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A selection of fan mail

From now on we are going to publish a selection of comments submitted to the site, a lot positive, some negative, the latter mostly from pig-ignorant troglodytes who are too cowardly to join and engage in debate.


Here's one from a bogan with severe comprehension problems who goes by the name of Leon Christopher Stokegreen:

I started reading this web page, I cannot understand or fathom the shit you write What a fucked up bunch of bigotted socialist flunkeys Who dont you hate??? Get the paedophilic irish church to take a good look at itself.....raping boys

Its a web site, not a web page, fool. Learn the difference before you start shooting off your mouth about things that are obviously way beyond your intellectual capacity. If you engaged more than one brain cell at a time you'd stand a better chance of fathoming the contents of this site.

Ana Maria Pinto wrote to us about a movement in Portugal sharing a similar name

A movement named "Acordai" – Wake up!, using the poetry from José Gomes Ferreira and the music from Fernando Lopes Graça, was initiated with the purpose of gathering a choir to sing during the demonstration at 6 PM in Lisbon on Sep.21 2012. 800 voices sang together this poem, a calling of consciousness. There's a blog and a community on Facebook, founded on this very day. This movement is deeply committed to using culture, with it’s essential purity and truth, as a tool to end this monstrous political and financial action that is being planned and put in action in Portugal by Troika and the Portuguese conniving government. I was very happy to have found our site with a similar motto! I hope we can unite to fight for the liberty and truth that the people in Portugal and around the world deserve.
Thank you.

Thank you for contacting us, Ana. We wish you and your movement the best in your fight against Troika tyranny.

Great addition!  Loved the second one, enjoyed the first. 

Former member of this site Mel Gibstein wrote:

You seem to be the only one posting now. Are you happy the way your site has turned out? Is that what you wanted all along, to trash a once good free speech site?

You are a Jew Tommy, I dont give 2 turds what your name is or what your accent is. You sure as hell aint Irish.

As if he would know who is really Irish and who is not. This isn't the first time I've been accused of being Jewish and probably won't be the last. It seems to be something members of the tribe do when their backs are against the wall.

In any debate, the first person who gratuitously calls someone else a "Jew" or a "disinformation agent" losses the debate, and has nothing to say.

Alexander Baron, attempting to promote his own website wrote:

<url redacted>

This is the url; I've had my own domain since 2008; please update the links in the slanderous ravings you fuckwits have posted about me.

Check out also my FinancialReform website. If you have more than one braincell between you.

Yes! Please keep sharing these. There's some interesting stuff here.

I laughed when I saw the "bogan" remark. I thought it was a uniquely Australian term (according to that YouTube description, "scanger" is the Irish word for bogan).

Yes, bogan is an exlusively Australian term, don't worry, we haven't stolen it. Its just the correspondent in question was Australian and clearly in bogan territory.

Chrisitan Identity loon Mel Gibstein writes...

I see you are doing most the posting, Tommy. Are you having fun? Have you even given it a shred of thought why nobody comes around any more? Try smelling your armpits.<

Wow, he's a real comedian. Mel's just pissed that when he railed against others for not falling in with his "all joos, all the time" line and was told to take it elsewhere. Do a Google search on his name and you'll find that the one with virtual smelly armpits is himself. Classic Jewish misdirection?

It seems that bad as this site is, he keeps coming back here. 

I like to sometimes take pot-shots at Jews because it's fun. The arrogance of Jews makes them easy and entertaining targets. But "all joos, all the time" is not only boring and shallow, it morphs into the Jewish misdirection sphere. Or, alternately, it becomes a means to excuse the misdeeds of one's own nation. Corrupt politicians? Warmongering right-wing nut-jobs? Murderous military commanders? Idiots in general? No problem! The joos did it! We are pure and righteous.

Of course, this is exactly how Jews think about the Goyim. Thus, "al joos, all the time" becomes an exercise in pointing at one's reflection in a mirror and saying, "That's not me!"

As for people who take frequent jabs at the web site, they must really be bored with their lives. I would feel sorry for them, except it's not their fault. The joos did it.

Here's one from an upset and particularly dumb member of the the tribe who goes by the name of Ron Diamond. This individual obviously doesn't get that this site is not just the product of one point of view, let alone of one person. He also seems to be suffering from feelings of sexual inadequacy, as he feels the need to boast about how many goyish women he's slept with....

tell me: don't you remember in your house, growing up, hearing in loud, angry voices your father and probably your mother saying unpleasant characterizations of Jews.  Right?  A Jew hater begins at the feet of parents
that were also brainwashed by hating parents and grandparents.  I was a pharmacist for 30 years and I don't need to tell you of my positive deeds.
In my 64 years of being around 1000's of Jews in every conceivable occasion, I have never once heard any Jew say anything negative about Christians(in general);  of course, we object to the priests(and others that you venerate) mterriblebehavior with innocent boys.  Otherwise, I have never ever heard any negative statements.  Our lives are intertwined....including the almost 100 non-jews(ie christians) girls I've had intercourse with;  every single one wanted to marry me.  You can poo poo this statement and you certainly can do your evil behavior towards innocents, but most christians I have met just wanted to get
along(and marry me), as do I and my peers.  You are just a brain washed, now evil(consideing your age and that you should realize how wrong your really are) unfortunate.  That is all I can do to characterize you....unfortunate.

This one hails from someone who goes by the name of "Mother Theresa" but whose email address suggests they are an adherents of the world's second most racist religion - Hinduism...

Satan is alive and well and set up this website

Oh my God--I didn't know such evil existed---
I feel tainted just visiting this site.
I will have to pray for protection from such evil darkness as you sub-human
creatures who have created and contribute to and participate in this evil
evil website.
May God have mercy on your souls

Someone who simply goes by the name of "John" asks...

Why are you so obsessed with Jews? Don't you have something better to do with your time?

"John" is obviously yet another clueless type who obviously doesn't get that posts on this blog are authored by different people who have different interests and perspectives. So back to you, "John".

This one is my favorite, because I myself have heard it so often! LOL 

Somebody going by the name Ann Onymous wrote:

What you have published here is NOT the TRUTH. It is lies from the zionist machine that is trying to destroy Greece and the rest of the western world.

You should be ashamed of printing these lies and calling your site "wake up from your slumber".

Somebody has their panties in a knot! It seems you are a fan of the fascists and don't like your favorite type of totalitarianism being put in the spotlight. Quite a few of us here view fascism is just as odious as any other authoritarian system of government.

I know it is difficult for you to comprehend, but just because something is reported here doesn't mean we are endorsing it as truth or posting it as fact. It was posted here for comment, something you could easily have done, if you had grown a spine instead of preferring to remain Ann Onymous. 

Here's a missive from someone going by the name of Tony Parisi that dusts down the tired old "anti-semitic" canard for a new outing.

How sad that in this day and age, your site continues to stoke the flames of
anti-semitism. The "Palestinian" people, as everyone refers to them did not
come into existence until after the 1967 War. Arabs, realizing that they
weren't able to defeat Israel militarily, decided to go the propaganda route
and turn the world against Israel. Of course, because there is an abundance
of ignorant people in the world, multitudes have fallen into this propaganda
trap. Now, your site makes money off of this. Know that your site is only
followed by the truly ignorant, angry and desperate people in the world. In
other words, you're just another site pushing it's own propaganda. Way to go!

Isn't it strange that our latest correspondent chooses to pick one topic among the many posted on this site. He then accuses us of disseminating propaganda, something which the squatter state and its fan club have turned into a vertiable art-form.

When it comes to downright lies and propaganda, Israel wins the gold medal every time. Please tell us, Tony, which Middle Eastern state's secret service has "By way of deception thou shalt do war" as its motto?  Lebanon? Syria? Egypt? Can I give you a clue, Shmegegge? It is Israel. In the light of this, I don't think we should bother even gracing your (utterly discredited) claim about the Palestinians with a response.

As for your slight on the readership of this site, on the contrary, our site is followed by those who don't want to remain ignorant and who are seeking the truth that lies behind the web of lies that surrounds us. That you are bothered by our presence is neither here nor there. I'm sure most people visiting this site wouldn't care and many of them wouldn't have much time for the sort of sites that would receive your seal of approval. That's life, Pisher!

Someone who has adopted the name of Phalangist Bashir Gemayel wrote to vent his feelings on muslims in Lebanon. 

You tell lies about lebanese patriot samir geagea, musilims should all die in lebanon, we will kill every hezbollah and al-qeda because musilims are evil.

Well "Bashir Gemayel", how about you join this site and counter these "lies" with your facts or are you too much of a coward to do that?

Sounds like what an assyrian would say

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