaped me...


My research has concluded that there is a very strong link between the Hindus and the "Jews." I have a theory that the Greeks essentially adopted the hindu caste system into their views on political theory. Plato basically states in the "Republic" that there are men of different metals which are destined to rule and be governed. Yet another interesting clue comes from Nesta Websters books where she eludes that Pythagoras had learned some of the great mysteries which are Hindu in origin. These metaphysical mysteries are part of the secret teachings in Freemasonry. Another connection come from an interview with Ben Gurion who basically call the Greeks the first great civilization. The thread that connect these various groups is the persistence of a certain world view. That world view is hierarchy. To make it crystal clear- caste system based on superstition- caste system based on religion- and finally a scientific caste system based sophisticated mind control techniques.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who mysteriously missed this thread. We should thank TimB for his "this is nonsense" reviving the thread after seven months for those who missed it! (speaking of missing, history_worm is missing too. Hope he's traveling and comes back refreshed.)


I do like HistoryWorm's stuff very much...although it overwhelms me.

I am afraid I have not been a very astute student...

Yes, I do hope he comes back.


The author of the Armenian Holocaust were actually the Khazars! according to the following weblink:

So the Ukranian's beat the ancient Israelites and carried them all off into captivity in 'Ukrania". Then when the Balfour Declaration was pushed through, they were free to 'return to their homeland'.   See?  The Ukraine will be re-writing their history soon.


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