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To USS Liberty Survivors

A Suggestion to USS Liberty Survivors

First off let me explain that I mean no disrespect and have the most honorable intentions here. I had two close friends of my own murdered in the Beirut bombings in I believe 82 if I recall.

I was playing horseshoes with them on liberty (time off) when they decided to transfer out of my company. I seriously thought about going along with them, but ofcourse they had no idea where they were going, they just wanted out of where we were at the time and back overseas wherever the action was.

They had to re-enlist to get out of where we were and I had no intentions of that. I spent about 2 years with them elsewhere in the states and overseas before this and when I found out what happened in Beirut I wanted to know who did it and why.

These guys were 20 years old, give or take a few months. They were from the heartland of America where they most likely spent most of their time on a farm and wrapped up in football and cheerleaders.

They were just good honest men who wanted to give to their country before they took a thing from it. Me, thats another story, but these guys were pure as the wind driven snow.

They didnt know New York from Lexington, Kentucky or Zionism from Jim Beam. They depended on their elders, their politicians, their media and their fellow soldiers to back them up. They believed and trusted in America and paid the ultimate price.

Back to the Liberty. I have called radio shows for years and I mean years to get to the bottom of this crime and others. I didnt know what happened in Beirut, but I knew something wasnt right. I had to ask myself what every logical person has asked when a crime is committed throughout time, "Cui Bono"?

When the internet started I knew I wasnt alone and it gave me the strength I needed to pursue the truth and as many of you know I found a new world of it and the same people always seem to be behind "Cui Bono?"

I started calling radio stations across America, not just in America actually, when I was in other countries I called radio stations there too. I noticed that there was a specific subject nobody wanted to talk about.

If I said Muslims bombed someone I was welcome all day long, but if I said if there was even a chance that jews bombed someone I was hanged up on immediately or sometimes allowed on to be ridiculed and then hanged up on.

I started learning different ways to get on the air, not by lying, but by putting screeners and talk show hosts on the spot to prove their bias and lies. Most of those broadcasters are off the air now or completely refuse me to be on the air at all now.

All I called in to do was to help my country and tell the truth. Why would any radio host or screener refuse this? Dont they care about their own brothers and now sisters being killed in foreign lands? Its obvious that they dont.

I was friends with a couple of Marines killed in Beirut, but that doesnt qualify me airtime, but guys like Glen Beck and OReilly and Hannity and Limbaugh have all day to shoot the breeze over the national airwaves and have the power to cut off people like me and you off the public spectrum and we know exactly why.

With no further ado, I have a request for USS Liberty survivors who are alive and well to speak out for these people who dont.

I always thought if I was in that bombing and lived Id be proving how biased this media is on a daily basis by calling in to the screeners, telling them who I was and then recording their reasons for not putting me on the air for all the nation to hear.

We know the media is corrupt. We know the media is a Zionist propaganda machine. When I say we I mean those of us who know the truth.

We have to bring the fight to them because the fight has already come to us. So I ask the USS Liberty members to simply call these shows, OReilly, Beck, Hannity.......all of them and expose them for EVERYONE to hear. Get it on tape and put it on the internet and never let these people speak in a public area where you live if they dont let you on.

Expose these maggots or let the Liberty sink forever. Lets put a few torpedoes in their backside.


According to Pat Buchanan's recent blog, our 241 dead in Beirut was 'punishment' for assisting the Lebanese Army.  Punishment by whom?

did you write this?

it's brilliant


"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Thanks for the compliment. If it takes me my whole life I will get through somehow.

it's hard for survivors to put their necks on the line to expose these cowards, but I hope they embrace your suggestion

after all, the murdering bastards who committed these crimes will kill again at the drop of a hat...

on the other hand, it's bad enough to see your friends and colleagues murdered, but to live the rest of your life witnessing a decades long coverup is more than a person should tolerate...


"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

I dont fear the jew, I fear God Almighty. If these people attack US Veterans they attack me. Let us never forget who the attacker is and has always been.

I see these politicians and media slobs sloshing around who are in their 70's who will never ever let the truth out. I feel guilty every minute I breathe not getting the truth out for not only these young men who gave their lives, but for their parents and grandkids who are deliberately lied to every day in our Communist jewish media. I honestly dont know how these liars and their masters are still walking the earth in business suits today.

There are some USS Liberty survivors to be found on the net. Here's one for starters:

I haven't heard from you in a long while (also I wasy "away" as well).

Hope your employment situation is okay.  I know the jewry controll the "judiciary" board, so I don't know how much difficulty they have put on you.  With my industry it is the same thing, CORRUPTION.  If you aren't PRO-ISRAEL, PRO-WHITE-SUPREMISM you ain't got a good shot at a career!!

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