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Top level Israeli/Saudi/French meet with US puppets to plan assassination of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

I guess that we can see what the coming of a Zionist Israel-loving president in France actually means.

Forgive the amateur translation of this article, but I didn’t know if everybody could speak French. So anyway here is my translation as well as the original French article… and others.. also pointing at the plot to assassinate Sayyed Hassan.

It is not new that the Israelis want to assassinate him. God knows that they have said it several times. What is new however is that the Saudis, the Israelis and that sissy Saad el Hariri (representing the US puppet regime in Lebanon) meet together to plot the assassination.

Lebanon and Saudi Arabia don’t even have official ties with Israel. It seems that the Americans are not the only people being sold out by their government.

PS. One more point before you read: the militias (Fatah al Islam) that are fighting the Lebanese army from what used to be a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon (Nahr el Bared) are financed by the Hariri family, Saudi Arabia (which created the Hariri family out of nothing) and the US.


Is France Conspiring to Assassinate Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah?

30 August 2007

Informal negotiations on the future of Lebanon have taken place on the French Riviera during the second week of August 2007. Parallel to those negotiations, a secret meeting was organized in the residence of prince Bandar bin Sultan at Juan-les-Pins. The Saudi national security counselor received Saad el Hariri the leader of the 14th of March coalition and a mysterious guest who was no less than Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The Saudi ambassador in Beirut Abdel Aziz Khoja represented King Abdallah.

Even though Quai d’Orsay refuses to confirm or to invalidate, the presence of French officials representing president Sarkozy, their presence has already been attested to by our sources. It is very improbable that the Elysee was not invited and represented in the meetings considering that it organized the discrete movement of PM Olmert on the Riviera.

It is on the other hand more difficult to know with certitude the exact content of the meetings. However, diplomatic sources assure us that Saad el Hariri asked Ehud Olmert to get rid of Hezbollah and the Israeli Prime Minister responded by saying that Tsahal could not do this job alone.

After this initial agreement, the conspirators agreed that it was up to Saad el Hariri to have Hassan Nasrallah assassinated; Once Hezbollah has been decapitated, Tsahah would crush the Lebanese Resistance.
Ambassador Abdel Aziz Khoja warned the other participants that any developments of such a scenario would lead to an implosion of the country of cedars. Upon his return to Beirut, the ambassador declared that he felt threatened by a terrorist attack and suddenly left Lebanon.

Among the ruling elite in Lebanon, one is wondering about Nicola Sarkozy’s new policy as well as the duplicity of the French authorities who just the other day invited all protagonists to debate the situation in Celle Saint-Cloud, then a few weeks later, participate in the planning of the assassination of the leader of the Lebanese Resistance.

30 août 2007

La France conspire-t-elle pour assassiner Hassan Nasrallah ?

Des négociations informelles sur l’avenir du Liban se sont tenues sur la Riviera française et monégasque pendant la seconde semaine d’août.

En marge de ces tractations, une réunion secrète a été organisée dans la résidence du prince Bandar bin Sultan à Juan-les-Pins. Le conseiller national de sécurité saoudien y a notamment reçu le leader de la coalition du 14-Mars, Saad Hariri, et un hôte mystérieux qui n’était autre que le Premier ministre israélien Ehud Olmert. L’ambassadeur d’Arabie saoudite à Beyrouth, Abdel Aziz Khoja, représentait le roi Abdallah.

Bien que le Quai d’Orsay refuse de confirmer ou d’infirmer la présence d’officiels français représentant le président Sarkozy, celle-ci est attestée par nos sources. Au demeurant, il est peu probable que l’Élysée n’ait pas été convié et représenté alors qu’il a organisé le déplacement discret de M. Olmert sur la Riviera.

Il est par contre plus difficile de savoir avec certitude le contenu exact de cette réunion. Cependant, de source diplomatique, on assure que Saad Hariri a demandé à Ehud Olmert de le débarrasser du Hezbollah et que le Premier ministre israélien lui a répondu que Tsahal ne pouvait faire le travail seul. Après cette entrée en matière, les conjurés seraient convenus qu’il revient à Saad Hariri de faire assassiner Hassan Nasrallah, puis, une fois le Hezbollah décapité, que Tsahal écraserait la Résistance libanaise.

L’ambassadeur Abdel Aziz Khoja aurait mis en garde les autres participants en soulignant que quelque soient les développements possibles d’un tel scénario, ils aboutiraient à une implosion du pays du Cèdre. Ses réserves n’ont pas été appréciées de certains conjurés. De retour à Beyrouth, l’ambassadeur s’est déclaré menacé et a soudainement quitté le Liban [1].

Dans les milieux dirigeants libanais, on s’interroge sur la nouvelle politique de Nicolas Sarkozy et sur la duplicité des autorités françaises qui, un jour, invitent tous les protagonistes à débattre à La Celle Saint-Cloud et, quelques semaines plus tard, participent à la planification de l’assassinat du leader de la Résistance libanaise.

Another plot to kill Nasrallah
Sun, 26 Aug 2007 22:28:06

Informed sources have revealed a plot by Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Amman and the Lebanese March 14 bloc to assassinate the Hezbollah leader.

According to the report, the Deputy of Israeli military intelligence, an advisor to the Israeli Premier, the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Deputy of the Saudi National Security Council and head of the Jordanian General Intelligence Department held a meeting in the house of Saad Hariri, the leader of the March 14 faction, on August 4 to discuss the assassination of Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah.

The participants in the meeting believed that the move could deal a blow to supporters of Nasrallah in Lebanon. They also underlined the need for another Israeli war against Hezbollah.

The reports added that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert- in an earlier secret meeting with Jordan's King, Abdullah II- had rejected launching a war to kill the Hezbollah chief, saying that the Israeli army could not enter another war with the movement.

Hezbollah, which has become aware of the plot, has beefed up security measures in order to protect Nasrallah and his family.


Saturday, September 01, 2007
The Daily Star

In an interview with the "Kalam An-Nas" talk show broadcast live on LBCI television Thursday night, former Interior Minister Suleiman Franjieh said both Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamadeh and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora of plotting to assassinate Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah

In an interview with the "Kalam An-Nas" talk show broadcast live on LBCI television Thursday night, Franjieh said both Hamadeh and Premier Fouad Siniora were planning to assassinate Nasrallah.

"Why then raise such a controversial issue as Hizbullah's private communication networks at such critical times?" Franjieh asked. "They either want to isolate Sayyed Nasrallah or they want to determine his location so as to kill him."


Excellent translation!

we might have never found out about this if you hadn't translated.

keep up the great work!

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

I concur with qrswave's praise.

If they do proceed to eliminate Nasrallah, it will mean Lebanese people who are loyal to him (after the heroic effort of Hezbollah to rebel the evil Zionist forces that attacked Lebanon under false pretexts in 1982 [that led to formation of Hezbollah to counter Israeli aggression] and 2006) will rise in revolution.

Iran will take advantage of the news of the assassination to drum up support for Iran/Syria's counter-response to Israel war-like state. But it's better for Iran and Syria to stay out of the affair. Let Lebanon civilians take the matter into their own hands.

I do not care that Hezbollah is designed as a terrorist organization by the US government (that coddle AIPAC as an unregistered foreign agent and kiss Zionist terrorists' feet even after being stabbed in the back, i.e. USS Liberty). I was glad Hezbollah acquired victory against Israeli war machine in the 2006 war. It was a PR disaster for State of Israel, yet US Congress, White House and Pentagon still coddle Israel by providing support and military hardware.

Israel lost the 2006 war, USA have lost the Iraq war II and both will lose the next war with Iran. There will be a great Islamic crusade to cut through Iraq with the curved sword and steamroll State of Israel (spare the good Sephardic Jews, behead the evil Khazar Zionist leaders and armies as the demonoid beasts they are) after the breach of sovereignty that lead to total war. The enemies learn nothing from the ferocious Iranian force that defeated US-backed Iraq at great sacrifice of Iranian nationalist-patriots in the 1980-1988 war.


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..your French is much better oiled than mine, Cherifa :) about hypocrisy, plotting assassinations of foreign leaders, whilst calling THEM terrorists.. was jU:

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